The frontliners update Monday 11 October 2021

The frontliners 11 October 2021: The Episode starts with NV finding the papers. Bebe comes. He says I have to divorce Ishani, she isn’t listening, I married her seeing her true heart, she thinks I m egoistic and selfish, I can see her pain and sorrow, she can’t see any goodness in me, I m fed up, I can’t bound her, please let me do this Bebe. She says please calm down, you know it well, that decisions taken in anger are always wrong. He says I told you, let me be alone, don’t get me married, I m not able to make her sorrow away, its been three yours. She asks you think her pain will go away if you divorce her, its not easy, treating Sid and keeping Bahu’s duties, its not a small thing, relations’ strength is known in bad times, give her some time.

He says she wants the divorce. Bebe says please have some patience. He says I won’t refuse to you, I don’t know how long will I keep this patience. He goes. Bebe prays for Ratan and Ishani’s relation.Ishani and NV take the shivling for puja. Bebe smiles and thinks I wish their annoyances end and they accept the relation heartily. They sit for puja. NV thinks what shall I answer her. NV asks do you really want this. Ishani says yes, I want my answer. He thinks she got habitual to her depression, if I leave her, then can she move on, I can’t leave her alone. He prays. Ishani thinks my happiness is in my own hands, not in Sid or NV’s hands. NV thinks I will keep my vows and become your support, I won’t let you break. He goes to help Ishani.

He says you can make any other mannat, I m ready to give you what you want, when Sid gets fine, I will sign on the papers. Its morning, Ishani comes to Sanjivani. She thinks to make Sid fine until he gets his memory back. She takes the pill.Rahil thanks NV and says now I can see a ray of hope. NV says I have a belief. Ishani comes. NV says Sid is still in critical state, if Ishani stays with him, then he will get fine soon, so Ishani will handle Sid’s case. NV sees her and goes. Rahil says I m sure, Sid will be fine. Dr. Mehta says Mr. Singh, Sid’s state has no improvement. Rahil gets a call and goes. Ishani asks how do you feel. Sid opens eyes. He says I feel good when you are here. Dr. Mehta says Sid’s operation can’t happen. NV asks what do you mean. Ishani says NV got the best surgeon for your treatment. Dr. Mehta says there is a brain tumour, if anything goes wrong in the surgery, Sid will be brain dead. Sid says I want to get fine.

Dr. Mehta says Sid’s operation can’t be done, sorry. Ishani thinks NV is helping me by calling Dr. Mehta, I should say thanks. She drinks water. Dr. Mehta says Sid’s survival chances are nil. NV says it means, his survival chances are nil. He sees Ishani and thinks did she hear it. She says sorry, the door was open, so I didn’t knock. She asks about Sid. NV says you may go. He thinks what will I tell her. He lies to her. She says Sid may get fine because of you, what did doctor say. He says I m busy, can we talk later. She says okay. She goes. He says I don’t want to lie to you Ishani thinking why would NV hide anything. Bebe says I m happy, NV called Dr. Mehta for treating Sid. Ishani says yes, it wasn’t easy, I was thinking to thank him, he likes pakoras a lot, if you can help me in cooking. Bebe asks really. Ishani nods.

Bebe says your idea is nice, I have better idea. She thinks I won’t lose the chance to develop love between you two. She asks which pakoras will you make. Ishani says whatever NV likes. Bebe says fine, go to kitchen, I will come. She smiles and says love pakoras.NV comes and asks are you making pakoras. Ishani says you called Dr. Mehta for Sid, I wanted to thank you, you like pakoras right. He thinks how to tell her the truth. She says I m trying to make it. He thinks even I m trying to talk to you about Sid’s reports.She asks all okay. He says yes, I will just come. He gets an apron for her. Dil diyan gallan…plays… He says it will be perfect evening treat if we have coffee along with pakoras, I will make it.

He helps her. They have a moment. He makes her hair off her face and cleans the flour from her cheek. She looks at him. She asks him to bring milk and sugar.They fry the pakoras. She smiles and says we will together have it. He thinks there is nothing without you, I can do anything for your smile, I m afraid that this truth will push you back in the darkness.Ishani asks Bebe to come and have snacks. She sees the file and reads Sid’s MRI reports. She thinks NV cheated me, he knew Sid will never recover. She sees NV and says you had that deal since it will never complete, Sid won’t get his memory, you are a cheater, I thought you got Dr. Mehta for Sid, you want to divorce me, I was thanking you, really, you think Sid can never get fine, I will be stuck here forever, I didn’t think you will fall so low, I don’t want to live such a life. She runs. Bebe asks what happened. He says I will just come. She runs on the road and recalls Sid’s words. She thinks of NV’s words.

NV looks for her. He shouts out her name. He runs to find her. She gets dizzy. He asks people about her and shows her pic. She comes in front of a car. NV comes and pulls her. He hugs her and says if anything happened, then… She faints. He shouts Ishani. He lifts her and takes her to Sanjivani. He asks Rahil to check her. Rahil treats her. NV asks what’s wrong. Rahil says give me a min, don’t worry. NV thinks its happening because of me, I should have told you, I was afraid to lose you. Sid says I was thinking to have wada pau. The guy says its not allowed. Sid misses to see Ishani. Rahil says we will get some tests done. NV asks why, what’s wrong. Rahil asks him not to worry. He thinks NV loves Ishani a lot. Bebe comes and asks what happened to her. NV says nothing, she will be fine. She calms him. Dr. Mehta comes and says maybe I came at a wrong time, its urgent. NV asks Bebe to be with Ishani. He goes. Mehta says I have studied Sid’s case again, sorry, its impossible to do his surgery. NV thinks I can’t break Ishani’s hope.

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