The frontliners update Monday 4 October 2021

The frontliners 4 October 2021: The Episode starts with NV applying bindi to Ishani. Bolna mahi bolna….plays…. He says this happened at the time of marriage, why again. Bebe says yes, why is it happening now. The lady says we just want you to make her wear mangalsutra. Bebe says yes, do it. Ishani thinks of Sid. She sees Sid. The lady makes her wear chunri. Ishani sees the mangalsutra. She says I m sorry and runs to her room. NV goes after her. Bebe says there is nothing such, she gets shy, her bp is going low, Ratan has gone to handle her, sit. She asks Bitto to get snacks. Ishani cries and recalls NV. Kise puchun….plays….

She cries and throws her bangles. She throws things. She falls on the bed. NV says control yourself…. He sees the mangalsutra. He holds her. He thinks I promised to always support you in every battle, I will always be with you in sorrow, but today I can’t support you more, you have to face Sid to heal the wounds, I m sorry, you need to do this alone. He goes. He thinks of Ishani and drinks sadly. Bebe asks him to make small peg for her also. He rests in her lap. She asks him not to be stubborn, why is he doing this, he is Sanjivani’s owner and any doctor can treat Sid. He says I m not stubborn, Ishani needs to do this, her tears will become her medicine. She says yes, you are right, she cried and her heart got light.

He says one has to see the wound to treat it, one can’t turn away face, Sanjivani and Sid are two wounds for her, I made her face Sanjivani, she keeps coming there, she has to face Sid, things will get fine when Sid gets fine and answers her, maybe she gets fine.She asks did you think that Sid can affect your and Ishani’s relation. NV says I m thinking when will she smile, when will she sleep peacefully, when will she come out of this anxiety and depression, when will I see her….. Bebe blesses him. She says you are so good and true, your thinking is also so true, I m scared that you will fill your life with thorns while filling her life with flowers. He says this won’t happen, trust me. She hugs him. He goes to room and says Ishani gets awkward in my room. He checks home remedies for good sleep. He reads and gets flowers. He keeps the flowers under the pillow. Ishani rests to sleep. She takes some pills. She sees NV sleeping. She goes out. He wakes up. She goes to Sid and cries. NV looks on.

Ishani worrying and freeing her stuck dress. NV looks on. Ishani says when I wanted to come close, you made me away, and today you came back to me, I hate you. She goes back to room and lies to sleep. She cries. NV looks at her. Its morning, servant gets coffee for everyone. Ishani sees Sid. NV thinks what I m going to do is wrong, but its necessary for you, I promise. Rahil comes there. He sees Sid. He asks did you keep Sid here, police said they will appoint a new doctor for Sid, how can you keep him here. Bebe asks him to have coffee. NV says wait a min, I called you here with ambulance, since I don’t want to take the same risk.

He says then you would have not removed Sid from Sanjivani by coming in your wife’s words, you are just throwing my friend like a football,sorry to say, you can buy Sanjivani, not the patients’ lives. NV says I know the value of life and losing it, trust me, I have called you here, since you will be attending doctor for Sid. Ishani looks on. Rahil says thanks, I m sorry. He scolds Ishani. NV says mistake happens unknowingly, we have got to give everyone another chance. Rahil says I won’t give her a chance to do a mistake again, thanks, I will take him to Sanjivani. NV gives Sid’s file. He sends Sid with Rahil. He says I assigned Sid to Rahil, I m a good husband, right, will you listen to me now. Ishani says you don’t decide for anyone’s happiness, but for your profit. He says a good businessman thinks for everyone’s profit, he thinks about family, patients’ lives are our profit, will you re join Sanjivani. Ishani says don’t force me.

He says you are making a mistake to forget your duty while forgetting the past, Sid would have died yesterday, its up to you, you can call this as my stubbornness, I will wait for you in my car. He goes. Rahil welcomes Sid back. He keeps flowers. NV gets another patient Mhatre there. He says we have to have his heart transplant done soon, we don’t have time to delay. He asks Ishani to come. Ishani sees Sid and stays far. Rishabh says we have to do the surgery. NV says Rishabh will handle the patient, Ishani will monitor him. He holds her. She says I m fine. Ishani’s hand touches Sid’s hand. Rahil says Sid’s pulse got high, but how. Philo says pulse rate is falling. Rahil asks her to show reports fast. Rishabh asks Rahil to hurry up. Ishani cries and gets away. Mrs. Mhatre looks on. Rahil asks Sid not to do this. Ishani runs away. Rishabh says Sid is in coma, maybe he left willingness to live. Rahil asks Sid not to leave him. He injects Sid. The lady thinks Sid’s state is critical, it means…. no, what am I thinking. NV hears them shouting and comes to see.

Philo says Sid, you will get fine. He gets shocked. Rahil says I can’t save my friend’s life. He cries. NV says its time to be practical, not emotional, be confident and treat him, Philo use your experience, its about Sid’s life, Sanjivani is the best, our team is the best. NV picks Ishani’s broken pen. He thinks Ishani heard everything. He says I hope Sid gets fine soon. Everyone prays for Sid. NV gets for Ishani. She says I won’t go, Sid’s life could be in danger because of me, I feel its happening because of me. He says don’t forget, you are Mrs. Navratan Singh.

Rahil says this happened because of her, Ishani didn’t spare Sid and left him with the organ sellers. NV says be careful, what about the pain which Sid gave to Ishani, if her wounds are not seen, she isn’t ill, shall I tell you about her depression and panic attacks, she doesn’t sleep at nights, you don’t know about it, she can’t think of taking someone’s life, she made a mistake unknowingly, you decided it already, how can you decide whose pain is more. Ishani cries. NV says you should be ashamed, every patient is equal here, you want to pray, so pray for Sid and Ishani, because both are ill, and both should get fine.

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