The Good son update Tuesday 21 September 2021


The Good son 21 Sept 2021: starts with Purva telling Vedant that she will not tell anything to Pankhudi, not because I have a doubt on her, but because I can’t answer her. Vedant thanks her. Purva says whatever may be the result, this one trust will change all my life. Pankhudi looks at them from the window and thinks her doubt is right, Di kept fast for Vedant and hopes Rahul’s plan don’t fail. She calls him, but his number is switched off. Vedant says I will leave. Purva comes inside. Pankhudi asks where did you go? Purva tells that she was feeling suffocating so went out for walk. Pankhudi thinks di is lying to me and thinks she shall be careful.

Vedant switches on Rahul’s phone and reads Pankhudi’s message asking him to call her. He thinks Purva’s sister knows everything about this game.Later Dadi and Narendra come to Jeevan Rekha with the small Ganapati idol. Dadi is sad. Narendra says God will be happy with the small idol too. Dadi says the parampara is not followed which they are following since Dada ji was alive. They come inside the hospital and see Vedant, other doctors and the staff doing aarti and standing infront of the Ganapati Bappa. Vedant touches her feet. Dadi blesses him. Ramesh and Sanju come there. Ramesh says you came again. Vedant says what will I get here.

He says he came to do puja. Dadi asks from where he got charity for the Ganapati. Vedant says all the staff contributed to buy Ganapati, says it is strange that Jeevan Rekha is in profit, but don’t have money for the puja. Ramesh says this hospital is not yours and you shall not tell. Vedant says Ganapati ji will tell and touches his feet, asks for the blessings. Ramesh blesses him hesitantly. Narendra and Dadi bless him. Vedant leaves.Ramesh tells Sanju that if Vedant does like this then things will go out of our hands.

He asks her to call Pankhudi. Vedant sees Pankhudi coming to Rahul’s house, but finds the door locked. Vedant calls her and says I found out who is behind the HIV report. Pankhudi asks whom? Vedant says Rahul. He says I came to know that he is not in Prayagraj and asks if she knows where is he? Pankhudi says no and thinks she did wrong to trust Rahul. Vedant hides. Pankhudi leaves. Vedant comes to Police station and meets Rahul. Rahul says he is badly beaten up and asks him to free him. Vedant asks him to tell truth and he will be freed. Rahul says Pankhudi is not involved. Vedant asks what she was doing outside your house. Rahul says I am surprised that she came to my house. He thinks he can’t take Pankhudi’s name. Vedant looks on.

Vedant meets Purva and tells her that he saw Pankhudi going to Rahul’s house. Purva says she doesn’t know his address, may be someone gave it and says someone is going to trap her. Vedant asks why can’t you see the truth. Purva says my sister can’t be involved in it. They get angry. A boy comes and pacify them with his words. Vedant says sorry to Purva. They come to Rahul’s house and search for proofs. They find Sanju’s bracelet dial. Vedant says I know whose thing is this and says whatever we couldn’t do, this phone will do.

Sanju comes to meet Rahul at some secluded place and thinks where did he call me. He sees Purva on the road and stops the car. Purva asks can you drop you to market. Sanju asks her to sit. Purva sits. Vedant also sits in the car. Sanju gets surprised. Vedant checks his bracelet and says your bracelet piece went to Rahul’s house by itself. He asks him to come out and tell everything. Sanju asks what? Purva asks why Pankhudi agreed to marry you suddenly. Sanju says we love each other. Purva says marriage will not happen if Nani or I refuse. Sanju says marriage can’t be stopped now. Vedant pours kerosene oil on his car and says I will see if car is dear to you or Pankhudi. He lights the match stick and is about to throw on the car, when Sanju stops him and tells that Pankhudi is the mastermind of the conspiracy.

Purva says don’t put your mistake on Pankhudi, she is my sister. Sanju says my mistake and tells that if Papa and I could have done this, then would have done long ago. Vedant asks him to tell truth. Sanju gives his phone and tells that it has all the proofs. He asks him to hear. Vedant says if you tell anyone then you will go to jail first. Sanju leaves.Vedant takes Purva’s phone and send recording to Purva’s phone. Sanju comes home and takes out his jacket, throws it. Ramesh asks why you was not picking the call. Sanju says he had a fight at the petrol pump and mobile fell there.

He thinks shall I tell Papa and gets afraid of Vedant’s threat. Vedant checks the recording and thinks that Purva will feel bad about Purva’s conspiracy. Pankhudi brings plum for Purva and talks sweetly with Purva. Purva says sweetness is in my life because of you. Pankhudi tells that she is his sister, life and everything. She rests her head on her lap and says I love you. She asks her to enjoy plum and leaves. Purva is sad and is about to hear the recording, but then don’t hear it.

