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Plot / Full Story Fire and Ice Zee World

The story revolves around the lives of three characters Twinkle Taneja, Yuvraj Luthra and Kunj Sarna, who at various points in their lives experience variety of emotions including love, betrayal, jealousy, hatred, and obsession.

The story begins with Twinkle and Yuvraj being in love and their mothers Leela and Anita being arch-rivals. But soon, it is revealed that Yuvraj is only faking his love and in really wants to destroy her to seek revenge for Anita.

Twinkle, unaware of this, is madly in love with Yuvi. But as fate has it, Twinkle chooses Leela over her love and gets married to Kunj who is a decent and wealthy guy who always ends up saving her from all sorts of troubles.

Twinkle, yurav and kunj fire and ice zee world
Twinkle, yuvraj and Kunj

On the other hand, Yuvraj, who gets obsessed with Twinkle tries to create problems in Twinkle’s married life, yuvraj tries to marry twinkle, he also tries to kill kunj, but Kunj and Twinkle manage to save their marriage from Yuvraj’s ill intentions.

Yuvraj’s constant attempts to separate them leads to Twinkle and Kunj getting closer each time and eventually falling in love.

However, the story takes a major turn after Twinkle saves Yuvraj’s life on one such instance, it is then that Yuvraj has a change of heart and promises not to come between Kunj and Twinkle. He also helps and saves them a couple of times from his mother Anita who wanted revenge on Twinkle’s family and always harmed them. Anita is sent to jail but Kunj still doubts Yuvraj’s intentions although the latter had actually changed.

Soon, Twinkle gets pregnant with Kunj’s child but their happiness is short-lived as Kunj gets into an accident and is declared dead. However, unknown to all, Kunj is alive but his face gets damaged because of the accident and he has to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Twinkle, yuvraj and kunj

Twinkle is heartbroken because of Kunj’s death and her mother-in-law, Usha, thinking it would be hard for Twinkle to raise her child alone, decides to remarry her to Yuvraj. The latter is immensely in love with Twinkle but he knows she only loves Kunj.

After having undergone plastic surgery, Kunj who has now a new face, returns back to his house but is shocked to see Yuvraj and Twinkle married.

He leaves from there without meeting his family as he believes Twinkle has easily forgotten him and moved on with Yuvraj and plans to take revenge on them along with his doctor and friend, Pallavi.


5 years later

Twinkle has lost her child but is still married to Yuvraj. She is still in love with Kunj and is unaware of Yuvraj’s unconditional love for her. Kunj, who hides his identity and took the name of Rocky Singh, has become a successful international boxer and he plans to destroy not only Yuvraj and Twinkle but also his family as he thinks they betrayed him too by siding with his enemy, that is Yuvraj.

Though he keeps repeating that he hates Twinkle, in reality, still feels for her. Kunj had no idea that Twinkle lost her baby and keeps on planning revenge. On one such incident, Twinkle and Yuvi doubt Rocky’s identity and mutually decide to prove that he is Kunj and not Rocky.

In the process on one such instance, Kunj with the help of Pallavi, makes a fake MMS of Twinkle seducing him. Twinkle has an outburst on seeing the video and narrates her sorrows and grief after he was declared dead. She narrates the happenings of 5 years and announces that Yuvi and she decided to marry only due to the wishes of the family; their marriage is fake and they are just friends.

She tells Kunj about their baby upon hearing which Kunj openly reveals his identity and melts down. After that, Twinkle is confused as to whom she will choose between Yuvi and Kunj while Kunj frantically tries to gain her trust back. Twinkle decides to spend some time alone and goes to Masuri where she meets Sonia, a carefree and spirited girl.

Kunj and Yuvi reach there and individually try to win their ladylove’s heart. It is then, Twinkle decides to study further and demands her space from the boys. Both agree to her wishes and take her to leave. While Yuvi keeps a constant look on Twinkle, Kunj genuinely helps her by getting her admission into college by talking to the principal in exchange of being a boxing teacher. He doesn’t let Twinkle know that he helped her.

Now, Yuvi disguises himself as a Sardar named Jassi and befriends Twinkle in order to stay close to her. He also fakes saying he has given space to Twinkle while Kunj is always sticking to her. But as luck has it, Twinkle and Kunj once again begin getting closer, much to the dismay of Yuvi, Pallavi and Usha.

Yuvi once again begins plotting against them and tries to instigate Twinkle against Kunj in Jassi’s getup. But Twinkle clearly tells him about her belief in Kunj, upsetting Yuvi further. After much difficulties, Kunj and Twinkle decide to get married upsetting Pallavi and Yuvi. Pallavi and Yuvi decided to make suicide drama of Pallavi to trap Kunj. But Pallavi was killed by her servants for money and the case was charged against Twinkle and Kunj.

There enters a new character Simple (Neha Narang), who with Yuvi, proves Twinkle and Kunj innocence. Meanwhile Yuvi and twinkle started loving each other and the show ended happily with the marriage of the two couples…

Full Casts of Fire and Ice

  • Jasmin Bhasin as Twinkle Taneja/Twinkle Kunj Sarna/Twinkle Yuvraj Luthra(fake marriage; she and Yuvi remained friends and the moment they got to know that Kunj is alive ,Yuvi immediately divorced her and she remarry kunj
Jasmin Bhasin



More information on the series

  • Return date: 22nd June 2019
  • Total number of episodes: 322
  • Total numbers of season: One
  • Channel: Zee World
  • Original name: Tashan e Ishq
  • Country: India


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