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Jaggan leaves. Amba asks Mannu what did you do, tell me. Mannu says don’t ask, its Harjeet’s file on which you signed, tender will not be given to Jagan. Simran says great. Amba hugs him. Mannu says I will get ready and go, I have to see Jagan’s lost face, they said Bebe is in this state because of us, I will show them now. He makes Amba smile.

Jagan gets ready and leaving. Mannu rushes and stops Jagan, saying I will come along. Jagan asks why, what will you do there. Mannu says I want to see Harjeet losing, as he blamed wrong about my mummy. Jagan asks him to come. Jagan reaches the place and Harjeet starts taunting him. They both have an argument and boast of themselves. Jagan says you will know the truth when you go inside, keep car here if you want. Jagan is glad. Mannu thinks Jagan get happy, all your attitude will break there.

Harjeet and Jagan give their files to the man. Both the files have right papers. The man checks it. Jagan asks Mannu to see Harjeet’s loser face now, see how he gets a shock in some time. The man says Jagan and Harjeet, come here, I need to talk. They both go. Mannu smiles.

The man shows them the files. Mannu thinks now tender will go waste, my dad’s dream will not break.
The man asks Jagan and Harjeet to sit back. He says its time to open the factory tender, the file which won this tender is of Jagan Pavaniya. Mannu gets shocked. The man says Jagan got this tender by margin of one rupee. Mannu thinks this can’t happen, how can this happen, when I changed the files. Jagan’s men lift him and dance. They play dhol. Mannu checks files and sees right papers. He thinks how can this happen, I changed papers and mummy has seen papers before signing.

Jagan asks Harjeet about one rupee settlement. He gives a rupee to Harjeet and insults him. He asks Neki to distribute silver coins to Bajwas. Harjeet throws the plate and says you really played some game, you cheated, else just one rupee less, no this can’t happen. Jagan jokes on him and asks do you have any proof against me. Jagan calls Lala ji and Harjeet coward. Harjeet says I will show what I can do, I will prove the blame on Amba right, her signs will be in my favor, I will make Amba dance on fingers, see how your days change. Mannu hears them. Harjeet leaves. Jagan laughs and praises Mannu. He says we won tender because of you, get happy.

Jagan and Mannu come home. The men play dhol and make Jagan wear garlands. Amba looks on shocked. Sushila and Raavi get glad. Jagan asks Mannu what happened, are you not happy in my victory, come on dance. Sukhi makes Mannu dance. Sushila does Jagan’s aarti and congratulates his win. She praises Mannu and gives him money to make Jagan win. Jagan asks Mannu to take his hardearned money. Raavi says take it, you are not a big Shah now. Amba cries. Sushila asks him to take 100rs, it can help his sisters. Everyone dance. Mannu gets sad.

Sushila laughs and says Mannu’s face had to be seen. Raavi praises Sushila and asks how did you do this. Sushila says I fooled Mannu by praising him. Mannu was clever and was fooling us alone, so I fooled him by changing papers. FB shows how Sushila kept an eye on Mannu’s moves. Mannu did mistake by just checking first paper, Amba signed on Jagan’s file by getting fooled, now Jagan won tender. They all laugh. Jagan says I liked to become duck for the first time in life. Sushila laughs. Mannu hears them and gets shocked seeing Sushila’s true face. He thinks it means Sushila is not good, she did big cheat with us.

Harjeet is drinking. Swaroop scolds him and tells him Jagan’s plan, last time he lost tender to blame Amba, and Harjeet is boasting of himself. He throws glass in anger. He calls Amrit and Raj unlucky. Raj asks Harjeet not to do anything to Amrit. Harjeet pushes him. Swaroop asks Raman to take Amrit to room. She stops Harjeet. They all run. He says I will break everyone’s legs today. They get inside a room and lock door. Harjeet asks them to open door.

Mannu sits crying. He apologizes to Amba and says I m not suitable to become Shah. Amba says you said right, its good you realized this, as you got afraid of failure, and accepted defeat now. The Real Shah is one who values failure as success, like your Papa, even if big difficulties come and dear ones leave you, don’t let your courage break, real Shah uses mistakes for success, do you have this ability to change failure to success. He says everything went wrong because of tender, what about villagers and Papa’s dream, you are not angry with me.

