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Roshni is sitting on the floor in a corner of the living room.
Sid sits beside her and tells her he knows she feels bad about all she heard and her Mother has dealt with a lot, but Roshni shouldn’t forget her Parents were once married and went through problems and dealt with it their own way just like them and they have no right to judge.

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Roshni says her father didn’t look for her in 23 years and once he regains his memory, he can leave!
Sid asks if she doesn’t want to get to know him? Roshni says she has put her Mum through enough already. She walks away.
Sid tells himself that soon, Roshni will be the one to bring both her Parents back together.
He makes a promise to reunite her family.
In the Morning, Simran looks for Sid and sees his bed already made, but finds him missing and thinks he must have gone for jogging with Raj.
She goes to the living room and sees Raj coming back from jogging and asks him if he has seen Sid?
Raj ignores her and walks away. He gets into his room asking the Servant to keep his juice in his room.
She asks the Servant about Sid who tells her he didn’t come home last night.
Sid wakes up on DD’s living room Couch and Mona thanks him for agreeing to stay over after all that happened and says Roshni’s Grandmother is still upset, but She’s happy everything is getting back to normal.

She calls her brother, Mr Patel and says he hasn’t done very well. Sid asks why she’s ashamed to call him her brother?
Mona says he did a lot to hurt them and DD did a lot for them and if not for DD, She, Bablu and Kesar wouldn’t have had a roof over their heads, so she has a lot of respect for DD, more than she has for her elder brother.
Sid sees Kesar and Roshni arguing because Roshni wants to go into the guest room to throw her father out.
Sid tells her the Man will go and report DD to the Police.
Roshni says she doesn’t care!
Sid says he is suffering from memory loss and she can’t throw him out.
Roshni tells him to take the Man with him if he cares too much.
DD joins them and tells Roshni not to be bothered about all she heard last night because she has grown stronger through all of it.
She says she will send Shiv to a rehab centre
Sid tries to discourage her, but DD says it’s a family affair and she will handle it!
Roshni is with Sid’s Grandmother at Sid’s place.
She asks Roshni what the problem is?
Roshni says it’s nothing.
Simran enters and tells the Servant to dump some clothes on the bed.

Grandmother asks what they are and Simran says they are Grandmother’s clothes.
She says since Grandmother has hired a caretaker and they are paying her a lot of money, then she (Roshni) should do all of her chores!
She leaves the room and Grandmother is upset.
She threatens to go and put Simran in her place, but Roshni stops her.
DD enters the guest room and packs Shiv’s things up, saying they are things he will need in a rehabilitation centre.
Shiv says he’s not going anywhere.
He sings a song and holds her hand.
She tells him to leave!!
He says he will leave, but he doesn’t really want to go; he has started enjoying himself, even though she is a hot tempered person.
DD gets upset.
He says he will leave only if they finish the dance they started yesterday berore the Old Woman interrupted them.
He puts on the music and they start dancing. He does more of the dancing because DD just stands there.
Sid sees them and watches with interest.
Roshni’s Grandmother enters and sees them dancing. She asks DD whats going on!
DD says she came to turn off the music. Grandmother tells her to stop it and warns Shiv not to play loud music anymore and to stay far away from her daughter!
She takes DD out of the room.
Sid tells himself that it’s ironic that just as DD was an antagonist in his love story with Roshni, now the same is happening to DD and the antagonist in her own love story is also her Mother.

Sid’s Grandmother shows Roshni how to load the washing machine.
They quickly do it and run out of the laundry.
Simran enters and sees the washing machine is already washing, so she decides to wash her own clothes later.
Grandmother tells Roshni she taught her daughter-in-law a lesson. Roshni does not smile at all.
In the bedroom, Grandmother asks Roshni what’s bothering her?
Roshni says just last night her Mother told her that her father is still alive; She has always imagined it, but now, she is disappointed in him because first, Sid divorced her and secondly, She finds out her father also left and was away from her for 23 years and wasn’t there when he was needed.
Grandmother tells her not to give up but to hope as things will work out.
Roshni’s Grandmother tells Kesar that they are sending the Man to the rehabilitation centre.
Shiv asks what Man they are sending to the Centre?
He says he can’t remember his name and wants to know what they will suggest as a name and says everyone has names here and jokes. Roshni’s Grandmother walks out angrily.
Sid suggests Mr X.
Roshni comes and Shiv tries to speak to her, but she doesn’t want to speak with him. He tells her to sit with him and have a Coffee.
Sid says he wants some too.
Shiv leaves for the Kitchen.

