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Mehek update Sunday 2nd June 2019

Mahek asks Ratan to wait for her, he leaves. Mahek asks what was that? Shaurya says i saved you from that guy, you didnt get any other place to work? Mahek says why do you care where i work? i can work anywhere i want, you have nothing to do with my life, Shaurya says i dont want to be part of your life but that man has evil eyes on you, he had bad intentions. Mahek says i had life before you came in my life, i know how to deal with perverted people, i can handle myself, i am not your relative or wife.

Shaurya says i know i am not your husband, if i didnt come here today then that interviewer would have molested you, i dont care about you but your name is joined with me and people talk about me, after six months people will start linking me with other girls and will forget you then you can do job anywhere but for next six months you cant work anywhere i dont approve.

Mahek is in market, she calls Kanta and says i will buy veggies and come home. Mahek is buying veggies, she bargains with seller, Shaurya comes there and offers him money. Mahek says what are you doing here? Shaurya says is this your road? i can come here, Mahek says this is your society because you can break houses and shops here whenever you want. Seller takes money from Shaurya, MAhek says give it back, seller says did you fight him sister in law? Mahek says i am no sister in law, just sister, she gives money of veggies to Shaurya and turns to leave but veggies are falling from her shopper, Shaurya says Miss Sharma, you bargained so much but leaving veggies on road?

Mahek sees all veggies sprawled on road, Shaurya picks it up for her and says i want to talk to you, Mahek says dont make fuss in my society, i dont want to talk to you, what you want? Shaurya says listen to me if you want to make an issue, Shaurya gives her cheque, she asks what is this? Shaurya says this is 10lacs cheque, i am sure your chachas shop destruction doesnt cost more than 10lacs so take it to construct again, Mahek says i dont need your charity money, keep your money to yourself, i am not begging to get your charity. Mahek says not everything is paid by money, Shaurya says i am offering solution and i will deposit 50,000rs in your account monthly so you dont have to keep searching for cheap jobs, i have an standard and you cant work in my circle so dont go for jobs.

Mahek says dare you say anything against my chachas. Mahek says to Shaurya that you have already brought many difficulties in my life, i will fall in life, will get hurt and will learn but wont take your help. She turns to leave but slips but holds her in his arms, he says you cant even walk to your across street without falling and taking about whole life, by the way belated valentines day, Mahek looks at him sadly, they share eyelock while Shaurya is holding her waist, tere sang yara plays.

Mahek looks at herself in mirror and recalls Shaurya offering her money for shops destruction.
Shaurya looks at mirror and recalls how Mahek said she doesnt need his protection, he sadly looks at himself. He calls Vicky and says inform me where Mahek’s interviews are scheduled.

Its morning, Mahek comes to company for job.Interviewer says the way Shaurya insulted other interviewer, after that we cant give you job. Mahek gets rejected from all place. Mahek gets call from lady and says we are talking from firm, we want to take your interview.

Mahek comes for interview, interviewer says you are talented, you didnt take any training but was talented chef at India’s supercook, i want to give job of assistant chef, salary will be 50,000+, Mahek thanks her and gets elated.Mahek is leaving, she says i forgot phone in interviewer’s office. Mahek goes to take her phone but hears interviewer talking on call saying that we know each other for years,i can do this for you, i have offered 50K salary, i can raise it, call in on speaker, Shaurya says no thank you, Mahek is shocked to hear him.

Mehek update Sunday 2nd June 2019

Vicky says to Shaurya that your trick worked, our restaurant is working. Mahek comes there and grabs his hand. She brings him to corner and says with which right are you helping me? shaurya says you wore chura of my name and lived in my house. Mahek says i have already taken off your name’s Chura and i dont care about you. Shaurya holds her chin and says look in my eyes and say that you dont care. He is grabbing her wrist too, Mahek looks away and says why you are coming in my way?

Shaurya says you are fool, you cant see difference between mIne and yours world, you were living simple life but you have entered my life,you dont even know hunters in my world, till i was with you, nobody could raise eye on you but when you lost my protection, people started eying you, you have no identity without me, Mahek says what you want?Shaurya says you have to do as i say, if you dont want that job then work in my restaurant, work with me here.

Mahek says work with you so you can insult me whenever you want? thanks but no thanks, there is nothing remaining between you and me. Mahek turns to leave but Shaurya holds her hand and says damnit Mahek, what if anything happens to you? why you dont understand? your name is joined with mine,if anything happens to you then it will affect me, affect my reputation so you will work where i want you to, otherwise you wont have stall of chulle with your uncles and i wont care about you, Mahek glares at him and wipes her tears, she says i will do what i want now,you just keep watching, she huffs at him and leaves. shaurya looks on tensed.

Mahek is going to her home and recalls Shaurya’s behavior these past days,how he said she is nothing without him, she will work where he wants. Mahek sees chulla stall, Mahek wipes her tears and makes some decision.

Mehek update Sunday 2nd June 2019

All are working in Mahek’s house. Kanta says business is not easy thing to do, Jeevan says how will we get investment? Mahek says we will get some money by selling your shop’s things. Balwant says where will we eat things from if we invest all in business? Pd says you have no brain, how will you eat later if you use investment money now? Ravi says i have arranged truck for our stall, it will be in our society tomorrow. Kanta says i dont understand anything. Ravi says dont worry, we will get profit.