She says no, how can I be angry with my 8 year old hardworking boy, I m sad this happened, but Mannu till you are with me, I will not lose, even if anyone hammers to break my courage, as you are with me, when you lost, where will I go, I m shocked that Sushila is dangerous than Raavi and Jagan, one more enemy, I want to know what you think. Mannu says I want to become like my Papa and hugs Amba. He says good thing is Sushila does not know that we know her truth, I will fail her plans. She says we fell, but did not break and shatter, we did not lose fight, its still left. Sushila comes to them.

Sushila praises him. Mannu says you did much wrong, not anymore, we understood, we are here because of your favors. She says I can’t stop myself, I will do what I can. He thinks you cheated us by lie, I will show you how to trap you by your lies. She thinks its tough to get saved by me.

Raj goes to shade and cries. He recalls Mannu. He breaks the things. Mannu comes and stops him, saying don’t break our shade. Raj calls him enemy and pushes him, saying dad says right, you are our enemies. Mannu stops him and asks why are you doing this. Raj asks how can you do this, you cheated me, you have stolen file and made Jagan fine, dad says right, if snake and Pavaniya are together, first kill Pavaniya and then poisonous snake, Papa was beating all of us today.

Mannu apologizes and says it all spoiled, my dad’s dream got incomplete, I did not want this to happen, really…… Mannu cries and says Sushila cheated me, I thought she is good and will help me, she fooled me, I did not wish Jagan or Harjeet win, you know if this factory is built here, there will not be land and clean water, it will be loss for village. Raj says it means its not your mistake, forgive me. They hug and cry.

Raj says we both are not bad, Lord is bad. He goes out and sits crying and throwing stones at sky, asking Lord to make everything fine, why did he made him helpless and gave Jagan to Mannu. Mannu consoles him. Raj says my Papa beats my mummy every day, I can’t save my mummy. Mannu says don’t worry, we will find some way. He gets an idea and smiles.

Sushila says work did not get over. Jagan asks her to eat food first and then say. She says big victory is still there, Amba’s signing authority. Raavi says yes. Sushila says like we failed Mannu, we will fail Mannu also, till Jagan gets signing authority and becomes Shah, my dream won’t get true. Jagan says tell me what to do next. Sushila smiles.

Its night, the men remove the godown door and leave. Amba and her children are sleeping. Amba wakes up in morning and see the village men staring at them and smiling. Amba says who took the door, and ass men to leave. She makes Simran and Gunjan covered up, and shouts at men to leave. Simran and Gunjan wake up and ask what happened. Amba says don’t know who took the door, its Jagan’s plan, till when will he trouble us.

Jagan comes and says you will blame me for drought in village too, I need to talk. Mannu says I helped you in winning tender, why are you doing this, you trust me. Jagan says yes, thats why I came here. He asks Mannu to take Amba’s sign on this. Amba asks what is this. Jagan says all Shah powers will go to my name and your sign is not needed for Pavaniya’s work, sign on this. Mannu looks on.

He scolds the men and asks them to leave. He scares Amba and asks how will you save your young daughters from these animal men, today they went because of me, what will you do tomorrow when more men come. Amba asks him not to full his sin pot, be scared of Lord. He laughs and asks what did you get by being good, see your state, today the door has gone, if the roof also goes, where will you with your daughters. She says even if I have to beg on roads, I will not give you this right.

He says fine, you won’t sign, you die along with your children, you won’t stay here under this roof, get out, pack your bags. They all get shocked. Amba asks her children to pack bags and leave. Jagan leaves.

Amba cries. They pack bags and leave. Jagan looks on. Mannu gives slipper to Amba. Jagan signs the men. The men shout beat them. They throw stones at Amba, saying they have put the village at stake. Mannu shouts and asks what did we do, why are you beating my mummy. The man says you signed on tender papers. Amba says we did not do anything, Jagan…. Simran asks them to go to bajwas. Raman looks on. The people say don’t fool us and beat them. Raman says its our side of men, I will stop them. Amrit stops him and says matter will get worse. Amrit and Raman look on.

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