Complicated Love Update Thursday 28 January 2021

Complicated Love 28 January 2021: Ishaan was taken aback as Mauli calls Ishaan as Kunal. He says it’s alright, this happens. He then takes the girls inside for dinner. Later, Ishaan sat on the dinner table thinking about Pari’s claim that Mauli and her Buddy along with them make best family. Mauli comes with coffee for both of them. She apologizes for repeatedly hurting him and asserts she spoilt Ishaan’s birthday. Firstly, Kunal took over his gift shirt and now this.

Ishaan says it’s alright. Mauli asks Ishaan how he can be so patient, if she was his place and he had taken someone else’s name; she must have created a huge issue out of it. She asks him not to think wrong, she spends the whole day with Kunal and its not easy. Ishaan requests her, no more Kunal. They enjoy the coffee together.
Late at night, Kunal sat awake in the hall when Dida comes there. She inquires Kunal if he needs something. Kunal says Mauli isn’t home. Dida says darling hubby is waiting for his wife then; she must be busy in hospital. Kunal asks Dida if Mauli still loves him. Dida says she understands Mauli hasn’t been able to give him much time, she is extremely busy. She advices Kunal that relations are tied with weak thread, if left lose there is a fear of slipping from hand and if strained, there are chances of breakage.

Kunal confirms Dida if Mauli can betray him. Dida asks if Kunal ever thinks about it. Kunal replies he never hides thinks from her, or even think about betraying him. Dida asks Kunal if without tasting, he can tell the difference between Salt and Sweet. If Sweet is ground, it doesn’t turn to be Salt.He shouldn’t doubt his relation with Mauli based on contentions of a few hours.Mauli and Ishaan were sleeping on the couch, with her head resting over his shoulder. A smile spreads over Mauli’s face as she dreams about her day with Kunal and girls. She wakes up at once and says she must go back home.

Ishaan offers to drop her. Kunal sipped coffee in the balcony still thinking about Mauli’s lie. Mauli cautiously enters the house so as to make no noise. Some of the coffee slipped on Kunal’s shirt. He comes into the hall and asks Mauli why she entered her own house so cautiously. Mauli says it was late, she didn’t want to make any disturbance. She asks why he is still awake. Kunal replies how he could sleep, when his beautiful wife was out somewhere late at night. He makes her sit and himself goes to kitchen.He brings a cup of tea for his loving wife, with a smile. Mauli smiles as she holds the cup. Kunal touches her hair, then at once notices she changed her perfume. He says he gets fearful by her replacement of things, what if he replaces him as well. Mauli was offensive that she doesn’t want to hear all this so late. She goes inside to change. In the room, Mauli walked restlessly while thinking about her mental dilemma regarding Kunal and Ishaan.

Kunal comes there and asks what is the problem with her. Mauli replies she is fine. He senses she is lying, then finds she had fever. He was concerned and goes to get her medicines. Mauli says she is fine, it’s just that she is little worked up. He opens the wardrobe and file fell down. Kunal reads the file, it was about Mauli’s infertility. He thinks this is the reason of Mauli’s sad mood, he always discuss family with her; and it’s the reason she bunks her clinics and appointments as well.

Kunal returns to Mauli with a crying face. Mauli was at once concerned. Kunal asks Mauli why she had hidden from him that there were complications in her pregnancy.Mouli enquire about Kunal health. Kunal ask Mouli why did she hidden that she has complications in her pergency? Mouli ask which complications? Kunal says now I understand why you were irriatated, frustrated, angry and stay away from me. I always wanted to have kids and start new life, now I shall not force you. I want baby but not on before you. For everyone me, dida and mom you and your health is first. Mouli stop him and ask which complications are you talking about? Kunal says I read your pregency report.

Mouli smile and say that its Mouli Mehra my patient and she can go for IVF… Kunal say for a moment I lost my life… Mouli tease him and they enjoy.. Kunal kiss her forehead and goes, while Mouli get teary eyes.Ishaan imagine his and Mouli marriage celebrations in dreams and see Kunal. He wake up and think dream and realities are like Land and sky which not meet easily and if look like they will meet at highest point, still they are very far. Kunal think is Mouli doesn’t love me any more or I am overthinking. Mouli is crying thinking about past and present..

In morning Mouli feel sorry about addressing Ishaan as Kunal. Radhika and Dida pacify her and ask her and ask to correct this mistake. Mouli hug dida and goes.. Dida ask radhika do you think its God’s wish that pari, misty, kunal and Mouli stay together? Radhika say I just know one thing that she needs and deserve happiness now, she had beared too much pain in life.. Dida say yes, but we fall in love once and if destiny want they meet again and again.. Mouli hear them..

Kunal think about Mouli and her lie. Mouli come and goes to get ready, when Kunal ask about, she divert topic and goes into washroom.. Kunal get suspious.. Mouli think I am cheating both Kunal and Ishaan, I need to find solution soon.. Ishaan think that how pari called dida, radhika, kunal, mouli, misty and ishaan as happy family.. He get call from Mouli, who ask him to meet at Mall near clinic. Ishaan try to avoid stating kids are alone, Mouli say she has sent parmila to look after them.
Mouli goes near flower shop and write message, kunal is following her. Ishaan is waiting for Mouli in coffee shop… Mouli is about to go when she is stoped by Kunal and he almost taunt her stating about her looks and occasion.

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