The Evil Eye Starlife update Thursday 20 June 2024

The evil eye 20 June 2024: Vedsheree tells Priest that Mohana wont be able to come out of her room. Chitali says something is wrong with Urvashi, they see her walking like a robot. Vedsheree says Mohana might have done something. Priest says we can bathe her in milk to end it.

Adi is in a van that is hanging from a cliff. He asks Piya to leave, please mom. She says what? Adi says I know you are mom. Piya says mother cant leave her son. Adi says you did earlier. Piya cries and hugs him, she says I wont ever leave you again.

Vedsheree makes Urvashi sit. Mohana is in room and thinks that if liquid falls on her then she will melt. She sees Urvashi flying there and says she will handle everything. Urvashi tries to enter house but its protected by invisible walls.

Ansh comes to van. Adi’s foot is stuck in a seat, he faints. Ansh tells Piya that she didnt try to save Adi, Piya says I was trying. Ansh says you didnt, Piya says where is Pari? Ansh says she is safe. Van is falling down from cliff.

Mohana tries to reach feather to stop dummy Urvashi. Family prepares milk and is about to pour it on a dummy but Mohana takes feather that controls dummy and sneezes.

Ansh asks Piya to use her powers and stop this van. Piya says I dont have powers, I am not lying. Pari sees van falling and cant stop her powers. She uses her long braid to hold van.

Mohana makes dummy Urvashi say that she is ill and has viral. Vedsheree says we shouldnt give her a bathe then, she takes her to her room. Mohana says I fooled Vedsheree again. Vedsheree hears it.

Piya sees Pari using her powers. Ansh asks Piya to go out, he will bring Adi. He tries to free Adi’s foot, he pulls him and jumps out of car. Pari leaves it. Piya runs to Pari and says you did all that? Pari says I am sorry for using powers. Ansh brings Adi there and says thank God, how did that happen? Piya stops Pari and says might be a stone that saved it from falling. Ansh says we should leave, they leave from there.

Scene 2Vedsheree says she might be under evil powers, she throws milk on her. Urvashi starts melting, all are shocked.

Piya and Ansh comes to camp and see everyone gone. Ansh says only we are remaining here.

Shekhar says how she is burning? Priest says it means she is not a human, she is a dummy. Chitali says Mohana must have done it. Vedsheree says then where is real Urvashi? They hear noise from balcony and go to check.

Piya cleans Adi’s wound. He wakes up. Ansh says I am here, I shouldnt have brought Adi here, I cant take him to hospital. Piya says we will find some herbs for him. Pari says I will come to help you to get you herbs from trees. Ansh says how will you take it from tree? Pari says Ansh and Piya should go, I will stay with Adi. Ansh and Piya leave. Pari asks Adi to wake up, their plan is working.

Piya and Ansh comes to jungle. She shows him flowers hanging from tree and says we need something to get those. She finds a stick and tries to catch flowers, she is about to fall but Ansh holds her. It starts raining. Ansh lifts Piya up, she gets flowers from tree. Piya says lets go back.

Pari sees Adi waking up, she gives him water and says I saved you three, Urvashi must have done it? Adi says should we tell parents about that bad aunty? She says no.

Piya tells Ansh that Adi might be in danger, that creature had big wings. Ansh says Mohana is at home but she is weak and cant use her powers. Piya says she might be using someone or your fiance? Ansh says I wont hear a word against Urvashi. Piya says I am just thinking about Adi. Ansh says my son will live with me, dont worry about him. Piya says I am just worried about him, Ansh says you dont need to, his father is alive.

Adi tells Pari that Ansh will marry Urvashi. PAri says dont worry, I have sent them away, they will comeback and be together now. Ansh and Piya comes there and says we will go back now.

Mohana says that I have to leave from here and bring Urvashi inside. She asks dummy Urvashi to come to her, dummy tries but gets burned because of liquid on floor. Liquid goes away, Mohana leaves her room.

Ansh sits in car. Adi hugs Piya, Adi says dont leave us, papa will marry that monster aunty. Piya makes him wear a bracelet and says it will protect you. Ansh says lets go. Pari says to Adi that I wanted to meet you one last time. Ansh says you can meet him anytime you want. Pari says I cant as we are leaving Mumbai. Ansh is hurt. Piya sadly looks at him.

Naman and Nishant brings Dilruba

to a place. Dilruba says I am here with my love Saanvi. Nishant sees a well and says we will jal here.

Ansh brings Adi home. Adi is sad and doesnt go out of lift, he says you dont listen to me, Ansh says I promise to trust you. Adi says Urvashi attacked me, I am telling truth. Ansh recalls how Piya said about seeing a monster. He says okay I trust you. Ansh comes to Urvashi and says Adi said you attacked him. Urvashi says yes, its true. Ansh is shocked.

Dilruba touches ash of place and its not normal, its ash of powerful evil person. Nishant takes that ash and says it will help us.

Ansh shouts at Urvashi and says get out of here, how dare you attack Adi? Vedsheree comes there and says it was not real Urvashi, someone planted a fake Urvashi, when we threw milk at her, she burned. Ansh says who did it? Chitali says Mohana. Flashback shows how Mohana came on balcony. Vedsheree caught her, Mohana told her that she planted a dummy Urvashi to take revenge from family, flashback ends. Vedsheree says Mohana used a dummy to make us not trust Urvashi. Ansh says sorry Urvashi. He asks where is Mohana?

Nishant, Saanvi and Naman comes home with ashes. Nishant gets a call and says what?

Pari tells Piya and says I dont want to leave Adi. Piya says enough, dont be stubborn, Adi is safe.

Nishant and Saanvi comes to Ansh’s house, he asks where is Mohana? He shows a casket and says its filled with patal ashes, when we put her inside, she will become of stone. Mohana says no, Ansh says do it, we are sure. Mohana cries for help but Ansh says I forgave you everytime but you tried to kill my son this time so you will be punishes. Nishant puts her in casket. Urvashi starts going from there. Mohana says stop. All leave from there.

Pari says Piya said Adi is safe it means Urvashi left his life? So I can bring Ansh and Piya back together, I should ask Ansh to stop her.

Urvashi says to Mohana that dont worry, I will marry Ansh and bring you out of here. Mohana says this is your game now so dont do a mistake.

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