The Evil Eye Update Monday 18 January 2021

The Evil Eye 18 January: Saanvi comes to Piya’s room silently and says where is dad? She hears his voice and goes to balcony, she is him hanging on building, he says dont worry about me, just do what I said. She says I cant do it alone and leave you here, wait a minute, she leaves.
Rishi does pooja with Payal and family.
Saanvi brings rope and ties it to balcony, she throws it to Nishant. He takes it and comes in Piya’s room. Nishant and Saanvi hammers nails in walls. Ansh is trying to free himself. Vedsheree hears hammering noise and thinks Ansh might be trying to free himself. Pooja’s mother says lets start shagun ceremony.

Saanvi brings out sacred thread, they tie it on nails and covers room with thread, it makes a star and says when sun is going down and rays passes by this
star and goes to Piya, she will be awake, lets go.
Guests asks where is Piya? Vedsheree says she is ill and couldnt come to pooja. Payal’s mother says we can go to her and give her gift. Vedsheree goes behind them.
Nishant and Saanvi are waiting in Piya’s room for sun to go down, it starts going down but rays gets blocked.

Vedsheree says to guests that Piya is asleep, she says I will just put gift in her room.
Nishant says oh God. he is star lighting and rays falling on Piya. Vedsheree comes outside room with guests, she turns knob and comes inside to see Nishant and Saanvi sitting there alone. Vedsheree says they came to check on Piya. Vedsheree introduces guests to them. Nishant says she slept just now, guest says we will meet her later, all leave. Vedsheree says I know why you are here, I will come later, she leaves. Nishant sees a doll which is made of Piya.
Ansh asks Mohana to help him. Mohana says you are a davansh, show them that nobody can stop you.

Vedsheree sees Nishant and Saanvi leaving, she stops them. Vedsheree says dont worry, Piya will become fine soon, dont take her from here. Nishant says we will leave. He leaves with box in his hands.
Chitali comes to Piya’s room and sees her gone. Nishant sees Piya’s doll version in box and says we will make her fine.
Chitali tells Vedsheree that Piya is not in her room. Vedsheree says who took her? Chitali says maybe Nishant. Mohana hears it and thinks they will make her fine. Vedsheree says we cant tell this to family as Rishi’s inlaws are here.

Rishi’s inlaws are starting to leave but a cupboard falls in lounge, all are shocked and sees Ansh coming down with shackles around his feet. Payal’s father asks what is happening? Ansh says its your daughter’s marriage proposal. Vedsheree says talk with respect. Ansh says I am just talking, they sees chains around his feet, Ansh breaks them and says they were irritating me too. Ansh says I am not a ghost, I am davansh, they might have hidden it.

Vedsheree says he is just worried about Piya. Ansh says they lied to me too for years, first lie that Piya is ill but truth is that she is dead, all are shocked. Ansh says thats why they were not letting you meet her. Payal’s father says we will come later, maybe he is not mentally stable. Ansh pushes them on couch and says whats the hurry? He spins couch, they are dizzy. Ansh smirks and asks if they enjoyed? He says second lie that my mother is alive, they killed her but she is a witch and I am a davansh. Payal’s family is shocked. Vedsheree says stop it. Ansh says I am telling truth, they should know about us. Vedsheree says he is grieving. Ansh says lets give them proof, I will show magic. His eyes start burning and says still dont trust me?

Priest says to Guru Maa that Nishant took Piya. Guru Maa says they must be trying to bring her back from dishant lok, we will help them. They come near a well. Guru Maa says its 800 years old well, we will do pooja and take permission to take water from it, its being said its made from Shiv’s tears. Guru Maa says we cant make noise as snakes will be awake in well then. Priest takes out bucket of water but a snake comes out.

Saanvi and Nishant sits in car to leave but Mohana comes there and glares at them. Mohana says I thought you both would take Piya, where is my daughter in law. Nishant says to Saanvi that we are not ready to beat her but I can stop her for sometime. Mohana asks where is my daughter in law? She makes their car jump. Nishant and Saanvi comes out of car with bag. Nishant takes out powerful ropes and grabs Mohana’s hands. He throws her on car and ties her but Mohana blasts car with her powers and get down. She sees them leaving and goes behind them.

Ansh asks Payal’s family if they trust him now? Vedsheree asks Ansh to stop it. Ansh says I have just started. He says let me show my reality. His nails grow like witch and says I will show what I can do.
Nishant gives bag to Saanvi and asks her to leave and says I will keep Mohana busy, they both go on different paths but Mohana follows Saanvi and grabs her neck. She takes bag from her and moves away. She checks bag.
Vedsheree asks Ansh to stop it, she says to Payal’s family that I am sorry, they say we wont tell anyone, we didnt see anything, they turn to leave but Ansh says I will show them something which they will never forget. He flies and climbs on wall. All are stunned.

Nishant comes to Saanvi. Mohana thinks whats is bag? She starts checking it but gets current and throws bag away, she gets surrounded by a circle. Nishant sees it. Mohana breaks circle and says I have to check whats in bag. She grabs and checks. Nishant shouts at her. Mohana brings Piya’s doll and smirks. She says your Piya has become a doll? she is in my control now. Nishant says leave her.

Ansh glares at guests. Vedsheree takes them from there. She calls lift. Ansh says what happened? I stopped lift. He brings out key. Vedsheree says give it back, let them go. Ansh jumps down and glares at her. He gives her key. Mohana throws Piya’s doll on road, cars are passing by. Mohana says lets see if you can save her putting your life in danger. Cars are passing by from either side. Nishant runs to her but gets hit by a car. He recalls his moments with Piya. He sees a car coming near her but grabs her doll and moves away.

Ansh says Payal cant leave, she has a good option then why choose Rishi? Chitali says she is your bhabhi. Ansh says he is no brother for me, witches dont follow relationships, Rishi says you are crossing limits. Ansh says I will get what I want, he tries to molest Payal but Vedsheree grabs him and slaps him. Nishant and Saanvi glares at Mohana and points their arrows towards her, they hit her with patal arrows, she is stabbed and becomes green. They leave.

Vedsheree says to Ansh that what has happened to you? I was proud of you but you destroyed my pride, everything is finished, she cries. Ansh is stunned to see her sobbing. Ansh says Maa.. dont cry so much otherwise river will be created here. He smirks and says to Payal’s family that you will never forget it but I will make you forget. He blaze his eyes and uses his powers to erase their memory. Ansh leaves from there. Vedsheree thinks seems like they are forgetting. Payal’s family says we should leave. Ansh brings sweets and give them, they are okay with him. Vedsheree glares at him.

Priest brings out water bucket from well but a snake comes out. Priest falls back and says snake. Guru Maa says dont worry, this snake hurts bad people only. She chants mantras and snake leaves.
Guru Maa and Priest comes to shiv mandir to get guidance. They use well water to wash Shivling.

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