My Identity Update Wednesday 21 April 2021

My Identity 21 April 2021: starts with Riya doing arrangements. She thinks once Neil sees Ali proposing in this romantic setting, this marriage setting will spoil. She calls Shweta. Ali asks her to go and call Avni. Riya says of course, I will just go and come. He thanks her. She wishes him all the best. She tells Shweta to count down for Neil and Avni’s relation’s end. Shweta says yes, Avni will be out of this house forever. She says Avni pack your bags, your the end started. Avni looks for the gift. A room service guy gets the order. She says maybe Neil ordered before going. She gets a letter in the bowl. She reads…. Meet me in Gazebo, I can’t see you alone in honeymoon.

She says Neil said he went for meeting, why is he leaving letter, did he plan surprise, I think he has the gift.
Ali says I saw this gift and thought why will you get gift for me on your honeymoon, when I saw Bappa idol, I understand you wanted to gift me childhood memories, I know you can’t love anyone except me, thanks Bappa. Neil says I got stuck, roads are blocked, I can’t go ahead, DD we lost this chance to catch Raghu pandit, I m going back to hotel, take care. Ali says I m sure Bappa will show us the right way. Avni asks where is Gazebo. The man says its outside the hotel, but the way is safe, don’t worry. She thinks did Neil not get any other place, its not any romantic date, I don’t know anything about romantic dates, but why is Neil doing this for my small gift.
Riya says now secrets will open and hearts will break, I will see all the game here, I will get peace when fire catches up there. She throws her bathrobe. Candle falls down. She sits in the bathtub and relaxes. Riya gets shocked seeing the fire. She wears bathrobe and runs out. She shouts for help.

She calls Ali and says fire ignited here, come fast. Ali goes. Manager asks what happened. He calls the fire squad. Avni reaches there. Ali runs to the hotel and does not see her. Ali asks Riya about the fire. Riya says my bathroom caught up fire. He asks how. She says I don’t know. Manager asks them to go away. Avni looks at the decorations. She sees Bappa idol. Riya thinks what did I do, I called Ali here, what about my plan. Avni says so much instead one gift, one should learn saying thanks from Neil, where did he go by calling me here, I don’t feel well, if I fall ill, trip will spoil, shall I leave, if Neil comes and does not find me then…. Neil comes there. She smiles seeing him. She says you called me here. He says you got this gift for me. She says yes. He asks why.
She says Neela told me to say thanks to you. He asks for what. She says when everyone saw me with Ali, they all went against me, just you fought for me. He says I would have done this for any girl. She looks at him shocked and asks what. He says of course, I fought with everyone when it was about Riya’s character. She says I also thank everyone who help me.

He says look at me, this marriage and honeymoon are just a drama. She says I remember it. He says till when will we do this drama, they will say they want to celebrate our marriage anniversary and play with our children. She says fine, we will break this relation, you want this right. He says yes, I want this. She gets shocked and cries. He says its better to end this relation, which has no name and identity. She stumbles and mirror breaks. She turns and asks Neil not to do this. She sees Neil gone. She says so it means it was just my illusion, thank God. Manager says another room is arranged for you. Ali asks Riya if she will have tea. She says no. He says Avni was going to come there. He runs. Avni feels cold. She leaves and slips. Neil holds her. They have an eyelock. He takes her. She says leave me, I m going. He asks why did you come here then, what happened, why are you crying. She says please leave me alone. He asks why did you come on honeymoon with me, I can’t leave you alone, you have to stay with me, landslide occurred, its dangerous to go there.

She says no need to do a favor on me. He asks her not to argue. He says you are drenched, you will fall ill, you did many favors on me. She says you paid for all favors. He says fine, but you are my responsibility. She says why do you care if I fall ill or die. He says I don’t care, just think I m doing another favor. She says leave me. She faints. Manager stops Ali and asks where are you going. Ali says I m going towards Gazebo. Manager says you better don’t go, there is a big landslide. Ali says my friend is stuck there. Manager says I can’t allow you, its big risk. Neil makes Avni lie in dry grass and rubs her palms. He asks her to open eyes. Lights go. He says whose help shall I take now. He does not get network. He says I have to get doctor anyhow, but I can’t leave her alone. He gets cloth and puts on her head. He says if her fever increases then….. He says this relation is just a favor for you, not for me, I know I don’t have right to do this, but nothing is imp than saving you, please forgive me Avni.

