The flaw in relationships no one is talking about

Relationship between a man and woman can sometimes be flawed. What do I mean? How is it that a man gets to decide when a relationship should move on to the next level?

Say for instance, two people are dating for over 3 years, usually the lady waits and hopes that her guy pops the question soon enough; and if for a reason or the other, he doesn’t feel that she can go on to become his wife, then what? She is screwed?

Maybe this is why most girls cry when their man finally propose to them, it could only mean that her long time hope and prayer has finally been answered. Yet some men still snidely remark that she is overjoyed because someone else is taking up her responsibility for the rest of his life.

Society, religion and culture has pertrpetuated this tradition for so long to the detriment of the woman, she is made to believe that marriage is the ultimate for her and consequently should  pray and act rightly so that some man will finally find her worthy to be his wife.

But the men aren’t ever forthcoming and If you dare to take the bull by the horn by popping the question, especially in an African environment like this, then you are deemed as desperate, uncultured and untrained. So even when she is ready and matured enough to begin a family, she has to, by default, leave the final decision to her man!

What’s then is the way forward dear ladies?



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