Curse of the sand update Wednesday 22 September 2021

Curse of the sand 22 Sept 2021: Sunanda looks through the window of Shiv-Ananya’s room. The phone bell rings, it was Dai Maa. Sunanda takes the phone. Dai Maa warns Shiv that Mohini is on Amar’s side. Sunanda speaks to Dai Maa that she is Mohini, her biggest enemy; Shiv’s mother and Amar’s Little Mummy. The good news is, Amar doesn’t know about his parents. When she has achieved her intentions, she will kill Amar as well and send his dust. Dai Maa was attacked tonight, she will surely be killed and cannot tell anything to Shiv at all. She will be the winner this time. Dai Maa screams ‘Mohini!’ Sunanda breaks the sim of Shiv’s phone and looks through the window again.

Ananya spots Sunanda there. Shiv was quizzical and asks why she appears so tensed. Ananya wonders what her mummy was doing in the corridor so late at night.Ananya goes behind Sunanda. Sunanda was worried that how she will linger Ananya’s questioning on. Amar comes to Sunanda. Sunanda was tensed that Devki knows about everything now and her attack over her was failed. Amar tells Sunanda that he has resolved the matter for Sunanda. He went to Sunanda’s room and found Ananya go out of the room looking for Sunanda. He blocked Devki’s number on Ananya’s phone and cut the landline off. Dai Maa decides to speak to Amar directly. Amar gets Devki’s phone bell. Dai Maa tells Amar that the witch is using him, she will destroy each and everything.

Amar smirks and replies, none belongs to those who betray others. She has betrayed his Little Mummy for years, and now he will help his mother out. Dai Maa says she will come to Banaras right away. Amar warns she won’t go back alive then. Dai Maa thinks Sunanda turned Behram Garh’s blood really bitter.Ananya comes to the hall looking for Sunanda. She finds Amar there instead. Shiv comes from behind. Amar walked as if not in senses. Shiv shakes Amar.Amar didn’t realize how he was here, he says a woman was trying to attack him in his dreams. Sunanda was hiding behind a wall and thinks Amar is sensible enough and knows well how to trap Shiv.

Shiv assures Amar that nothing will harm him. Amar hugs Ananya and thanks her. Ananya felt uncomfortable, then goes looking for her mummy again. Ketki stops Ananya and asks why she has been wandering around the house so late. Ananya says she went to her husband’s room for some romance. Ketki comments that Ananya is getting a brother in law free in package. Sunanda comes to the hall. Ananya asks what she had been doing outside her and Shiv’s room, if she was keeping an eye. Sunanda asks why she would. She just woke up and found Amar walking across the house like ghosts; and just spotted them together. Ananya apologizes for her doubt.

Sunanda tells Ananya to go and sleep as its really late now.The next morning, Shiv comes to Amar’s room while he was still asleep. He looks closely at Amar’s face and finds a mark of cut. He says Amar’s dream seems to be true, and the witch must have tried to attack him. He must take an action before someone can harm Amar. Shiv left. Amar thinks Shiv is so emotional and can be easily fooled. He did it deliberately so that Shiv gets busy with the witch, and he flies away with Shiv’s Ananya. He dreams of himself being with Ananya.

Shiv was busy meditating when Ananya comes to the roof. She deliberately showers water over Shiv. Shiv doesn’t move. Ananya teases Shiv that she knows well how to get his attentions. She continues spreading clothes so that the water droplets showers Shiv’s face. She now notices Shiv looked extremely tensed. Shiv turns around to leave. Ananya, in an attempt to stop his way entangles herself with the cloth wire. It was broken, rolling Shiv and Ananya on the floor. Amar had just come upstairs and was irked to see them together. Amar says Dadi is calling them both downstairs. Ananya says they are busy right now. Amar removes the clothes from over them, the clothes are wet and they might fall ill.

Ketki observes this and thinks she must befriend Amar. Shiv and Ananya still held each other’s hands.Amar gets a call from Sunanda. Sunanda was tensed that Devki has reached Banaras and might come here anytime. Amar was determined he won’t let her reach the house.Shiv stops Amar from leaving. Amar says its ok, he can manage. Shiv insists that he can’t take any risks after last night, Amar will have to stay with him in the room. Amar was in a hurry. Ananya brings milk for Amar with almonds. Shiv tastes each almond.

Amar thinks this man is extremely frustrating, he needs to kill Dai Maa and this man won’t spare him. Ananya says Amar is lucky as he is getting to stay in this room; she isn’t allowed to stay for a few hours as well. Amar says it is true that they aren’t yet married. Ananya and Shiv smiles. Ananya says she and Shiv have accepted each other as spouses, and this marriage, mangal sooter and Sindoor is only to show the world. Ananya says she can prove it and challenges Amar for a fist fight.