Neil looking at Avni. Ali thinks how to reach Avni, don’t know she came there or not. He asks room service guy about Neil and Avni. The man says the couple is at Gazebo viewpoint. Ali gets shocked. Neil gets a curtain. He removes his tshirt. Bolna mahi bolna….plays…. Neil removes her saree pallu. He lies next to her and hugs her. He says no Avni, if anything happens to you, I won’t let anything happen. Its morning, Neil gets dressed up. He sees Avni and smiles. He says everything is so beautiful and even you, even then something is incomplete. He gets a gift and says I m not doing any favor on you, I did all this as my heart asked me to do it, just for you, you wanted to thank me, you try and don’t say it.
She talks in sleep and says Neil I want to say you something, don’t know how to say. She says thank you, I forgot, let’s see your gift. He shows the mangalsutra and says here is the gift from my side. Ali gets shocked seeing them. Neil says you have to give me something instead this, the moments you gave me are very valuable, its the best gift you have ever given me, thanks. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Neil says when you wake up, you will ask me one thing, I promise I will not let your mangalsutra break. Ali gets angry. He cries and gets back. Mera samay to wahin pe hai thehra……plays…. Ali thinks of Avni. He gets sad and leaves.

Avni gets conscious and sees Neil. Shweta asks did you call me to give this unlucky news, I m decorating house to get rid of Avni. Riya says what’s my mistake if landslides occured. Shweta says it happens, I told you to separate them. Riya says you can’t scold me. Shweta says its your mistake, I should have not trusted you. She sees Neil and Avni’s pic and says how did you leave them alone. Riya sees Ali and asks where is Avni. Ali asks who Avni, the girl who is in Neil’s arms, or one whom he tied mangalsutra, she is not my Avni. Shweta hears him and gets angry. Ali says I m leaving now and goes. Shweta says what happened between them, I wanted to separate them. She hits cupboard. She gets some box in the cupboard and opens it. She reads Ashish’s letter for Avni and smiles. She sees Avni’s birth certificate and says I got a boat instead a small straw.

Avni asks what happened at night. Neil says nothing, just one more favor. She asks why am I wearing your jacket and my saree is such, why. He says its all over, we are not responsible, maybe fate had this. He teases her. She shouts Neil. He says relax, its okay. She gives his jacket and says say truth, did we…. I mean did we both…. He says yes, we had everything between us. He smiles. Avni sees Neil’s smile in mirror. She thinks you are not expert in lying. She asks how could you plan all this. He says such things just happen.

She holds him and says maybe, but I know you pre planned all this. He asks did you think I m that type of guy. She says yes, you are such a guy, but actually you are not wrong, whatever happened was not wrong, I m happy, this is next step after marriage. He asks what. She says see we came on honeymoon and honeymoon happened, shut your mouth, fly will go in, everyone will be happy that we united. He asks what. She feels cold. He covers her up. He says nothing happened between us, your fever was getting high, I was with you to give you heat. She says don’t be shy, Bebe will be happy that Tillu’s Pillu will come. He says I swear I was joking. She says I m also not serious, this is called turning the game. He says I saved your life and you are doing big drama.

She says I came on honeymoon to plan Prakash and Shweta’s anniversary. He asks is there no other reason. She says I want to make new relations, its time to do this. He says you really want to make your relation with mom better. She says yes, of course, you have stolen my mum, that’s why. They smile. Neil thinks I m glad to hear that she could share all this, she wants to come close to family, maybe we come close too.
Ali is at cafe and burns the dish. His hand gets burnt. Shweta comes. He says leave me alone, I m not interested in hearing anything against Avni. She says I want to see you and Neil happy, just sit here, I got your fav Poha. She says just mum knows what’s in child’s heart, I know Neil just loved one, that’s Juhi, and you just loved Avni. He says I wish this was true. She says it will be better if you explain Neil, can’t you do this for Avni. Shweta smiles and says I thought you have much courage, but…. anyways…. Ali stops her and says I will surely fight for Avni.

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