Purva hearing the recording and gets shocked hearing Pankhudi telling in the recording that she has handed over the reports to Vedant and he asked her to get Di’s amniotic fluid test done, we all know what will come and then his world will end. She gets shocked and calls Vedant. Vedant asks how are you and says I know you can’t be fine after hearing the recording. Purva says I can’t believe that my sister has killed my baby and says if she don’t think about me. She cries. He asks her to calm her down. Purva says I will ask her why she did this? Vedant asks her not to ask her at the moment and tells that they can change the proofs. Purva ends the call and continues crying.

Usha asks Vedant to take Prasad for Dadi and says it is sent by the hospital staff. Dadi asks Manjula if Sanju brought the Prasad. Manjula says no and says Vedant used to remember all the things, we never need to tell him anything. Vedant comes there and says your that son still remembers and gives the Prasad. He touches Dadi’s feet. Dadi blesses him and says you said right that you will not let family and customs break. Vedant asks her to bless him always. Dadi says I will forgive you if Purva forgives you. Vedant says that day is not far. Dadi says only Ganapati ji will show you the right and wrong way. He says we lose from our own and says Purva is going through the same phase.

Dadi says I will talk to Purva. Vedant leaves.Vedant comes to the Police station and bails Rahul out.Inspector says you are lucky that Vedant bailed you out. Vedant says I hope that you have learnt a lesson. Rahul thanks him and says I will change and will not do anything wrong. He leaves. Inspector tells Vedant that DCP Saheb asks him to assign two constables to keep eye on Rahul. Vedant hopes Sanju don’t open his mouth.Pankhudi asks Sanju why petrol smell is coming if the car is drown in it. Sanju says I brought the petrol well and thought to do swimming. She asks what happened? He says Purva and Vedant met him yesterday and tells everything.

Pankhudi says you are duffer, says that proofs can become our grave. She asks why did he give the proofs and asks if the car was important to him. Sanju says Purva threatened to stop their marriage. Pankhudi calls Ramesh and says they are coming to meet him.Dadi talks to Purva and asks if she will forgive Vedant. Purva says she is trying, but is very difficult. Dadi asks her to ask her heart and ends the call.Ramesh scolds Sanju knowing he gave recording to Vedant. Sanju says you think me a fool. Pankhudi says I am the fool to believe you.

A doctor tells Vedant that he saw Rahul going to Ramesh’s cabin through back door. Vedant asks who is in the cabin now? Doctor says Ramesh, Sanju and Pankhudi. Vedant looks on. Rahul comes to meet Ramesh and tells that he was in the lock up all day and was getting bones broken. He says Purva called him yesterday and tried to record my conversation with her sweet talks. I took her to my house, to show her value. Pankhudi holds his collar and says you will show her value, you don’t have your own value and says how dare you to touch her. Rahul says today sister’s love woke up and says where was that love, when you killed her baby. Pankhudi says she needs to hear if Purva heard that recording. Rahul says I didn’t see Purva’s such avatar before. Vedant comes there and sees Pankhudi and Sanju leaving.

Ramesh tells Rahul that they have to kill Vedant and Purva. Rahul asks if Pankhudi will agree. Ramesh says I will kill vedant until Pankhudi knows and asks him to handle Purva. Rahul says I will make her condition worse that she will remember all life. Vedant tries to hear and thinks to keep eye on them. Ramesh sees the shadow, signs Rahul to be silent and opens the door and checks. Vedant hides at the right time. Ramesh goes back to room, writes on the paper and gives to Rahul. Rahul sees the papers in which it is written that even walls have ears, he will get such a medicine from Sanju’s hand that just 4 drops and the person will be no more. Rahul shows him thumps up. Ramesh takes the paper and signs him to go.

Vedant is still outside the room. Ramesh tears the papers. Vedant comes out and sees Rahul going in an auto. He takes an auto and follows Rahul. Rahul realizes someone is following him. Vedant’s phone drops mistakenly in the auto. He bends to pick it and misses the auto.Ramesh calls Pankhudi. Pankhudi picks the call and says Sanju is driving and says she will put the call on loudspeaker. Ramesh asks her to give call to Sanju. He asks Sanju to be lover boy and roams around Pankhudi and asks where is your phone? Sanju says I told you that your Gudadi lal has taken my phone.

Ramesh thinks it is good that I didn’t message him on phone and asks him to go to medical store and get a medicine, tells its name. Sanju says ok and ends the call. He tells Pankhudi that Papa has some important work. She asks what? Sanju says it was not that important. Pankhudi asks if he thinks she is a fool and says she can do anything. Sanju says Papa said that they have to kill Vedant and also…Pankhudi asks what? He says Papa thought that you will not marry. Pankhudi thinks she never wanted anything happen to her. He asks are you with us. Pankhudi says ofcourse and asks him not to tell Ramesh.

Purva is in the house and gets a bad dream. She gets tensed. Rahul tells Sanju that Vedant was following him. Sanju asks him to chill and gives the poison bottle to Rahul, says Vedant and Purva are going to die. He says just 4 drops and the person will die with heart attack. He looks on evilly. Rahul smiles. Purva calls Vedant and asks him to come home. Vedant asks what happened, I will come there. A mentally unstable man asks Vedant to go and says she needs you. Vedant is shocked.

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