Shiv was on Amar and Ananya both’s side. Amar gets a call from Sunanda and leaves. Outside, Sunanda tells Amar that Devki has reached the street, their task is urgent. They spot Shiv coming outside. Shiv wonders what they are doing together with each other, he had forbidden Amar to go near the witch.Dai Maa rings the bell of Panday Nivas. Shiv goes to check who is on the door. Sunanda hurries from behind that she would see. She hits him and his file bag falls on the floor. She hurries to open the door but Shiv replies he will open the door, he is already leaving for office. He asks her to pick her phone up.

Shiv unlocks the door. There was no one outside. Shiv wonders who was ringing the bell, there is no one outside. Sunanda silently thinks that Amar jumped off the window and timely got hold of Dai Maa. Sunanda tells Shiv it must be street kids. Shiv gets on his scooter. Amar appears stuffing Dai Maa’s mouth from behind, Dai Maa struggling against his grip but being dragged away. She screams Shiv’s name finally after stepping over Amar’s foot. Shiv was startled and turns around. Amar had dragged Dai Maa behind. He wonders why it felt like Dai Maa was here.

Amar brings Dai Maa into a store room. She looks towards Amar’s face and says Shiv won’t spare him.Shiv gets on his bike without following Dai Maa. He spots a No Entry board in front of him.Amar pulls out a huge dagger and says Shiv would only take an action when he knows about her.Shiv had forgotten his phone in the room and comes inside. Amar attacks on Dai maa, a spring of blood fills his face while Dai Maa screams and suffers. Amar pulls the dagger out. Sunanda stood right there and tells Amar to go outside, she will take care of her body.

After Amar had gone out, Sunanda laughs devilishly. She says this time, only she will win this game. She sits with Dai Maa and plays with her blood, laughing that Amar is her heir whom she waited all her life. She covers Dai Maa’s body with a shawl.Shiv tries Dai Maa’s number and was suspicious why Dai Maa is not replying. Ananya comes outside and asks why Shiv didn’t leave for office. Shiv says he is tensed. Amar comes from behind and tells Shiv Dai Maa has gone to a temple, she called him that she is fine. Shiv was relieved.

Amar hugs Shiv. Ananya joins the hug. Amar deliberately holds her hand at Shiv’s back which she withdraws.Ananya spots blood spot on Amar’s hand. Shiv also looks towards him suspiciously. Amar looked uncomfortable, remembering the spring that fall over him. Ananya tells Shiv not to look at it. Shiv says it’s only her blood that turns him evil. He inquires Amar where this blood came from. Ananya asks where he was hurt. Amar looks behind and spots a nail, hurting his shoulder deliberately. Shiv spots his back and drags him inside out of care. In the room, Shiv bandages Amar’s back. Ananya sensed his false intention and was uncomfortable of Amar’s stare.

Shiv gets a phone call. He signals Ananya for a shirt. Shiv doesn’t speak well on phone call. Ananya and Amar insist on Shiv to take the call, he can’t regularly miss his office. Shiv asks Ananya to take care of his brother. Ananya assures Shiv she will take care of him. Ananya also turns to leave. Amar requests Ananya turmeric milk, Dadi thinks it heals quickly.

Rahul coming across Amar. Rahul was furious and says Amar isn’t even sorry, he and his brother live in the house like uninvited guests. His brother already broke his marriage to his sister. Amar wasn’t in a mood to reply and runs to Sunanda’s room. He says he had almost been caught by Ananya and Shiv today. He then inquires about Devki Dai’s dead body. Sunanda points towards a rug. She says she had to work recklessly to bury her. She wanted Devki in front of her eyes so that she can always remember her victory. Sunanda was cheerfully happy. Amar asks about Ananya.

Sunanda says she must be around, why Amar is asking. He replies its just by the way. After Amar has left the room, Sunanda enjoys the game. She says she must let this tug of war go on until the right moment, then she will decide the winner.Rahul touches the nail on the door. He recalls having spot Amar deliberately hurting his shoulder by rubbing it with the nail. He pricks his hand and screams, then wonders why Amar did so deliberately. He must keep an eye over Amar, as something seems wrong about him. He must find out where that blood came from.

In the kitchen, Ananya was happy as she prepared sweet. Amar also comes complementing the aroma. He says he came to take his turmeric milk. Ananya says she had forgotten and will just warm it up again. Amar decides to take a bite from it but Ananya snatches the spoon. She says first, she will take God’s share and then for Shiv; Amar can take it later on. She says it’s not right to keep an eye on something which belongs to other; and she cooked it for Shiv. They come to the temple corner. Amar says Shiv will share anything with him. Ananya says Shiv can surely not give everything to him. She serves him a bowl of the sweet.

