Curse of the sands update Tuesday 22 June 2021

Curse of the sands 22 June 2021: Mohini takes Siya to her place and shows first part of next puzzle. Siya solves it as golden anklet and reminisces Rajeshwari and Mohini’s incident. Next part of puzzle emerges. Siya solves it as shahi murgi/royal chicken and asks where to find it.

Mohini says she knows about it and describes its story. Siya asks her to take her to the place were these chickens are found. Mohini takes her there and says she told there is no one here. Durga Dayii emerges wearing as chicken dress and says she came back again. Mohini says she needs royal chicken. Durga dayii says it is on the other side of hut. Mohini walks to chicken and seeing its golden egs boasts that she can easily pick it, walks towards it. Chicken spits fire on her. Mohini backs off shouting. Durga dayii says it is not so easy to get golden anklet. Mohini gets sword to kill chicken. Siya picks chicken and it spits fire on Mohini again. Mohini asks why did she save this chicken. Siya says a mother is always worried about her child, even chicken was doing same.

Chicken gives Durgeshwari’s anklet. Siya picks. Mohini asks to give it to her as she is waiting for it since 500 years and snatches it. Anklet burns in her hand and she falls down throw it. Anklet falls on her stomach and she writhes in pain. Siya asks Durga Dayii what she wanted to warn against Mohini. Durga Dayii says Mohini showed her side of fake story, she will show her real story and goes into flashback where dying Durgeshwari says Mohini will trouble her child in future to take revenge, so her body’s last right should not be performed to keep Mohini from taking her revenge. Siya tells Durga Dayii that she h as to give anklet to Mohini to save her husband. Durga Dayii says she will lose her husband then. Siya says no black magic or evil can separate her and her husband.

Mohini sits under canopy thinking how Siya cut her hand and punished Mohini. Mallika reaches there and starting her drama says Siya did very wrong to her and she is busy romancing with Ram, so if she returns Vivian’s youth and cures him, they both can teach Siya a lesson and cut her into piece.

Mohini angrily looks at her. Mallika pleads she can do anything to get back Vivian’s youth. Mohini gives her knife and asks to cut her hand. Mallika panics and resists. Old Vivian reaches there and says he is ready and cutting his hand drops his blood on her palm insists Mallika also to cut her hand. Mallika resists. Vivian forcefully cuts her hand and drops her blood on Mohini’s palm. Mohini asks if they are ready to sell their souls to her. Vivian says yes. Mohini returns his youth. Mallika rejoices seeing that.

Mohini returns to palace and shows next puzzle to Siya. Siya solves 1st part, but unable to solve second one. They return back to palace. Siya describes puzzle to Ram and Daadi. Mallika enters doing her drama and overacting and introduces Vivian. Everyone are amused seeing Vivian back to normal self. Vivian touches daadi’s feet and says he was missing them all. Ram apologizes Vivian for suffering because of him. Vivian says it is okay, let us forget past and move on. Siya also apologizes. Vivian says they are his family and he can do anything for them. Siya asks how did Mohini spare him. Mallika with her overacting says chudailji felt pity and cured Vivian, what is a big deal in this. Siya says Mohini will not spare anyone so easily, she is up to to something.

Mohini asks Siya to forget this drama and concentrate on solving next puzzle. Dadimaa says tonight is holika dahan ritual in Bahramgarh and Siya has to perform pooja.

Mohini fumes saying her fate is ill that she is not finding clue for next puzzle of finding veil/chunrri, neither Siya is. Vivian walks in and says he always felt a cruel brain is hidden behind beautiful face. Mohini warns if he knows what he is telling. Vivian says he has already sold his soul to her and is not afraid now, if they both unite, they can destroy their enemies easily. Mohini strangulates Vivian and warns that he is her slave and should be in limits.

Siya applies holi on Ram’s cheeks and wishes him happy holi. Ram says it is her first holi in Behramgarh and they cannot celebrate it together this time. Siya promises they will celebrate holi together. Dadimaa says Siya has to perforrm holika dahan tonight. At night, Behrampur ladies gather for holika dahan and wish Siya

and Dadimaa happy holi. Siya gives them bank account form and explains features of woman account with zero balance and demand draft facility. Woman thank Siya and ask her to perform holika dahan. Siya ask Dadimaa to accompany her. Women resist and say Dadimaa cannot perform holika dahan.

Mohini watching that from balcony thinks Siya punished her for misbehaving with Daadimaa, now she will see what Siya does to women. Siya asks reason. Women say a widow cannot perform holika dahan. Siya says a woman’s life does not end with her husband’s death, why should she be deprived of celebrating festivals. Women say they both are very helpful and kind hearted, but they cannot change age-old rituals. Siya says Dadimaa is a mother and will perform holika dahan, whoever opposes it can leave the venue. She asks Dadimaa to do the honors and once Dadimaa performs holika dahan, Siya applies holi on her cheeks. Dadimaa says she is her daughter and not bahu. A veil emerges in sky and falls on Siya.
Durga Dayi emerges and touches Siya’s feet. Siya is amused and asks what is she doing. Durga dayii says she is touching devi’s feet and says Rani Durgeshwari rightly made Siya her heir. She informs that the veil she is wearing is Rani Durgeshwari’s and she has solved her puzzle. Siya rejoices and returning to haveli sees Ram turning to human till his feet and rejoices. She emotionally hugs Ram and rejoices with him.

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