The Good son update Wednesday 22 September 2021


Good son 22 Sept 2021: Purva asking Vedant and asks him to come home. Vedant asks what happened and says I will come there. A mentally unstable man asks him to go and says she needs you. Vedant thinks he has to reach Purva as soon as possible. Purva writes something on the paper. Pankhudi thinks Purva might have read the recording by now, thinks how I will face her. She is about to come inside the house, when Ramesh calls her and asks if you have Vedant’s cabin keys. He says Vedant locked me in the cabin and nobody has the keys. Pankhudi says I will come there and goes.

Vedant comes there and rings the bell. Purva opens the door. Vedant closes the door. Purva hugs him and cries. He says our own people have betrayed us and says I should have trusted you, it was my mistake. I was punishing you for the mistake which you didn’t do. She says if I don’t forgive you even after knowing the truth, then it will be big sin. She asks him to promise that he will get all the guilty punished who snatched their baby from them. Vedant promises to get everyone punished, for all their pain, her tears and the sin which they made him do. He says he will get justice. He asks you forgave me. Purva nods yes and hugs him. Sukoon mila song plays….Vedant smiles. He looks at her. Purva kisses on his forehead.

He moves her hairs from her face and looks at her. Purva wipes his tears. He keeps his head on her lap. She keeps her head on his head while the song continues to play. Rahul is watching them from outside and says you set the house again, I will not give you an easy death for whatever you did with me and keeps the poison bottle inside. He says your soul will shaken up and says I will see my real madness to Tripathis and you. He laughs crazily.Pankhudi comes to the house and opens the door. She says why you couldn’t get the keys from Vedant. Ramesh says Vedant has become cheap and locked me.

He leaves. Pankhudi thinks if they want to kill my Di too with Vedant and calls Purva. She then leaves in a hurry.Purva tells Vedant that they were away from each other due to the misunderstandings, but will be together now. Vedant says we will be together and says when two people get together by trust then nobody can separate them. Purva says we shall go very far from here, from where we shall start afresh. Vedant agrees and says idea is good. Purva says Uttarakhand. We will settle there and you can open your hospital here and my café. Rahul is watching them from outside. Vedant says he is tasting the vegetables now itself.

Purva goes to make tea. Vedant recalls Pankhudi lying to him, making him abort the baby, Rahul accusing him, Purva accusing and forgiving him. Purva brings coffee and says I will come in sometime. Vedant takes a sip and says I will come back soon. She says until your comes, my coffee and talks will be cold. Vedant goes. Purva finds her phone off and goes to put it on charging. Vedant asks her to close the door and leaves, leaving the door open.Rahul enters with an evil expression and seeing a letter on the table reads it that she trusted dear ones and made a big mistake.

Purva sees Rahul and asks what is he doing here, orders to get out of her house. Rahul says he came to get her love and forcefully touches her and she punishing him away warns to stop his drama. Rahul holds her again lustfully and says he is the one she had loved once, but she went back to her husband Vedant. Purva says he is way opposite to Vedant and pushes him away. He walks towards her with lustful expressions saying he came to get her love today. She falls down and says he has gone mad. He says he is, pushes her on bed, and starts strangulating her.Vedant buys sindoor and garland for Purva and calls her, but her phone is switched off.

Pankhudi worried for Purva rushes in auto towards the house and requests the auto driver to speed up, but auto breaks down and the driver asks her to take another auto. She gets another auto and hopes Purva is safe. Rahul finally strangulates Purva to death and grins.Vedant thinking in the police lock up that someone wanted to trap him and that’s why sent message from Purva’s phone to Rahul. Manjula asks everyone to keep their hands on their hearts and say if Vedant can do this. She says if you think him guilty then I will not doubt your intentions.

Ramesh asks her to be silent. Manjula says I was silent till now and had seen him suffering and bearing so much. She says my son was right, my silence is not right, Purva lost her life and I can’t forgive myself for this. She cries. Ramesh and Sanju look at each other. Manjula continues to cry. Sanju comes to Ramesh and says who started wearing white clothes for funeral and says I can wait white tshirt too. Ramesh asks him to concentrate on acting. Rahul calls Ramesh and asks do I need to come there? Ramesh says you was acting yesterday as if you will leave with Purva. He asks him to come there. Rahul says Vedant got permission to come there. Ramesh says its good and says we will do more big drama. He shares his plan with Rahul which is muted. Sanju smiles. Rahul says ok.

Purva’s body is brought to Sanjeevani Sadan after the postmortem. Dadi cries. Rahul acts to cry seeing her body. Gomti and Manjula cry. Pankhudi also cries. Dadi says my Purva is looking very beautiful and asks Manjula to do her shringaar. Manjula says it is Vedant’s right. Vedant comes with the police men and tells that he came to do his last duty for Purva. Inspector leaves his hand. Ramesh signs Rahul.Rahul says I won’t let him attend Purva’s funeral, who has ruined her life. You have snatched our love, child and our life which we were about to start. He asks with what right you have come? Dadi asks Rahul who are you to talk to Vedant about his rights. Rahul says I am her lover and we were about to start our new life.

Dadi says only Purva could have said if you are right or wrong, but she is no more. She shouts at him and says only Purva’s husband Vedant has the right to do her last rites. Dr. Asthana is also there and gives a box to Vedant, says it has everything which you asked me to bring in this box. Vedant folds his hand and says he wants to decorate his Purva for the last time as a married woman and asks everyone to leave Purva and him for the last time. Rahul says alone ? you want to escape from here and tells DSP that Vedant is a murderer. Ramesh says he is a murderer. DSP says Vedant will not do anything and goes out with his police team. Narendra feels sympathetic to Vedant.

Everyone go out. Ramesh, Sanju and Rahul are still inside. Pankhudi tells Vedant that she knows what Purva di was for him and asks him to have some strength. Ramesh comes out and tells that this girl will make us die. Sanju says that day I stopped her, but she might say at anytime. Ramesh says we will see her, but what is going on in Vedant’s mind. Vedant thinks of Purva and the moments which he spent with her. He recalls Purva asking him to promise that she will get all guilty persons punished responsible to snatch their baby. He recalls promising her. He opens the box, makes her wears bangles, earrings, mangalsutra, bindi and sindoor. He looks at her and cries. He says I am feeling as if you will get up and say how do I agree that you have left, and that if it is a joke.

He cries and says I can’t leave without you. He says they hate me then why did they punish you. He promises to fulfill his promise that he will get the guilty punished. He then looks at the guns in the box.Everyone is standing out. Sumiti says we didn’t take so much time to get ready. Narendra scolds her. Rahul says he might have eloped. Ramesh says we shall go inside and see what is he doing? They all come inside. Sanju says bhaiyya escaped after sending her. Everyone looks for him. Police search him. Ramesh says where did Gudadi lal go? Rahul says I had told that he will escape. Vedant comes from outside, locks the door and aims gun at them.

He says how can I leave the murderer alive who had killed my Purva. Everyone gets shocked. Rahul, Ramesh and Sanju panic.

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