The Evil Eye Update Monday 21 June 2021

The Evil Eye 21 June 2021: Pandit ji calls Piya. Piya says I can’t hear you. Mohana says let’s complete the ritual. Mohana says I promise after winning this was I will leave your life forever. Piya says I promise I will defeat that challenger at all cost.Mohana says these bangles will keep reminding us of our promises.Nishant syas I have seen the red color tree for the first time. Saavi says I touched anything with this stem and it caught fire.Vedeshree says where is everyone. It’s Mahashivratri. Chetali says we are coming don’t worry. Vedeshree says things go wrong all the time. Chetali says we never thought we would have to help Mohana. Where are Ansh and Piya?

Saavi says Naman give me gangajal. He says you didn’t answer my question. Saavi ignores him.Nishant syas this car isn’t extinguishing. Saavi says how will we dcefeat him? Nishant says we can’t defeat him. We have to inform Piya.Piya says Ansh you should rest. Ansh says I feel very powerful. Piya says that’s a good thing. Ansh says no but it’s odd. The dish falls from Piya’s hand. Ansh holds it in the air. Piya says how did you do it? He says I can move things. Piya says let me tell papa. He must know something. We can’t let you be in trouble. Ansh says no don’t tell him. I know you are worried for me. Mohana says Ansh your own wife will kill you. These powers will be useless for you.

Mohana says where are you guys going? Chetali says my challenger will come tonight as well. You can’t back out from your promise. Piya says you will come with us. Mohana says how can I? Piya says if you can take my help you can come to the temple as well. I pray before any battle. Mohana says wherever I go he will find me. Ansh says we can help you, why can’t you come to the temple. Mohana says he can attack me anywhere. Okay I will come but Piya you have to protect me at all the costs. Piya says I don’t backout from my promise.

Nishant brings Pandit ji home. Naman says who did this? He says I found him on the road. Someone attacked him. His phone was broken too so he can’t tell anyone. I think it’s the challenger who attacked him. Saavi says we should go there. But what will we do there? Nishant says we might be able to do something. Avi says let’s start the pooja. Mohana says that the challenger can come anytime. Piya says God always helps us and doesn’t let the evil win. They start the pooja. Mohana and Piya tie a knot around the tree. Mohana says how stupid is she. One of them would die and I will win. Piya says we have prepared everything.

Mohana says wherever I go he will find me. Ansh says we can help you, why can’t you come to the temple. Mohana says he can attack me anywhere. Okay I will come but Piya you have to protect me at all the costs. Piya says I don’t back out from my promise. Nishant brings Pandit ji home. Naman says who did this? Piya says but I don’t know if there is a way to stop him. Nishant says there. Set this stem on fire. It blasts. Mohana laughs in heart and says you are burning your husband idiot. Mohana laughs. Piya says where is your challenger? Why are you laughing? She says he’s here and no one knew. Piya says it’s only us. No one is here. Mohana says look carefully. Mohana looks at Ansh and says this is my enemy that you have to kill. Everyone is shocked

Mohana says the fire gave powers to Ansh. Chetali says what? Why would Ansh want to take your powers? Mohana says I am the danger. Vedeshree says you did all that? She says yes I killed pandit ji. Ansh says we were idiots that we trusted you. Piya says we won’t let you win. Mohana says you promised that you will help me kill the challenger. Piya says I will kill you before that. The only one who would die today would be you. Ansh says you won’t give up your life because of me. Ansh jumps in the lava. Piya jumps after him. Everyone screams. Vedeshree says Ansh and Piya left us. We have to go. Piya picks Ansh and says you can’t leave me. You promised me you won’t let anything happen to anyone. You can’t let evil win. Please open your eyes. I won’t let anything happen to you.

Vedeshree says Nishant please do something. Nishant says I can’t do anything this time.Vedeshree screams and cries. She says I want my kids back. Mohana says they are gone. They are dead. Ansh did it himself. Ansh had to die. I thought it would be tough but Ansh made it very easy. Piya says Ansh I won’t let you go alone. I will go from this world with you. Piya rests her head on his head. Mohana says devika and Davansh both died. Vedeshree says I will kill you. Mohana says no one can kill me and no one can take my powers. My raj tilak would be done here. Pandit ji comes there. Mohana says you’re late. It’s all over. I am glad you are alive. Who would I celebrate this victory with? Pandit ji laughs. He says the night isn’t over. You’re laughing way to early. Mohana says you knew Ansh would die. Pandit ji says there was something else in his kundli too. Vedeshree says but he is alive right?

Pandit ji says no. He had to die but he will get even more powers after dying. Another power will be born. That power will kill aikain.Ansh and Piya get up with more powers. Pandit ji says they are back with more powers. Mohana says my Raj tilak is done. I am the queen of witches now. Ansh says your power can’t be more than Shiv ji. Ansh and Piya do the tandav. The crown falls from Mohana’s head. Ansh throttles her. Mohana says please forgive me Ansh. I will go far away from your life. Ansh says that you would. Ansh takes her up in the sky with himself. Ansh says we forgave you because you gave birth to me but now enough. Ansh eats Mohana’s life. He recalls everything she has done. Mohana dies. Nishant says Mohana is gone forever. Pandit ji says you all are done with her forever now. The crown comes to Ansh. Piya says Ansh this crown came to you. Do you want it? Ansh burns it and says no. This battle with fear and evil is over. Vedeshree says this would be a new life. Chetali says with everything fine now.



  1. this is good news mohana is finally dead and the rathods leave happily ever after. I can’t wait for the evil eye season 2


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