Evil Eye Update Monday 24 May 2021

Evil Eye 24 May 2021: Ansh comes to Mohana says you came here. Is it family’s love or my fear? He says I am not scared of anything. Neither you nor death. Ansh does magic and brings Angad. Mohana says why are you annoying him. Wasn’t killing him enough? Ansh hides him.Dilruba comes with Naman. Nishant says you stole trikon right? She says yes I did. Mohana had kidnapped Naman, she said I have to steal it. She said she will kill Naman.

Piya asks kids you know where your papa is right. Where is he? Pari says we can’t tell you. Piya says please help mama. Please tell me. Ansh runs with Angad’s body.
Piya cries. Adi says should we tell mama? Pari says papa asked me not to tell me. But I can tell you. She tells Adi and Adi says to Piya papa went to Patal.Mohana says I need Angad.Ansh throws him in Patal. Mohana says you fooled me into coming here? He says you can’t go back from here. Mohana says you can’t go either. Ansh says I know neither of us can’t.Naman was in the cave. A witch said this place is for black powers only. Naman says Ankit? He saw Mohana’s picture. Naman said this is Aikain. Naman said and this Angad, why does it say it 500 years. No no he was 27 only. The witch said no, he was old and he wanted to kill an aikain. Nishant says that means he never loved Mohana. He lied. He was here to kill her.

Ansh says I am not here to fight you. I am here to repent for my sin. Mohana says you will be punished. Ansh says what’s more important than death. I wanted to save you and Piya. But I killed Angad anyway. Mohana says you never liked him and you killed him at your first chance. Ansh says I had to do this. You can punish me. Mohana says don’t be smart. Ansh says your anger is with me.Savi, Mohana and Nishant come to Patal lake. Piya says he is in guilt. That’s why he came here. Dilruba says Ansh isn’t in danger. Someone else is. Savi says you gave her a hair right? Dilruba says I did but it wasn’t Ansh’s.Mohana brings a casket. Ansh says what is this? She says I will take the most important thing from you like you took ansh from me. Dilruba says I gave Mohana Pari’s hair. Everyone is shocked. Piya says Mohana wants to kill Pari? Mohana says to Ansh, yes Pari. Nishant says we have to stop Trikon. It will target Pari. Naman says I can stop it from a magnet. Nishant says but we need a big magnet for it. Nishant says go bring it fast Dilruba. Piya says I will stay here.

Nishant comes home. Ved says what? Mohana wants to kill Pari? Savi says yes, that missile will come to her. Pari says she wants to kill me? Nishant hugs her and says we won’t let anything happen to you. Mohana fires the trikon. Savi says we have to stop that arrow from coming in the house. Adi says it’s coming from that direction. Ansh says what has Pari done to you? Mohana says what did Ansh do to you? Ansh tries to fly. Mohana says you don’t have wings. You cut them to kill Angad. Your wings that killed Angad can’t save your daughter now. Ansh says I beg you. Please leave my Pari. stop the arrow. She says arrows never come back. This makes me so happy to see you like this. You can’t go from here alive. Ansh says I can’t go alive but I can go dead.Chetali says it calmed down. Vedeshree says ask Nishant how can we calm it. Piya says papa’s phone is not reachable.Nishant says to Abhay, the birds here would chirp in the morning and this idol would start working again. Piya calls Nishant and says Drishi was distracted by Pari’s tablet but now it’s angry again. Now he wants to kill us again. Nishant says was there a music playing in the tab? Piya says yes. Nishant says okay then do what I ask. Piya says papa said we can control him with music till papa comes.

Savi looks the CCTV and sees Abhay opened the life jar and some of Mohana’s life came out. She says so this wasn’t my imagination and she wants her life jar back.Nishant adds rays to the idol. Abhay takes the idol from him. Nishant says what are you doing? Abhay says idol is safer with me than you. Ansh says till the music is on he is calm, then he would attack us. Piya says papa’s phone is unreachable again. Why didn’t papa tell us about Drishi before. Avi says he’s more powerful than all other black powers. Avi says no black power calms with music. Vedeshre says he is very dangerous. Avi says we have to wait for Nishant. Ansh says we can control it if we can’t attack it. Avi says we need to see it for that. Piiya says there’s a way.Nishant says to Abhay you’re wasting my time. At this moment, I should have been at Rathore’s. That Drishi can be dangerous for a lot of people. Abhay says I will handle him my way. I need to do something important before that. Nishant says Abhay stop.. Abhay has handcuffed him.

Piya says his behavior is like humans. He might feel hot and cold. When we are cold we cover ourselves. Nishant says I have to be there before Abhay makes more problems for them. He cries to cut his handcuff. Nishant runs from there. Vedeshree lowers AC’s temperature. Avi says would it work? Ansh brings ice and Piya spreads it everywhere. It gets cold. Piya says we have to wait. Nishant is on his way. Piya asks Adi and Pari to go in a room. Adi extends a jacket, he pulls Adi as well. Pari pulls Adi. Drishi wears a jacket and comes towards them. Ansh says run.

Piya says we should get out of the house. Ansh says it will attack us. Vedeshree says but it can attack people outside.
Savi looks for Naman. She says Dufli why are you crying? Did Mohana hypnotize Naman? Naman says I have to give this life jar to Mohana. He replaced it.The music stops. Ansh and everyone runs towards the lift. Drishi comes towards them. He picks a table. Piya says go back to where you came from. He hits the table. Ansh says stop Drishi. He says why should I listen to you? You kept me asleep for 20 years. Nishant says I had no other option. Nishant says I know you dont’ want to hurt people and I know why are you here? Piya says papa know you why is he here? Ansh says why is he our enemy? Drishi papa it was your mistake. Nishant says take revenge from me but these people haven’t done anything. Leave this table. Come with me. He leaves the table. Piya comes towards nishant. He says no Piya. Abhay comes with a gun and says he will die here. You can’t take him anywhere. Ansh says don’t shoot him or he will become more powerful. Abhay says he won’t live for it.

He takes out the idol. Nishant says what did you do with it? Abhay says experiment. I made bullets from it that will make him sleep forever. Nishant says you can’t do this.Naman comes to the cave. Savi says Naman stop what are you doing? She says Naman is hypnotized. She says Naman stop. She rings temple bells. Naman gets back to normal. Savi says pick the life jar. Nishant says I won’t let you shoot him. Abhay says why are you being so nice to him? Nishant says because he is my son. Everyone is shocked. Piya says what? Chetali says, invisible son?

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