Strange Love Update Monday 27 September 2021

Strange Love 27 September 2021: The Episode starts with Chowksi telling Rekha about Astha and Shlok starting the food truck, when they did not have any work, whats wong. He says they can earn some money and when some problem comes, we will see, don’t take any tension, else we have to tell them. Shlok waits to meet the chairman. He feels he did not get such nervousness feeling, as he was boss always and took interviews, today he knows whats is it to be at this side of the door. Astha waits for customers. Sachin plays there and sees her upset. His friend says he is hungry and wants something.

Sachin says who will give me money to get food for you, let me become rich man one day and then I will give what you say. Sachin talks to Astha and encourages her. He asks did no one come till now. Astha says once people taste the food, they will start coming. Sachin says he has an offer for her, as he knows many people here. She says yes, your age is to study, play and eat, no need to work. He says I will ask Aai. She says she made something new, will he try. He says yes. She brings the roll and likes it. He says I will just come and runs. The chairman finds Shlok’s presentation nice and he is talented. The manager tells more about Shlok. The chairman says his thinking is of high scale, his work is like Agnihotri’s work, just check on him. The manager checks and says there is no such project with such thing. He sees Shlok’s pic on the website and is shocked.

He says this man looks like Shlok Agnihotri. The chairman asks is he sure. The manager says he did not ask his name. The chairman says call him inside, lets see him. Astha gets Anjali’s call and asks how is she. Anjali asks about her food truck. Astha says she is fine, and gives a good news about Shlok’s job. Anjali smiles as they have started dreaming on the first day. She says I like this about you, to be happy in bad times, and blesses her. Astha ends the call and says there is no customer yet.The chairman asks Shlok where did he work, and Shlok lies saying he had a small job. The chairman says the presentation shows you are big expert of a big company, and says he knows to recognize talent. He asks did he prepare the paper, as the pattern matches Agnihotris. Shlok is shocked and says I agree there is risk in big projects, of it clicks, then its good. The chairman says he hates lies and deceive. He says both institutes can gget ruined by using same formula. He asks his relation with Niranjan Agnihotri. Shlok says no relation. He asks is his name Shlok Agnihotri. Shlok says yes, that’s true, it was my name before, my name is just Shlok now and I m not related to Niranjan and his institute now.

The chairman gets angry on Shlok for spying on him, and thinks he is sent by Niranjan. He speaks ill about Niranjan saying he should be ashamed to send his son here to know our strategy. He says he has got to number one position by ruining others and using them as stairs. Shlok gets angry and holds his collar shouting on him. The manager asks what is he doing. Shlok signs him to stop and looks on angrily. Shlok says not a one anymore, understood? The chairman says you said you are not related to him, why this anger then. Shlok leaves his collar. The man says you are going out of limit, this is my office, get out. Shlok leaves.

Mala gets a call from acting assignment, and Ankush plays the game. Mala says she knows Bhojpuri and will do the item. She says done, and tells Ankush that she got item song in the big film. He says do item number here, I kept you here for work, end it first and then go. She says she will not listen to him and will go. He says you won’t go. They start arguing. Kalindi hears them. She asks Ankush how can he talk like this. Ankush says he was explaining her to be happy in what they what, and small happiness matters a lot. He apologizes to her and cries. He touches her feet. Ankush talks about his dad. He says he had money but not love, I got whatever I asked for, so I m not able to handle the problem, and not understanding the relations. He apologizes to Mala. He asks Mala to think about him, whose mum left him on birth and now his dad, if she also leaves him, his wounds can never heal. Kalindi leaves. Ankush smiles.

Astha says Lord this is not fair as she has made tasty food early morning, and no customer has come. Rekha comes and asks did Shlok not come. Astha says not yet. Rekha asks her to shut shop, and no one came today. Astha says fine, people will come tomorrow. Rekha says yes, everything will be fine. She says she can reuse the same food tomorrow and keep in fridge. Astha says no, I will use it today. Apsara comes and asks will she make Sachin work for her and scolds her. Astha says I explained him and he insisted, you can ask him. Apsara says she won’t leave her if she makes Sachin work. Rekha asks her to go else she will kick her. Apsara says she will stand wherever she wants, she is jealous of her beauty.

Rekha says I m more beautiful than you, and taunts Apsara. Rekha and Apsara argue and start fighting. Astha stops Rekha and asks Apsara to go. Apsara breaks Rekha’s mangalsutra in fight. Astha sees it on ground and says she will repair it, it looks costly. Rekha says no, its cheap, silver one with gold plating. Apsara hears this and says it looks real gold. Shlok comes home looking upset. Rekha says she will leave now as Chowksi is waiting. Astha asks Shlok about his day. He asks how was her day. She says it was good, many people came and just saw and went. He says my day was fine. She asks what happened, are you fine. He says no, my job is gone. She is shocked. Astha asking Shlok is he fine. He says no Astha, I lost the job. She says what, how can they do this with you. He says I don’t know, my surname and identity does not leave me ever. She says leave it, even my day was same, we atleast tried, people celebrate the victory, we will celebrate the failure, we will distribute the food to poor people, we have courage and togetherness, come.