Amar takes a chance to discuss that Shiv wishes him going abroad for studies, but then he would miss her company and her sweets. Ketki and Rahul watch through a window. Rahul says Amar really doesn’t feel right to him. Ketki says he is cunning and will be helpful for her.Ketki comes to Ananya in the room and inquires if there is something going on between her and Amar. Ananya slaps Ketki. Ketki laughs and says she doesn’t mind the slap, Ananya has been unable to see her bright future with Shiv. Though Ananya has nothing like this in mind, but Amar doesn’t respect Ananya as a sister in law.

His intentions aren’t pure. Rahul was disgusted over Amar for his attempts to break his sister (Ananya)’s marriage. Ananya was irked and clarifies to Ketki that she holds all the misunderstandings. Ananya and Amar share relation of brother/sister in law and such naughty moments are always there in such relations.Rahul finds Amar sitting downstairs in the hall. He comes to teach Amar a good lesson but Amar hits Rahul with the sugar cane he was biting upon.Ananya pushes Ketki out of her room and locks the door.She thinks about Amar’s acts of hugging and holding Ananya’s hand pointlessly.Amar makes Rahul do sit-stand.

Sunanda comes there. Rahul flee from the spot. Sunanda asks Amar what went on here. Amar says Rahul interfered between his goal, and he was only teaching a lesson. Sunanda asks if it’s about Ananya. Amar replies yes and walks inside. Ananya runs downstairs to speak to Sunanda and takes her into the room. Ananya says Amar isn’t here with good intentions, she doesn’t feel secure with him. Sunanda says she doesn’t know Amar, but she knows Ananya well. If Ananya feels something wrong, she must speak to Shiv. Ananya says Shiv loves his brother so much, what if he minds it. Sunanda pours a glass of water for Ananya to calm her down. She says there appears nothing visibly wrong in Amar. They are brothers and share same ethics.

Ananya agrees to her point of view, and hugs her saying she is the best. Sunanda smirks and speaks to Mohini in the mirror now. She says it will be interesting to see the two brothers fight each other and that too for a girl. Both share a loud laughter. Sunanda was appreciative of the witch and her nature.Shiv returns home. Ananya poured the carrot sweet she had prepared for Shiv, but was lost in deep thought about Amar and his intentions. She decides to speak to Shiv about the matter. In the hall, Shiv lay on the couch with closed eyes. Ananya brings the sweet for him as a surprise. Shiv loved her idea and care.

Amar runs into the house complaining about the spice. Shiv offers him all the carrot sweet. Amar looks towards Ananya victoriously. After eating up the whole bowl, Shiv inquires Amar how he now feels. Amar says he had the Gol Gappa that were spicy, he is sorry to have eaten all of the sweet. Shiv reassures nothing is more important for him than his brother, Ananya can always cook the sweet for him again.Amar boasts to Ananya that his brother dearly loves him. Rahul and Ketki watch this.

Ananya comes to the kitchen, disturbed by Amar. Amar comes there and says Ananya prepared the sweet with all the love, but Shiv couldn’t eat it. Ananya replies it alright, she will prepare it once again. She minds Amar to call her as Bhabhi, Amar smirks saying they aren’t yet married. Ananya forbids him. Amar promises to be cautious now.Ananya comes to Shiv’s room. He notices she was upset. Ananya says it’s now time, she needs to speak to him. Shiv agrees how long this gap will persist. He says he will call the carpenter tomorrow and fix the gap in window. Ananya was annoyed over Shiv for not understanding. She clutches his collar and says she wants to marry him right away. They can no longer linger it on.

Amar comes downstairs. Ketki stops his way and offers ice-cream. He looks away and denies having any. Ketki comments that he had a tasty sweet just now. Amar turns to walk away. Ketki offers her any help to get his love. She advices him to reach them both at the right time, else he would be left all alone just like her.Sunanda speaks to a black puppet and speaks to it as Dai Maa. She says she got two grandsons mad for one girl. But Dai Maa isn’t here to bless any one of them. She is here to keep a hand over them. She laughs devilishly. Mishra ji wakes up frightened by the laughter.

Amarknocks at the door of Shiv’s room. Anaya turns to see he had already come inside. Shiv was shy and stands up. Amar says at least they can wait for their wedding. Shiv assures there is nothing wrong. Ananya says they are aware of their limits, and once they have married tomorrow. Amar interrupts and asks if they are marrying tomorrow? This can’t happen. It’s ManMaas, and the time isn’t right for wedding. Ananya says when two lovers have decided to unite then nothing can stop them.

Ananya confirms Shiv if they are marrying tomorrow. Shiv wonders what he must reply, they can neither unite nor can he live away from her. Shiv politely says he can’t marry in a hurry. They must decide once Dai Maa is back. Amar insists they will have to wait for Dai Maa and smirks at Ananya victoriously.

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