Door knocks.Mahek opens and finds Shaurya standing there, she says why did you come here? Shaurya says you could have asked while smiling, you dont know how to serve guests, let me come in then we will talk. shaurya comes to Pd and touches her feet, Pd looks away, Shaurya says i have arranged holi Party at my house, i have come to invite you all. Ravi says thank you but we wont come, waste your invitation elsewhere.

Shaurya says you shouldnt keep hatred, i offered Mahek that if she wants to work in my circle then she should take my help, i was even ready to pay for destruction happened in your shops but Mahek’s ego and her middle class values came in middle, what you guys will do? its not easy to live in Delhi, how will you guys survive without taking my help? this holi might be your last holi here,lets celebrate it together.

Mansi says no one from us will come. Mahek says no he has invited us with so much love so we will all come to your holi Party, we are not together anymore but this is our first holi,right? she smirks at him, Shaurya gives her invite, she accepts him, Shaurya smirks at Ravi and Jeevan, he leaves. Kanta asks Mahek whats the need to go there? no one will go there, Mahek says we will go, Shaurya thinks i have lost, i have bowed to him but no, tomorrow shaurya will give party and we willinagurate our new business infront of him.

Mehek update Sunday 2nd June 2019

Shaurya’s holi party has started. Vicky and Shurti are celebrating. Shaurya comes there in white shirt, Vicky says you are looking dashing. Shaurya touches Karona’s feet and hugs her, he wishes her holi, he is looking around. Svetlana comes there and says you are looking at door like some VIP is going to come,did you invite lowclass people from old Delhi? shaurya says even if i invited them then how does it matter to you? Svetlana says it matters, they dont deserve this party,i heard that your so called half wife threw chura on your face and left, whats relationship status now? they hear some dhol music.

Svetlana says who called this dhol people? Shaurya sees Mahek and Nehal coming there dancing. Mahek passesby Shaurya, she comes to Karona and wishes her holi, Karona says i thought you wouldnt come, Mahek says someone invited us with so much love so i had to come. Shaurya says why you are alone Mrs. Khanna? i mean Miss Sharma? Mahek says my family is big and we dont fit in car so we have bought truck, they are coming in truck, see. shaurya looks and sees Mahek’s family coming out of truck,he is confused. Mahek smirks at him.

Shaureya says you think I have no time? She says see where I park it. He says will you park it outside white house? She says no outside your restaurant. He says what the hell.

Butler says to Karuna your desi food is in demand in the party. No one likes that english food in front of it. Kanta says to Nehal why is mehak messing with Shaureya. He will be very mad.

Karuna says Kanta we are glad you came here. I have a new hope that they will be one. Kanta says I regret coming here. Kids forced us so I came. Karuna says Shaureya can change. I am sorry for what he did. Kanta says I have no hope from him. Karuna says yes but I have hope from Mehek. She can change him. She has her stall in front of his so she can keep an eye on him.

Shaureya says to Mahek why is your stall here? She say because of you. When I am not around your bp turns high. If I take this food truck somewhere else you will be roaming around and beating people who try to talk to me. You feel like this is your right. So I brought my food truck here. Now go to your white chillies and look at me and my truck all the time. He says this will remain a stall. Calling it a food truck doesn’t raise its standard. I will see how long it stay here. And you are not Miss universe that I want to see your face 24/7.

Mehek update Sunday 2nd June 2019

Everyone in the truck is cooking and selling food. Consumers are extremely happy about the food. Svetlana says in heart blo*dy losers.

Kanta says to Mahek why are we here? We shouldn’t repeat mistake of going near Shaureya again. We have to change location of food truck.

Svetlana comes and says have gol gappy. You are our guests too. Not caters. Mahek eats it and feels it bitter.

Mahek sits somewhere and says why my head hurts. Suvetlana mixed bhaang in the gol gappy. Suareya comes and says why didn’t you play holi? She says you look like a pappaya and laughs. He says I know you are waiting for me. You want me to put colors on you first. She says I won’t let. I am not your property. He says you are my property.

No one can stop me from putting colors on you. Mahek says catch me if you can. She runs. He says I will. You can’t stop me. Music plays. Shaureya puts colors on her. They both dance with everyone. Everyone is drunk and enjoying dancing. Shaurya picks Mahek and drops her in the pool of colors. Everyone is dancing. Kanta looks at them in anger.

Mahek comes to home. Shaureya comes after her. She says go from here. He says I will put colors on you. She says I won’t let you. I will hide in washroom. The door doesn’t open. Mahek opens the door. She says I won’t let you put colors. He says you can’t stop me. They both fall in the bath tub.
Kanta is looking for Mahek. Mahek says don’t touch me. He says I will. You can’t stop me. I will put colors on you. Shaureya puts colors on her face. He says see. Mahek rubs her face on his and says see I put on you too. They both play in the bath tub. kanta is coming in that direction to look for Mahek. Kanta says Mahek where are you?
Mahek and Shaureya are laughing.

Mehek update Sunday 2nd June 2019

Kanta is walking towards the room. She looks in the room. Shaureya holds Mahek’s hand and comes near her. He caresses her face and kisses her face. The song hum tum plays in background. Shaureya runs his hand in her hair. They are very close.

Mehek update Monday 3rd June 2019 – Zee World

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