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Mannu sees Veeru and recalls Sukhi’s words. Veeru talks to him. Amba asks Mannu what is he thinking. Veeru makes him sleep. Mannu prays that Veeru does not go to school with him. its morning. Veeru makes Mannu wear shoes and asks him to come out fast. Sukhi teases Mannu and laughs. Amba tells Sukhi that he is saying wrong. Raavi comes and asks Sukhi what is he saying. Sukhi says but you asked me to…. Raavi stops him from saying anything. Mannu leaves with Veeru. Sukhi says I won’t play like this. Raavi thinks this time Mannu will die.

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Veeru and Mannu reach school. Mannu sees the peon and shows him to Veeru, saying he has told me that you called me and took me to that gate. Veeru recalls the peon’s lie and sends Mannu to school. Veeru catches the peon and confronts him for fooling Mannu. The peon lies that he got confused as there are many kids in this school. Veeru says that boy is the Pavaniya’s head, you will get punished by the Pavaniya’s and the police. The peon apologizes to him and goes. Veeru says now this peon won’t do anything, but I will inform Amba so that she stays alert. In lunch break, the kids make Raj fall down and laugh at him. Mannu gets angry seeing this. Mannu helps him and makes that kid fall. The kids jokes at Mannu and goes. Raj thanks Mannu. Mannu sees Raj’s tiffin fallen and offers his food to him. Raj smiles. Raman goes to Simran and forwards his hand. He says Im Raman, Simran leaves. He says that flower was for you, not that girl. She asks what flower. He says the one which fell from your book. She says you should have given that when I returned your bag, don’t run after me, you look strange. he asks why is she being rude to him if she is poetic, as she keeps flowers. Simran says I dried the flower for botany purpose, not poetic reasons. She goes. Raman asks her to say her name. Simran says I told you in class. He says then I will keep your new name, don’t feel bad then. He falls down and the guys hold him. Simran looks at him and leaves. Raj asks Mannu why did he not come to school before. Mannu says I don’t know, I pleased mummy by climbing on the tree and tying a flag, so she agreed to send me to school, I got an idea, I will win a race and ask her not to send uncle Veeru with me, she will agree, I run very fast. He goes to Sukhi.

After school, Mannu tells Veeru that he has to exercise and win in the school race. Veeru says fine, come, we will go home and exercise. Veeru makes Mannu exercise. Mannu tells Amba about the school race and says when I win, you will get happy and agree to what I ask. She says so this is the thing, you are going to school now, what do you want. He says I want something, will you give me. She says yes, go and do homework. Mannu goes. Veeru tries to tell Amba about the peon. She says I m feeling scared thinking this time I won’t be able to give Mannu what he wants, what were you saying. Veeru thinks Amba will get more scared and he quickly changes his mind. He says nothing, he lies to Amba that the peon said Mannu runs well and he will win the race. Mannu is teaching maths to Sukhi the way Raj taught him. Sukhi jokes and laughs, saying wrong answer. Mannu holds his head. Sukhi asks him to study now, I will eat laddoo now, I have to run in the race too. Mannu says I will win the race. Sukhi asks how, I have to win. Mannu says I have to win, I have to tell mummy not to send uncle with me. Sukhi says then it will be fun. Raavi asks Mannu is he ready to win. Mannu says yes, I run faster, no one can make fun of me, Sukhi can come second. Raavi thinks then my work will get ready. Its morning, Mannu prays to winn in the race. He goes. Amba also prays for Mannu, and says Mannu should not ask anything which she can’t give him, its bid day for Mannu, she will run with the boys, she has to win. Waaris….plays……

Amba and the family attend the sports day. The man says the race track has many hurdles. Amba thinks its a tough race. Mannu asks her to say yes, will she give him anything he asks for. Deena asks Amba to say yes soon. Amba says its a tough race, can you run Mannu. Mannu says yes. Amba says fine, yes, go and run. Mannu smiles and goes. Raavi cheers for Mannu. Deena asks Raavi to cheer for Sukhi. Raavi cheers for Mannu and Sukhi. The man tells them the race rules to cross hurdles and then go ahead. Sukhi asks is this necessary. The man says yes. The race begins. Mannu competes well, but gets late in crossing the rope structure. Amba thinks its tough for a girl, but she can do this, Veeru and my teaching will not let you lose, you are strong, don’t lose, run. Sukhi stops and tries to cheat. The man catches him and pulls him out of the race. Deena asks Raavi to see her lazy son. Raavi says Im saying Mannu will win. The other boys get ahead. Mannu falls down and screams. The boys joke on him. Raavi thinks what happened to Mannu, win Mannu and get rid of Veeru. Amba gets worried. Mannu gets up and catches the speed. He goes to the next level of race and crosses the hurdles, while all the boys fall down by difficulty at that level. Mannu manages to get ahead of level 5. Mannu falls down and everyone laugh. Raavi asks Mannu to run. Mannu runs faster and thinks of his words to Raj. He falls down. The man says Manpreet Pavaniya fell because of tiredness. Mannu gets back in the race. The other boy Balwinder wins the race. Mannu thinks how did this happen, I worked so hard, why did I not win. Raavi thinks Mannu lost, how will I make Veeru stay away from him. Mannu cries. Amba thinks this is my failure too, you are my heir, so you have to be strong like a son. Raavi cries and says Mannu lost. Amba sees Mannu crying.

Deena scold Amba for overprotecting Mannu, that’s why, he has lost today, he has come last, he is the Pavaniya’s head and now we lost our respect. Raavi tells Deena that Amba has hidden Mannu and kept him at home, he should be raised by some man. Amba and Deena leave. Mannu cries and talks to Amba. She recalls Deena’s words. Mannu hugs her. He asks Lord what did he wish, he wanted to win the race. He says I won’t talk to you. Jagan provokes Deena against Amba. Jagan says I will take Mannu and Sukhi’s class, they are boys, we have to prepare them as boys, till when will they be with their mothers. Raavi sits with Deena and says Amba is not ready to believe that her son is getting raised the wrong way, explain to Amba in your own way. Jagan smiles. Its night, Veeru goes to Amba and says I got hot samosas, where is Mannu. Amba says many wrong things happened, Mannu made us lose respect, what will people say. Veeru asks what do you mean. She says Deena pointed at my upbringing, my seven year hard work, Mannu came last in the race, he is the Pavaniya’s head, he can’t come back. Veeru asks did you talk to Mannu and explain to him with love, he also wanted to win, but that race had boys. Amba says I know. Veeru says the truth is Mannu is a girl, she is weaker than boys, how can he win when he competed with boys, if Mannu lost today, we lost instead him, why should we blame him, we should not put him in such a situation, Mannu will not face the boys, he climbed the tree as he worked for two years, race is different, think what Mannu is going through, he needs you now. Amba cries and says my son. Mannu cries and thinks how he lost in the race, and Deena scolds Amba. Deena stops Amba and says I have taken a decision, you want to raise Mannu now, Mannu needs a man to raise him and make him a man, so I decided Jagan will raise Mannu from tomorrow. Jagan evilly smirks.

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