Jyoti gives tea to Sid, Riya and Renuka. Riya says she made the list of items to buy for marriage. Jyoti says she did good to make it, we will buy everything. Riya tells the jewelry she wants, and asks Sid to buy for her. Sid is stunned. Riya says she wants a necklace like Varad gifted Jyoti. She says its my marriage and you have to give what I ask for. She asks Renuka to spend more money, and spend all Sid’s earnings on my marriage. Renuka says you are saying as I have a treasure hidden here, the marriage will be like as Sid says.

Kalindi tells Ajju that she needs to talk to her and switches off the TV. Ajju says she was seeing something imp, what is it. Kalindi says she just met Ankush. Ajju asks what happened. Kalindi says no, it looks he is really changing, his life was not easy, his dad was with him but did not be with him for real, his mum was not with me, I saw tears in his eyes for the first time. Ajju says don’t believe him so soon, such how people cheat in serials. She says he has too pass my test, then I will believe he has change, not give me remote and let me watch my serial.Astha and Shlok give away the food to the poor people sitting at the road side. They bless Astha and Shlok. Astha sees the Lord idol and seeks blessings. She asks Shlok to come.

They walk in the roads. She says lets sit there for some time. They sit and smile feeling the cool breeze of the night. Maine khudko tujhme, tujhko mujhme karliya hai shamil………………..plays………….. They have an eyelock. He says I just simply love you, when I see you happy, all my problems and tensions, stress, everything goes away. He says he wants to be happy seeing her happy. She shows the moon and says its very beautiful. He holds her hand. Muskarane ki wajah tum ho………………plays………………….. He kisses her on the forehead. He holds her face. Khuda…………plays……………. She says I wish this moment halts here.

Apsara says Astha and Shlok are not at home, and checks her bag. Astha talks to the truck and says we will get customers today. Shlok looks on and smiles. He talks on behalf of the truck and says if you are with me, I don’t have to take tension, I will do as you say, I will not talk, but fly from tomorrow. She laughs. He says he can do anything for her happiness. She says my world gets good seeing your smile. Apsara looks for the gold coins. Apsara sees the gold coins near the Lord idol and checks it. Astha and Shlok are coming towards home. She says she will now expose her truth to Shlok. She says if this gold coins are fake, then you will be out of my Shlok’s life, this will surely create a drift in your lives.

Astha says lets sleep now and we have to wake up early in morning. Apsara hears them and hides. Astha comes in and sees Apsara and Shanta sleeping. They go to their room. Apsara gets up and turns. Sachin sees her and sleeps. Its morning, Astha wakes up and asks Shlok to get up as they have to open the food truck. She sees he is gone and says he woke up before me, not bad, he became more responsible than me, good, lets get ready. Apsara hears her talking to herself. Astha says what she has to do now and talks to Lord. Apsara says yes, Astha has much work, see how I play your band today, I will see how you speak up when I start talking.

She asks Sachin to go for bath. He asks for Rs. 50. She scolds him and asks him to take from his dad. Sachin says he knows what she did in Astha’s room, about gold coins. She asks is he threatening her. He says he will tell Astha and calls her. Apsara shuts his mouth. Apsara gives him money and says I m your real mum and you are taking money from me. Sachin says wow, 100rs. He asks her to do whats she wants. Apsara thinks if Sachin tells Astha, it will be problem for her, she has to expose Astha, and the gold coins have to be fake, if its real, then Shlok will be annoyed on me.

Varad comes to office and sees his chair. He goes to Niranjan’s chair and sits on it. He asks Mr.Deshpande to start the meeting and talks about the new project. Deshpande says he needs a advice from Niranjan on this project. Varad says Niranjan has given me this right. He asks why is Niranjan not coming to office. Varad asks is he worried about Niranjan or the work he is handling. Deshpande says this institute is here because of Niranjan’s experience and Shlok’s mind. Varad says fine, I will go home and bring Niranjan’s approval, but remember I m his son, an Agnihotri, if I do something for this institute, it will be for its good. He leaves.

Shlok cleans the food truck. Astha comes and sees him. She says leave all this, I will do this. She asks him to find a job for himself, as she knows he does not like it. He says yes, but I don’t like you to do this, I m helping you, as my happiness is in your happiness. She says there is not a single customer, what to do. He asks her to think of some idea. He asks the second item seller man address. Astha tells the address. She asks why are you going. He says let me use my mind, I m your husband and knows to tackle problems. He leaves. She says Shlok and Jugaad? What will he do?

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