The Evil Eye Update Wednesday 27 January 2021

The Evil  Eye 27 January 2021: Ruby in Naman’s body tells family that her mom wants to kill Ansh. Chitali says she is dangerous. Priest says Nishant gave us hint so its very big danger. Piya says we will face her. Ruby says its not easy, if Ansh sleeps then my mom will become successful, she is swarp lok so she travels in sleep. Ansh asks who is her mom? She says my mom is very power dayan like your mom. Her mom is shown. She evilly smirks from swarp lok. Her head breaks in two.

Ruby tells family that if Ansh sleeps then she will come here. Priest says we will find a solution but till then we have to keep Ansh from sleeping. Ansh says I wont sleep. Piya says I will remain awake with you, its our fight. Ansh says no. Vedsheree says we will remain awake with you, all family members say that we will not sleep tonight. Priest goes to find a solution.
Priest tells Saanvi that going to swarp lok is dangerous. Saanvi says I have to go there if I want to save Ansh, dad taught me to face troubles. She stands in candle circle and goes in swarp lok.
In swarp lok, Saanvi finds Nishant’s watch and looks around for him but Ruby’s mom Dukayan comes there. All family members sit to eat. Ruby asks if they have green tea. Neha says lets dance.

Nishant is walking in swarp lok but finds Dukayan. Nishant says you are finally here. She says you are lucky to meet me. Nishant says time will tell if its unlucky for you. Dukayan says your time is finished, it will be fun, you dont even know me, how will you catch me? He tries to attack her with knife but she throws it away and says I run this place. Nishant says you cant use Ansh till he is awake, you cant rule the world, I heard your daughter not taking your side so who will do it? Dukayan brings Saanvi there and ties her, she says your daughter will help me.

Saanvi comes to Ansh’s house. She recalls how Dukayan gave her medicine to make Ansh drink it and he would sleep then, if she doesnt do it then Nishant will be dead. Saaanvi mixes medicine in tea. Piya sees her and says we will find solution soon. Shekhar says lets drink tea. Piya take tray. Saanvi says I will serve it. Piya gives tray to her. Saanvi gives medicine mixed tea to Ansh. She gives tea to everyone. Ansh is about to drink it but Saanvi recalls Nishant’s words that they protect people.

She throws Ansh’s tea away and says sorry, I mixed medicine in Ansh’s tea because of Dukayan, dad is in her clutches and she said she would kill dad if I didnt do it thats why I mixed it in his tea, I am sorry. Vedsheree says no, you saved Ansh even putting Nishant in danger. Piya says dont worry, we will bring baba back. Piya sees Chitali standing near balcony. Flashback shows how she had drank Ansh’s tea mistakenly. Chitali’s eyes are drooping. Priest says I just got to know that if any family member sleeps then Dukayan would come to world. Chitali closes eyes and goes to swarp lok but all family members shouts and wakes her up. Chitali says what happened? Avi says you slept but we cant sleep otherwise Dukayan will come. They all are stunned to see Dukayan coming behind them. All are scared of her height.

All are shocked to see Dukayan with two heads. She says what happened? I am not a stranger, I am Ansh’s aunt and Vedsheree’s elder sister. All are shocked. She asks Vedsheree you didnt tell them? Vedsheree says I never met or heard her. Dukayan says now you met me, you didnt recognize me? I left house before she was born. Vedsheree says I never knew she would come back. She says lets meet now. She says I am Dola, Mohana and Vedsheree’s sister. She looks at Ruby and says she is my adopted daughter Ruby. I wanted to meet you all. She says I am sad as you wont remain happy for much time. Piya says dont be hopeful because you cant touch them with me here. Dola says I like your guts. Ansh stands with Piya and says we are together. Dola says I like you both but you cant stop me.

She asks Ruby if she didnt tell them? I am here to kill Ansh. All are shocked. Piya says that cant happen. All family members stand by Ansh. Dola says let me show you. She blows air and all fall back except Piya and Ansh. They glare at her. Family gets up again. Dola says you both have powers but cant stop me. Piya takes her snake avatar and grabs her with her rope. She tries to throw her away but Dola pushes her away. Ansh holds Piya and asks if she is fine? She nods. Dola says I am impressed to see their love but lets do what I am here for. Ansh says you are my mother’s enemy then why us? Dola says her powers are in you so I need to finish you, you people think that you threw Mohana so she would remain silent? if she doesnt eat Ansh then Mohana will die and she wont let it happen but if I kill Ansh then she wouldnt have any choice. Piya says there must be a way to save Ansh. Dola says killing Ansh will kill Mohana. Piya says I will do anything you say, I can give my life for Ansh. Dola smirks and says you dont have to give life but take life, kill Mohana. Piya says you can do it.

Saanvi says she and Mohana are twins so she cant kill her. Dola says but you can kill her, if you want to save Ansh then kill her. Piya says I agree. Ansh says she is my mother. Piya says if we dont kill Mohana then Ansh will get killed either by Mohana or Dola. Dola says you can save either Ansh or Mohana so whom will you save? Piya says my husband. Dola says good but remember to not be clever, you have to kill Mohana and infront of me. Piya says I agree.Piya comes to Mohana. Mohana says I told you that you would come to take me back, I got to know from witch tree that Dola is back and I knew you would come to take my help, you got to know that you have no power infront of Dukayan? You called me old and I told you that you would bow down and bring me back, you needed me. Piya says all mother in laws like to taunt, if you are done then lets go. Mohana says not like this, if you bow down and accept your defeat then I will come with you. Piya says I lost and you won, we need you for Ansh so come with me. Mohana says fold your hand and beg. Piya folds her hands and says please come with me for Ansh. Mohana says okay.Mohana comes to Ansh’s house and sees Dola there. Piya stands by Mohana. Dola says you didnt miss me? Mohana says I was waiting for you so I can finish you.

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