The frontliners Update Sunday 3 October 2021


The frontliners 3 October 2021: The Episode starts with Ishani saying fine, I have seen Sid’s face, are you happy now, Sid has snatched my peace and happiness, you see a patient in him, I see a liar and cheat in him, you wanted to know why I don’t want to see his face, he was my first love, I had seen many dreams with him, I thought he will always stay with me, I will have a lovely family with him, I fought my Mama and Mami for this man, he left me in mandap and left, I have waited for him till now, that he will come back and feel guilty, then I will slap him and ask what did I do, why was my love less that he left me, I m bearing the punishment even today, did you get your answer, are you happy now, I want to know who will give my answers, whom shall I ask, this dead body…

I m shouting, can he hear my voice, tell me, will he understand my pain and feelings.She says Sid and NV will have good bonding, Sid used to save patient some how, and great NV will also save you, he can just see your pain, you are a patient, just patient has pain, no one else, right. She says this man isn’t my patient or anyone, I hate him. She shouts I hate this man. She cries and says I hate you Dr. Sid. Bebe hugs her.

Ishani cries in her room and takes pills. She says I can’t stay here. She packs her bag. Bebe comes to stop her. Ishani says I can’t stay here, try to understand. She says its not easy for me to stay under one roof with Sid, try to understand. Bebe says listen to me once. Ishani says you are like my mum, please. Bebe says if you believe I m like your mum, then don’t leave this house. Ishani asks don’t I have a right to live by my wish. Bebe says you do have the right.Ishani cries. Bebe says I can’t see Ratan’s family breaking, swear that you won’t go. Ishani asks what shall I do. Bebe says solve the problems for everyone, Ratan has gone for a meeting, he will come late, you think well, don’t cry, I will send fresh juice for you.

Two doctors Sahay and Tripathi see a patient and plan to sell his organs. Sahay says if we get any young patient, we will gain more money by selling his organs. Ishani calls Sahay and says I have to admit a coma patient, are their all facilities perfect. Sahay says we have everything, don’t worry, we will take good care of the patient, what’s his age. Ishani says 33 years.Ishani feeling restless. She comes to Sanjivani. She sees Rahil and Philo. They ask where is Sid, where did you go, please tell where is Sid. He says Sid is getting punished, you are treating him so badly, your relation wasn’t just of love or affair, it was deep, there was innocence in it, which started your love, for the sake of those moments, where is Sid. Philo asks her to say where is Sid. Rahil says you remember how Sid and you became friends.

She recalls Sid. He says Sid was your senior also and encouraged you, he advised you during surgeries, you forgot this so easily. Philo says you think you would have done your first successful surgery without Sid’s guidance, you respect Shashank, right, Sid is Shashank’s son, everyone respects him.Ishani recalls Sid. Philo says I know he is the guy who left you alone in the mandap, but he is the one who taught you to save a dying patient, I m sure that you will never risk someone’s life, tell us where is Sid. Sahay says we don’t have time. He takes Sid to OT. Rahil gets a call and asks what, I m reaching. He asks Philo to come, Sid is in danger. Ishani says I left him at a good nursing home. He says you left him in morgue before and now at the place where organ racket runs. She asks who told you. He says it doesn’t matter, we have to rush. They leave. Sahay asks ward boy to just do as he said. He says we have to start the surgery once Tripathi comes.

They come to the hospital and ask for Sid.Tripathi comes. Sahay says we shall start the hospital. Ishani shows the ward boy and says he took Sid on stretcher. Rahil catches him and asks where is Sid. The ward boy says I don’t know. Rahil says you will go to the jail, tell me. The ward boy tells the room number. Tripathi says we will take his organs and sell, we will start with kidney. Rahil scolds the ward boy and says we know the business run here, tell me about Sid. Ishani asks him to say. The ward boy says I will tell you. Sahay says we will extract kidney first, then heart and lungs. Rahil says if anything happens to Sid, then see. They come inside the OT and see the doctors. Rahil catches Sahay. Ishani cries. Rahil scolds him and slaps. Police comes and says let us do our work.

He says someone informed us beforehand, we can’t tell you, its confidential, we have to take your statement, this place is sealed, we will shift the patient to other hospital. Rahil says no, he will just go to Sanjivani. Inspector says it will be better that you don’t interfere in our work. Rahil scolds Ishani.Ishani comes home. NV and Bebe look on. She sees Sid with them again. NV says I can go away from my family, I don’t go away from my responsibility, Sanjivani is also my family, I have to protect them, I can do anything, you felt I have gone to Delhi, so you took Sid to any hospital, without thinking its good or not, doctor can’t be self centered, its good I got to know on time and called Rahil. He recalls calling Rahil and police.

Ishani cries and says I don’t know, how did this happen, I just wanted to make Sid away, I made a big mistake, I didn’t intend to harm his life. He holds her and says its okay, everything is fine, if you don’t want him to stay here, then okay, I have to send him back to Sanjivani, I hope you are okay with it. She says okay, I made a big mistake, I will shift permanently to home from Sanjivani, I told you that I will not step in Sanjivani if Sid is there. They hear someone laughing. Bittu gets the neighbors home. Bebe asks Ishani not to talk in front of neighbors, its about their respect. She asks Ratan to behave like son, not boss. He says I don’t know this.

The neighbors ask about Sid. Bebe says they get their work home. She asks Bittu why did she get all the neighbors home. Bittu says they should know about my brother’s status. The lady asks when do they spend time if they get work home. Bebe says they are always together. The lady says we got gifts for Ishani, its all suhaagan items. Bebe asks Ishani to just see. The lady says we will make you ready, its your mu dikhai. They ask NV to do this, they are bringing romance in his boring life. She asks NV to apply her bindi.

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