The Evil Eye Update Wednesday 21 April 2021

The Evil Eye 21 April 2021: Adi throws a liquid on Urvashi but she just gets allergic. Ansh shouts at Adi and asks him to say sorry, he says no and runs from there. Pari sees this and says Adi made a flop plan.
Pari hides in Avi’s cupboard. He comes there and locks it. Adi recalls how Urvashi took her real avatar earlier when he touched her. He goes to her room. Pari sees it from cupboard. Adi comes to Urvashi, she says you want to say sorry? He holds her hand, she suddenly takes her real avatar. Adi shouts for Ansh and others to come there. All hear his voice. Mohana sees it and thinks she has to stop them. Mohana falls down outside Urvashi’s room so all runs to her. Urvashi grabs Adi and says no one is going to come, she scares him with fire. Vedsheree comes there so Urvashi takes her human avatar.

Family put Mohana on bed. Ansh says she might have slipped. Adi hears Pari’s voice and brings her out of cupboard, he asks if she is fine? She nods. Priest meets Vedsheree and tells her about aarti plate catching fire, he says it means there are evil powers in house. Nishant tells Saanvi that there are evil powers but we dont know who. Naman says we have problems everywhere. Adi tells Pari that how will we stop her? They get an idea. Naman says to Saanvi that my wife didnt even get her memory back and this Saanvi made it worse. Dilruba comes there and says my lover is here.

Ansh comes to Adi. Adi hugs him and says I am sorry for embarrassing. Ansh says its okay. Adi asks Ansh to come with him, we will enjoy there. I want your time, please. Ansh says your puppy eyes wont work, he says please. Ansh says okay. Pari makes Piya agree to go out with her.
Saanvi tells Nishant that we have to do something. Nishant says we dont have time, we have to do this. Naman is tensed.
Saanvi comes to Dilruba. Dilruba says you are my love, dont leave me.Shekhar asks Vedsheree what happened? Vedsheree says Mohana is back, its good that Ansh is going out with Adi. Urvashi comes there and says they went to a camp? where? Vedsheree says I dont know.Urvashi finds Adi’s letter and says I have to do something, Adi might be planning something. She tries to leave but Vedsheree comes there and says you dont need to go out, if you need anything then we will call for it.

Adi and Ansh comes to camp. Piya is there with Pari too.Ansh comes to a room. Piya comes there and finds him. She thinks what he is doing here?Mohana says to Urvashi that we have to do something. Urvashi creates spark and shows her dummy. She says this dummy will stay here till I am gone, you have to control this dummy, she will do as you say, you
have to tell her what she has to do, she doesnt know anything, she doesnt have a mind so you have to become her mind. Mohana says there are two dummies here, which one is real? Urvashi says the one who can use powers.

Ansh and Piya argue over a room. Ansh tells manager that you assigned one room to both of us. Manager says there might be a confusion, we dont have another room. Piya says then we are leaving. He turns to see Adi and Pari standing there. Piya says Adi? Ansh thinks that I cant let Piya hurt Adi when she goes back to her. He stops Piya. Urvashi says to Mohana that you will handle my dummy right? Mohana says yes, I have played many games like this. Urvashi says just stay away from her.
Ansh asks Adi to leave. Pari goes with him. Piya says he is my son too, I have right on him. Ansh says you have no right on him, you left us both when we needed you.

Pari tells Adi that our plan failed, they are still fighting. Piya comes there and tells Pari that we are leaving. Ansh says Adi lets go.Vedsheree tells family that priest has warned us, we have to do something.Ansh tells manager that we are leaving. Manager says you cant go back as there is no transport right now. Piya and Ansh are angry. Urvashi arrives at camp too.Piya and Ansh comes to their room. They stare at each other. Naman tells Saanvi that our plan will fail. Dilruba comes there and laughs. Saanvi says she didnt tell me name of creature but gave me something that will guide us.

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