The frontliners update Tuesday 12 October 2021


The frontliners 12 October 2021: The Episode starts with NV asking Dr. Mehta to do something that others are scared to attempt, do something to save Sid, Sid has to get fine for many reasons, you have to do the surgery some way and save him. Ishani gets conscious and sees NV. She recalls his words and says leave me alone. He says I know you are upset, I m sorry, I didn’t know about Sid’s report. She says I don’t want to listen. He says fine, Dr. Mehta has come, listen to him about Sid’s surgery. Ishani asks Mehta to tell the truth.

Dr. Mehta says there is no hope on Sid’s case, if we want to take a chance, then there is a way, its a risky and long surgery, sorry to say, its a critical surgery, we can’t make any mistake. She asks why didn’t you suggest this before. He says its complicated surgery, doctors have to be fit and can’t go anywhere for any break, NV didn’t leave any hope and convinced me, I need a highly skilled surgery for Sid, such cases success rate is less. She says NV assigned the case to me, I want to assist you. NV says you can’t decide it this way. Ishani says it can get fine if intention is good. She taunts him. Rishabh and Rahil come. Rishabh says sorry to say, she isn’t ready to do this surgery. Rahil says I agree, Ishani didn’t do any surgery in last three years. Ishani thinks they aren’t wrong. Mehta asks NV to decide his co-surgeon. Rishabh thinks I can’t lose this chance. NV says I need some time, we have to ask Sid also. They go to Sid. NV introduces Dr. Mehta and says Sanjivani doctor will assist him.

Mehta says I suggest we shall wait for his vitals to get stable. Sid says I can face any difficulty, until Ishani is with me, I want her to do the surgery, after all I have trained her, she is one the best doctors. NV thinks I want this but she isn’t mentally and physically fit. Rishabh asks what have you decided. Mehta says its good if Sid is comfortable with Ishani. NV leaves. Sid sees Ishani. Rishabh says NV and Sid just favor Ishani, they want to play with my career. Rahil says you don’t care for patient, there will be strong reason behind NV’s decision, he is genuine, unlike you. Rishabh says Ishani can’t do the surgery. He goes. Ishani hears them and goes.She slips. NV comes there and holds her. They fall on the wheelchair. NV smiles seeing her. She says I have a request, I want to assist Mehta, I promise, I won’t let anyone complain. She goes. Mehta asks NV who will assist me. Mehta gives the file to NV. NV says Ishani won’t assist you in this surgery. Ishani gets shocked.

NV comes home. Ishani does his aarti and says you have won, I failed, you will say I m misunderstanding you, you certified that I m not qualified, since three years, you wanted me to perform the surgery, when I m ready today, you can’t tolerate, thanks for the insult. She goes. Bebe asks why did you do this. He asks why will I stop her, it was my dream for her. He says Sid’s chances to survive are less, Ishani isn’t mentally and physically fit, we can’t allow her in OT. Bebe asks what happened to her.FB shows the doctor giving blood reports to NV. She says her blood has huge percent traces of anti depressant pills, she takes overdose of the pills, she needs psychiatric counselling, she is mentally unstable, her life is in danger, sorry to say, she is using much pills and it can harm her. He is shocked. She says we have to handle her case calmly, she isn’t fit on medical grounds to handle any case. Fb ends. Bebe is also shocked. NV asks Ishani to say whatever she wants. Ishani says I will do it and show, you have seen my weakness, now see my courage, I will make my own way and show, I will become part of Sid’s surgery, its my promise. He cries and says all the best, Dr. Ishani. He thinks I want this, even if you think I m hurdle in your way, I accept this beautiful misunderstanding.

Ishani trying to fix the torn cushion. She fails to thread the needle. She sits restless. She says you aren’t able to do anything, and you want to do a complicated surgery, how, you have a quality that you never lose. She looks at herself and wipes tears. She says you have to stop crying and try again, show NV that I deserve to do this surgery, we will start with basics tomorrow. She tries again and threads the needle. She fixes the cushion. NV looks on and thinks you deserve to do this surgery, but you have to prove it to yourself, all the best. Ishani comes to meet Sid. She says we have to make you strong before the surgery, I have made a diet plan for you, you have to follow physio exercises. He says I have to plan a lot.

She tells his diet. He says I will do as you want. She says I have to go for round up, Dr. Rahil, get his physiotherapy done. Sid asks won’t you be with me. She says I m bit busy. Rahil says she needs to prepare for your surgery. Sid says she has done a lot for me. She goes. Rahil helps Sid. Sid says if I have a friend like you and partner like Ishani, I m very lucky, listen to me, I m planning something, I want some items, helium balloons, blueberry cake, red roses. Rahil says fine, but why. Sid says its a special day after three days, I had proposed Ishani, I want to give the same moment to her.Rahil says how shall I say that Ishani is married. Sid shows the card. He says this is for Ishani, I missed Ishani, her memories have kept me alive, I m missing her a lot, so I want the proposal anniversary to be special. Rahil says you should focus on yourself, Ishani also wants you to get fine, I can’t do my work, I want you to arrange this for me, please arrange it. He gives the list. Bebe asks Bitto why did you come to Sanjivani now. Bitto says its NV and Ishani’s first anniversary. Bebe says you should have told me about it. Bitto says I will wish them. Bebe thinks if Sid knows this, then it will get spoiled. Bebe asks her to come. Bitto says all of them are normal people, just come.

Rishabh sees Ishani practicing stitches on a banana. She says I need to ask you something, can I give stitches to that ward patient. NV comes. Rishabh says we need to take permission from you. NV says you are right, Rishabh, Ishani you won’t treat any patient now. Rishabh goes. She says I m practicing, I wish there was some practice to lessen your stubbornness. NV says for that, you have to know me, it will need courage for that, its my belief. Bebe and Bitto come and congratulate them. Bebe blesses them to be happy and together. She says don’t know how I forgot this, its your marriage anniversary today.Bitto gives them a surprise. Ishani sees a coffee mug with Navisha written. Bebe worries. Bitto goes with Bebe. NV goes to Bebe and thanks her. He says you know the situation, Ishani is in pressure, else how would I forget this day, its not the right time, if Bitto knows about Sid, then we have to explain everything, don’t plan anything, I will explain Ishani. Rahil says Sid wants to propose Ishani and make the day special, so he asked for my help, I thought to tell you. NV says Sid shouldn’t know about me and Ishani, lets maintain that, do me a favor, just keep pre occupied today, I will make sure Ishani is with him, whatever he wants to do and say, so that he recovers soon, thanks. Rahil goes. NV breaks off the door knob.

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