The frontliners Update Saturday 2 October 2021

The frontliners 2 October 2021: The Episode starts with NV asking Ishani to help. She thinks of Sid and cries. NV says Sanjivani won’t let you die, come on. He pumps Sid’s heart. Sid moves. NV calls for an ambulance. Ishani faints. He holds her. Sid is brought to the hospital. NV lifts Ishani and gets her. Everyone is shocked seeing Sid. Rahil asks what happened to him. They see NV and asks about Sid. NV says we will talk later, take patient to emergency room. Rahil takes Sid.

The frontliners 1 October 2021

Philo worries and calls the hospital. Ishani gets treated. NV sees Ishani and Sid getting treated. Rahil says don’t know about his state, when did he come from US. Rahil goes to Ishani.Rishabh thinks Sid you always came late, you won’t get rid of me. They hear the ward boys talking about NV getting Sid from graveyard. Rishabh thinks NV gave Sid’s case to Ishani, its good partiality. Rahil says NV saved Sid, Ishani is the reason for his state. NV says how could I think that patient no. 4 is Sid, I gave this case to Ishani, how did he reach cemetery, is it Ishani’s carelessness. Rahil says why did Ishani do this, she can’t be so careless, its not done. Rishabh thinks I don’t think doing charity cases, Ishani can play with Sid’s life, I won’t let her play with my career. He goes. NV thinks Ishani can’t play with anyone’s life, there is some misunderstanding, I have to find out. Rahil treats Sid. Ishani and Sid get breathing at the same time. Ishani recalls Sid. Rahil and NV look at them.

Ishani shouts Dr. Sid and gets up. NV says Ishani…. She sees Sid beside. She cries and recalls his words. Rahil asks how did Sid get into this state, give an answer. Ishani recalls. He asks her to please say it. She runs away. NV says stop, you need treatment. He sees the medical board team. The man says we got a complaint against you for medical negligence, you have heard a patient to morgue. NV introduces himself. The man asks did this happen or not, we have to cancel her medical license. NV asks who filed this complaint. Rishabh says I did. NV asks why, you know how this happened. Rishabh says I know, Sid’s life is in danger because of Ishani’s carelessness, Sid is a talented doctor, he is my old colleague, Ishani is responsible for his state.

Rahil stops him. Rishabh says Sid trained Ishani, she didn’t give him anything in return. NV says Sid was in comatose, we were transferring him, there was a mistake, since he was in comatose situation, he reached the cemetery, no one realized about him, its not Ishani’s mistake. The man says if patient was of Ishani, then its her mistake. Rishabh asks him to punish Ishani, so that she doesn’t run away from responsibilities. Rahil says you are doing wrong. Rishabh says IU m saying the truth. The man says our decision is final, we have to cancel her medical license. NV says it won’t be needed, Ishani signed on the form, but I approved the transfer, I want to apologize to the board. Rahil says he is taking blame on himself. Rishabh says Sid was dying and NV is ready to die here. NV requests the board. He says I guarantee, we will cure Sid soon, is my promise.

The man says okay, we won’t take any action this time. NV thanks them. The men leave. Rishabh says different rules for everyone, right.NV says if Ishani did a mistake, then I will see. Bebe and Philo come. Bebe says no, its not Ishani’s mistake, she is innocent, I know who did this, I did this mistake. Rishabh says Ishani is lucky, entire family loves her. Philo says when I saw Sid, I was worried for Ishani, I took Ishani’s sign on transfer form. NV says you gave misled Ishani, you know the consequences. Bebe says she wasn’t listening to me, I told her. He says its a hospital. I don’t like any interference in work. Bebe says you punish me. Ishani goes. Rishabh taunts NV for running own policies. He says Philo cheated and decided to transfer Sid. Philo accepts her mistake. He says you did this intentionally. Philo says I regard Ishani as my daughter, I thought of her emotions.

Rahil says her personal life is affecting our professional life, Sid is a patient, we have to treat him. Rishabh taunts Philo. NV asks him to learn to talk. He goes. Bebe goes to Ishani and says I wanted to save you from this pain, I regret that your pain came out. Rishabh scolds Ishani. He says you will assist me in Sid’s surgery. She refuses to treat Sid. Rishabh scolding Ishani. NV sees Ishani’s hand bleeding. He asks Philo to treat her. Bebe says its bleeding a lot, come fast. Ishani says don’t do this drama, listen to me well, I won’t take Sid’s case, I was waiting for Sid in the mandap, he made me wait forever, you want me to forget my feelings, my pain, I don’t have a big heart, if Sid stays here, then I will leave Sanjivani, I will never come back. Philo says everyone knows your pain, but what are you saying in anger. Rishabh thinks if she goes, I will get the cases. Ishani says its better to transfer Sid to other hospital, he is staff’s fav, they may neglect other patients. Rahil asks are you same Ishani.

She says that Ishani is dead, now NV has to decide, either Sid or I will stay here. Bebe asks NV to listen to her, send Sid to other hospital.Rahil says you can’t make a patient out because of some stubborn doctor, there wasn’t anyone with Sid, its just us witth him, we are deciding if he will stay here or not, really. Ishani says its over. Philo says we shall shift Sid. Rahil asks how can Ishani decide for Sid’s life. NV says prepare Sid’s transfer papers. Rahil says I can’t take your orders today. He asks Ishani to think of her duty, Sid is Shashank’s son, Shashank made this Sanjivani, Sid’s life can’t get ruined this way, I can’t do this. Rishabh says I will get the transfer papers, I will just come. Rahil says don’t transfer him. Philo asks Ishani to think again. Rishabh brings Sid. Rahil asks him to calm down. NV sees Ishani crying. Bebe consoles her. Bebe takes her to a bar. Bebe talks to the bartender and laughs.

She jokes to make Ishani laugh. Ishani says my life has become a joke. Bebe says sorry, I was going to do something good and did a mistake, sometimes mistakes happen, you are intelligent, why are you upset with me, NV is also helpless, he has gone through a lot at a young age, it was all my mistake today, NV listened to you and sent Sid out, forget everything now and start a new life.She asks what will you eat. Ishani says I have to go home. She asks waiter to pack the french fries. Bebe says I have noticed, that you and NV don’t say thanks, you can thank, Ratan likes french fries, give this to him, he is intelligent, he will understand that you are thanking him, he kept your respect, why did you say you don’t want to see Sid’s face, I think I got drunk to ask same thing again, you became a statue again. Bebe and Ishani come home. Ishani gives the french fries parcel to NV. She gets shocked seeing Sid getting treated at home. Bebe is also shocked. NV smiles.

Ishani cries and asks why did you do this with me. Bebe asks why did you get Sid home, don’t cross limits to ruin your happiness, you may lose everything, see how she is crying. He says I m sorry Ishani, I have to make her away from all the sorrow given by this relation, I couldn’t do anything, I tried but the problem didn’t get away, I m upset with Dr. Ishani, I have no sympathy for her, if the doctor runs away from patient, then I will get the patient to the doctor, because I can’t leave the patient helpless, I had sworn it, a doctor and patient’s life is pure, it should be, won’t you treat Sid. Ishani recalls Sid’s words.

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