Sid tells Roshni that if she needs to ask her dad anything, she should do so now because she won’t be able to after today, as he is leaving for the rehabilitation centre.
Shiv serves the tea on a tray and asks Kesar to get the biscuits.
Kesar agrees and Mona tries to caution him.
Shiv asks Roshni how much sugar she wants?
She says 2 spoons and he says it’s a coincidence that he takes 2 as well.
He sips from the saucer at the exact time as Roshni.
Sid says they have the same habit and it’s like a father and daughter thing.
Roshni says they are not the same, as she would never have abandoned her family in difficult times!
DD enters and says it’s time for him to leave for the rehabilit ation centre.
He gets up and picks up his suitcase then says he will miss them all as he enjoyed the time he spent with them.
He tells Roshni to take care of her Mother and he shakes hands with DD who looks very uncomfortable.
Sid picks up the suitcase and they leave.
In the middle the night, DD and Roshni are in bed.
DD gets a Phone call and She’s instantly alarmed. She yells at the Rehab People.
Roshni asks what it is?
DD says her father ran from the rehab centre.
They hear the doorbell ring and go to the living room.
Sid enters and says he also got the call that Shiv ran away and he told DD not to send him there, but she insisted!
He threatens that if anything happens to him, then he would go to the Police to report DD himself!

DD asks what he wants them to do!
Sid says they have to search for him.
Roshni’s Grandmother says Sid is unbelievable!
Sid blows her a kiss.
Sid and Roshni are driving around town. They stop to ask a street vendor.
Sid asks him if he has seen a Man of about 50 to 55 who looks like Roshni.
Roshni hits him.
The Street vendor says he saw a Man that fits the description and he left there about a half an hour ago.
DD is at the rehab center berating the Doctor in charge and asking how he could be so irresponsible with a Patient and couldn’t even hold a Man!
The Doctor apologises and says it has never happened before.
DD says if they don’t find him, then they will be in big trouble!
As she walks away, a Nurse tells the Doctor that she doesn’t understand what DD’s problem is, after all, she found the Man on the road.
DD goes back to warn her not to interfere!!
Roshni and Sid are still searching for him. They stop to ask some Men on the road and they are shocked to see Shiv lying on the side of the road with a bleeding head.
Roshni rushes to him calling him Dad! They both wake him up. Shiv says he was walking on the road and doesn’t know what happened next. Sid says he is bleeding. He checks his wound and says he does not know how he got it. Sid asks him to come with him, but Roshni says he should not!!
Shiv gets up and tells them to leave him alone, then he runs off.

Sid asks Roshni if she has lost her mind that She’s not seeing her dad’s injuries, and asks if she will forgive herself if something happens to Uncle? He then says he’s not part of their family now, so she can do whatever she wants and walks out.
DD is pacing up and down her living room.
Roshni and Sid return.
DD asks if they found him?
Roshni says they did and he’s staying at Sid’s hotel. She asks why they left him there?
Roshni says they didn’t have a choice.
DD says she will pay the hotel bills.
Sid and Roshni refuse.
Sid says there were free rooms at his hotel and he didn’t want Shiv to come to the house and stay with the Women. He says he can stay and eat whatever he likes there. He further says if he orders nonveg food, he will take bills from them.
DD says he’s a vegetarian and won’t order anything. Sid says she knows Shiv well as She’s his wife and jokes.
Grandmother says he (Shiv) can stay wherever as king, as long as he doesn’t bother them and asks Sid to go now!
DD says Sid can leave now.
Sid says they’re insulting him and walks out.
Roshni follows him saying she will walk him out. Mona giggles. Grandmother asks her to stop giggling and go back to her room!
DD is alone in the living room.

She thinks aloud that Shiv has always created a stir in her family and it is because of him that Sid and Roshni are getting closer!
Outside, Roshni tells Sid that She’s very scared and hopes her family doesn’t find out that Shiv is not really in his hotel and she hopes he gets better, so he can leave. Sid says they did not have any option. She says once that Man gets well, she wants him to get out of their lives! Sid says earlier, she misunderstood her husband and now, She’s doing the same to her dad. He says her dad may want to explain, but She’s getting too stubborn. She says she cannot forget what that Man did to her Mom!
Sid says she can’t know the truth about what happened if she doesn’t give him a chance to explain.
Roshni says he doesn’t deserve a second chance!
Sid says that they are divorced now, doesn’t mean they are over because he knows deep down, she’s still hopeful.
He holds her and tells her to look into his eyes and tell him there is no one hope for them and the divorce was the end.
Roshni is unable to say it.
Sid leaves.

Sid and Roshni meet up in the morning infront of her NGO.
They go inside and see Shiv playing with the kids.
Shiv tells a little girl that when his daughter was 2 years old, he used to play with her and she’s now grown and looks exactly like her Mum.
He looks up and he’s surprised to see Roshni staring at him.
Roshni accuses him of lying to them and pretending he lost his memory!
She asks if he thinks faking his memory loss would give him a chance to come into her Mother’s life!
She shouts at him and asks him to get out of her life!!
Sid tries to calm her down, but Roshni says Shiv is fine and has come back to cause her Mum more pain and suffering!
Shiv comes close to her and she pushes him away.
Sid tells her to give him a chance to speak.
Roshni asks why he is defending him?
Sid stares at her.
Roshni looks from Sid to her father, then asks if they are in it together?

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