Mariam Khan Reporting Live update Tuesday 19 October 2021


Mariam khan Reporting Live 19 Oct 2021: The Episode starts with Majaaz asking Mariam to promise him, she won’t tell anyone, she is his brave daughter. She says yes. He says you will be married to Fawad now, he is hot tempered, but cute. She asks will you come in my marriage. Goons come to look for him. Majaaz says I will come. Mariam says people who try never fail. Majaaz says I will try my best. Goons are also around. Fawad takes a call and says why are you calling me so much, even Mariam isn’t so possessive about me. He sees the goons going. Majaaz says I should leave now. Mariam says I won’t go, I have met you after many years.

He says I will meet you again. Fawad catches the goons. Majaaz and Mariam hear the sound and go out to see. People stop the fight. Fawad says leave me, those men are terrorists. Majaaz asks Mariam to go and take care of Fawad, he will meet her later.Mariam comes to Fawad. Fawad says don’t know what are they planning. He calls someone. She says Fawad. He asks are you okay, I have called the police. He hugs her. She thinks Thank God he didn’t see me with dad. He says don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. She thinks I will never forget this day. He takes her home. Choti asks Rifat to see how Madiha and everyone are celebrating haldi. Rifat says this will not result in happiness, I won’t let their haldi bring glow on face. Biji makes the haldi face pack and teases Meher. Meher smiles. Madiha says this face pack will bring glow on your face. Biji asks where is Mariam. Fawad and Mariam come to a cafe and talk. He feeds her chowmein and says you will like this too.

He says I was scared seeing those men with guns, they could have shot anybody, I know one of them, he came to office with Majaaz, if they are openly roaming, they would be planning something, we are getting married, you are my responsibility now, you don’t be around Majaaz, its dangerous, you have to accept this too, Majaaz and I can never have a relation, I hate him and will always hate him, I tried forgiving him many times, whenever I think of my childhood, I get angry, leave it, have food. She thinks what will happen when Fawad knows this. He says you have put my name right, Sadu, you know its our haldi today. She jokes. He says both of us can’t see each other. She says yes, until the marriage happens. He says we can’t see each other, its so unfair. She says prepare yourself, you need to look at this face all life.

He says I can never get bored of you, we will hide and meet. She says its not right. He asks how do you know. They argue.She says there is an exciting surprise tonight. He asks what. She says treat it as a surprise. He says tell me. She says no. They write their name on the bench. He says love you…. Meher collides with Zain. He holds her in arms. Flowers fall on them. Aaliya takes their pic and goes. Zain says I want to tell you something. Meher says I have understood everything without your saying. They smile. Madiha says I have many things to do. Mariam comes and hugs them. Madiha asks what happened. Mariam cries and says I m very happy. She thinks I wish I could tell you about meeting dad and that he isn’t a terrorist. Fawad comes and thanks Biji for raising Mariam and making her independent.

Madiha says you raised her better than her real mum, you gave us a reason to live. Biji says I know Manjeet is my world, I m her world, I m happy for you all. Madiha asks Mariam to go and sleep now, its her haldi tomorrow. Mariam thinks I have to give surprise to Fawad today.Fawad waiting for Mariam. He says did she sleep, where is she. He calls her out and says maybe she fooled me, there is no surprise. He goes. Lights get on. He sees Mariam. He gets stunned seeing her in a black short dress. She comes to him. She dances on Akh ladjaave… Rifat says you can dance tonight, you are waiting for morning, I m waiting for your marriage. She smiles and goes. Mariam sees a message on her phone. She says why did dad message at this time, what would have happened.

Fawad hugs Mariam and says I just want to spend time with you, just you and me, nothing can be beautiful than this, I can hear just you. She says I heard some sound. He says you are able to hear my heart’s voice, its calling you. She says no, I will be back. She goes. He says she has taken a vow to annoy me, its haldi in morning, we will have to maintain distance tomorrow.Mariam calls Majaaz. He says I have some imp work. She says I want to help you. He says I found a way when I met you, I want to prove my innocence and return to my old life, you have to deliver some proof to indian govt, I will come back home. He says a terrorist is staying in hotel, he has a blueprint, he is going to do a blast in the city, I want you to go there and get that blueprint, I want your help, you will be able to do this right.

She says you have always taught me to fight any danger. He says I m proud of you. She says I want to prove your innocence, you will have the red diary tomorrow. She offers prayers to thank Lord for uniting her with her dad and giving her a chance to get him back.He prays for Mariam’s success. She says its my haldi today and marriage at night. He says I m happy and proud that my daughter will serve the country. She says this day will be special for me when my dad comes back. He says I want to go back home to my children and family. Meher turns shy. Biji asks her to sit. Fawad asks where is Mariam. Biji asks him to keep patience, she would be getting ready. Choti says Mariam is not at home, I didn’t find her anywhere. Mariam acts drunk and enters the goons’ room.

She asks them to leave, else she will call staff. She thinks to find red diary. She throws the diary out of the window and thinks I got saved. She says sorry, the room looks similar, I got confused. She leaves. The goon says such a foolish girl, she is drunk. She runs.The goon says get me that red diary, that girl…. He takes the gun and looks for her. Meher says even Akshay doesn’t know about Mariam. Rifat says Mariam has run away, she should have married Fawad. Fawad says where did she go, she could have informed us. Goon runs after Mariam. Majaaz comes there and saves her. He says I m proud of you. She says you have taught me to fight with danger.

He says my brave child, go home now. She asks will you come for my marriage. He says I will definitely come, Mariam. She says you promised me before and couldn’t fulfill it. He says it won’t happen this time. She smiles and goes. She comes home and sees Fawad. He asks where did you go today, its our marriage. She lies that she went to friend’s place. He asks did you go to meet your dad. She gets shocked.

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