The evil Eye Update Saturday 26 June 2021

The Evil Eye 26 June 2021: Madhu asks Hema and Malani to place the sindur on the door. They pick the black sindur. Madhu says their stupidity always helps me. Palak falls on the door on the black sindur. She finds the dupatta the witch attacked on. She says ma this is the dupatta witch attacked on. It has her nail’s mark on it. Madhu says she fools us. She has black colors on her hand and she made all this story up to make up her point. Madhu says there’s sindur here not black ashes. Palak says no there was ashes here and I will on it. Madhu says stop lying. Palak says why would I lie? Appu says liar you said there’s no witch auntie. Now you’re saying the witch came? Palak says no wait. Madhu says you decide first if you saw the witch or not?

Pandit ji reads about the rattan in his book. He says it says humans can’t take our trishakti rattan. How did Madhu bring it? Madhu takes Vishala’s powers and says her powers are less than mine but enough to help me get rid of Palak. Appu says I don’t want to talk to you, you are a liar. He shoves her a bit. Palak falls. Appu says I am so sorry. Let me dress your wound. He applies medicine and covers her wound.Palak says what is this scar on your shoulder? He says it’s when the witch came. She attacked me. Palak says why didn’t you tell anyone? He says everyone knows. Palak says what? He says yes dadi said you will protect me from the witch but you’re scared of her yourself. He says let’s both pray to matarani to protect us from the witch. Appu hugs her and says I am sorry I hurt you. I didn’t do it intentionally.

Urushi asks dadi was Palak lying? Or was she confused? Dadi says why would she lie? Those footsteps were of the witch. Urushi says but the witch died. What if Madhu was right? Dadi says it could be old. Urushi says Madhu got so rude to her. Dadi says yes she cares about Appu but she should understand Palak is his wife.Appu asks Urushi are all these gifts for me? She says no for Palak. Appu says is it her birthday? Urushi says no it’s her munh dikhai. He says so she will get them all? Do my munh dikhai as well. Urushi laughs. He says let me get ready. Pandit ji comes in. Hema and Malani get Palak ready. Appu says let me do her makeup. He says I will apply make don’t move. He puts lipstick on her lips. Appu says sorry. Their theme song plays. Palak nods and says it’s okay. He gives her jewelry. He fills her hairline with sindur. Appu touches his forehead on hers.

Madhu comes there and says Hema and Malani take Appu downstairs. She says he ruined your makeup. Let me fix it. Madhu makes marks on her face.Pandit ji says the rattan shouldn’t have broken. Madhu says it’s okay. It wasn’t meant for this house. Pandit ji says but you had to go there and bring it. Madhu says I drove there so I enjoyed it. He says it’s okay now because Appu is married. Pandit ji calls Guruji and says you were right. Madhulika is lying. She said she drove there but cars can’t do there. You only have to drive. She brought a fake rattan. We have to find out why is she lying.

Appu says to Urushi I will also get my munh dikhai done. Guru ji comes to temple and says wherever the witch is hidden, we will find her.The munh dikhai starts. Hema and Malani dance. Guru ji says if the witch is in that house, these roots will go to her and we will know who she is. Heme andMalani are dancing. The roots grow in the balcony. Guru ji comes there. Madhu comes there as a witch. She says were you looking for me? He says are you the witch who wants to kill Appu? She says yes and you will die now. Like everyone else. Pandit ji says stay away from me.Palak sees in the mirror. She sees pandit ji hanging there. Palak screams dead body. Everyone looks up. There’s nothing. Urushi says there is no dead body. We have guests here. What would people think if you say things like these? They take her to the room. Madhu says what is wrong with you? There was no dead body. And look at your face.

Who does this on their munh dikhai? Go and wash your face? She says you brought her here to save Appu ma, she is becoming a danger for her. Palak says I am sorry ma.I don’t know why am I so scared. Urushi says if you get scared of something ask yourself if that’s possible. Maybe this is happening because of the stories Appu tells you. Madhu says in heart she will soon be declared mentally unstable and will be kicked out of the house.Urushi says where is pandit ji? He isn’t picking up the call. He never did this before. I have to ask him something about Palak. Palak says ma was right. It’s all my fear. I have to be cautious now.Pandit ji’s body falls in front of Palak. She gets scared. Palak runs.

Madhu says to Appu there’s no witch or dead body. Palak was confused. Madhu waits for Palak to scream but she doesn’t. She goes to her room. Madhu says why is she going out? Palak says matarani please help me.The dead body is in front of her. Palak says what should I do? This is pandit ji’s dead body. Palak calls Urushi and screams. She says please come to my room ma. This is reality. Please come. Urushi says I am coming. Appu doesn’t let Madhu go.

Palak says I will tell them this time that this is true. Appu says make me eat. I won’t let you go. Madhu says I am coming back in a while. Appu says no I will stay with you. Madhu says I am coming back. Appu doesn’t let her go. Urushi and dadi are in the lift. Madhu says let’s play hide and seek. Appu says okay. She says close your eyes and find me. Appu says yes let’s play. Appu closes her eyes.

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