The Evil Eye Update Tuesday 19 January 2021

The Evil Eye 19  January 2021: Nishant has pain from his head injury but says I have to make Piya fine. They make star from threads and it lights up. sunlight falls on Piya and she becomes big again. Nishant says now I have to find away to wake her up. Mohana comes there and says you cant be saved from witch. Nishant says we have to face Mohana now. Nishant says you are just a devil and father can even fight God. Mohana starts breaking door. Nishant and Saanvi drinks patal liquid and points arrows towards Mohana as she comes it. They surround her with patal liquid but she breaks it. She grabs their necks and strangles them. She starts eating their lives but gets poison from patal and frees them. Nishant says we drank patal liquid so you cant eat us. He grabs her and locks her in casket, he says we have her under control.

Payal’s mother says we will talk to priest tomorrow. Ansh hears Mohana calling out to him for help. Vedsheree asks Ansh what happened? he leaves. Vedsheree talks to guests. Nishant and Saanvi comes to Piya. Nishant says we have to find out which poison was used to send her to dishant lok. Mohana asks Ansh to help her. Ansh comes outside Nishant’s house and jumps on it. Nishant says to Saanvi that we have to wait for Piya to show signs.
Ansh jumps in house and comes to room. Mohana says I am not alone, my son is with me and he has become evil now.
Bavri wakes up and finds herself in Ansh’s house, she looks around for her husband but comes face to face with her duplicate, both are shocked. Fake Bavri becomes Naman and Dilruba, Naman grabs Bavri and hides her, he argues with Dilruba and asks Bavri to not make noise.

Ansh comes in Nishant’s secret room, all evil powers start chanting for him. Ansh uses his powers to bring Mohana out of casket. Mohana says I knew you would come, you are king of evil so you can free all these evil people. Ansh says I am so powerful? Mohana says yes but if Piya becomes fine then you will lose powers, do you want that? Ansh says never.

Pries pours sacred water on Shivling. They start seeing answers above Shivling, its a mani. Priest says its not negative? Guru Maa says if Shiv is asking to get mani then we have to bring Piya back.
Ansh and Mohana comes to Nishant’s room. Nishant and Saanvi comes there and points arrows at them. Mohana says you think you can stop us? She swaps places with Ansh to confuse Nishant. Ansh stops an arrow from Saanvi but his blood drips on Piya’s forehead like sindoor, he gets distracted looking at it and recalls his marriage with her, their moments. Mohana says Ansh fast, Ansh takes out arrow from his hand and smirks. Mohana says Ansh take Piya but Saanvi throws powder on him, he falls back. Mohana thinks that Piya is still blue so they didnt find solution and are not an answer. She says to Ansh that I feel pity on them so lets leave. She leaves with Ansh. Nishant looks on. Saanvi asks why did she leave? Nishant says I cant make Piya fine till I know which poison was used on her.

Saanvi asks Nishant what happened? Nishant says we cant make her fine till we dont know the type of poison in her. Saanvi sees flowers around her turning pink. Nishant says Ansh’s blood is making it happen, its power of love and even God have to bow down to it, Vedsheree was right.

Mohana and Ansh comes back home. Ansh goes to his room. Mohana meets Payal’s family. Payal says your servant was behaving weirdly. Chitali calls Bavri. Payal says I saw someone.. Bavri throws juice on her and says sorry. Payal goes to wash.
Mohana comes to Payal and asks whom you saw? Payal says she was laughing evilly and wore necklaces. Mohana thinks that witch Dilruba is back, she gave poison to Piya too. She puts imli in house and says now chudail will come.

Dilruba smells imli and says I have to eat it, Naman says its a trap, she pushes Naman away and hides. Mohana stops real Bavri and says you want that imli? eat it. Dilruba hides. Mohana grabs Bavri and says you are a snake? Bavri says how you know?
Ansh is punching wall in anger. Nishant calls Vedsheree and says we have found which poison was used on Piya, dont force Ansh on anything till Piya becomes fine, just listen to Ansh for now. Vedsheree says what if anything happens to them? Nishant says dont worry, we have a new hope, you are were right, Ansh and Piya’s love is their strength, it made me know which poison was used, I will find solution soon, he ends call. Ansh is breaking things in anger.

Vedsheree says I have made food for you. Ansh breaks things and says I will eat this? Shekhar asks what is this rubbish? Vedsheree stops him and says Ansh what you want? dont be angry.
Mohana says to Bavri that you cant fool a witch, she starts eating her life. Dilruba and Naman looks on. Mohana says wake up chudail, she sees Bavri dead and says it means this was real Bavri and chudail is still in house as fake Bavri. Dilruba says I want imli. Naman says no, we will die, he takes her from there and says Mohana knows about us.

Guru Maa says to Priest that Mani can bring Piya back from dishank lok. Priest says let me inform Nishant, he tries to call him but his phone catches fire. Nishant’s phone and book gets on fire. Saanvi says what is this? Nishant says we have to bring her back soon. They sees Piya standing while unconscious.
Guru Maa says this Jamani poison is creating troubles for us to stop from bringing Piya back.
In party, Mohana asks to call Bavri for work. Vedsheree calls Bavri. Dilruba says I will go as Bavri. Naman says are you a fool? Mohana killed Bavri so if you go then she will know you are Dilruba.
Nishant reads book and says we will need a lot of things, Saanvi goes to bring pen. Nishant sees a liquid spilling and puts book away, he takes car of it and takes book again, he says I feel like page is changed.

Ansh recalls Mohana eating lives and says I am hungry but I dont want to eat food.
Nishant and Saanvi starts preparing to bring Piya back. They make potion for her.
Guru Maa says to priest that poison is stopping you from talking to Nishant so we can bring Piya back. Ansh comes to balcony. Payal comes behind him and smirks. All are looking for Payal in party.
Ansh comes near Payal and grabs her and raises her in air. Vedsheree comes there and is stunned.

Saanvi says to Nishant that I dont think this is the right way. Nishant says book says that we have to stab Piya and poison will come, he is about to stab her with knife.
Vedsheree asks Ansh to leave Payal, I beg you. Ansh says leave her? he pushes her towards balcony side. Vedsheree says dont leave her, she will fall down. Ansh says you said I am hungry? you know what I like to eat? He starts eating Payal’s life, all come there and scream at him.

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