Force of Attraction update Thursday 20 June 2024

Force of attraction 20 June 2024: Shakti is trying to call Rimjhim but Manorama says she went to the salon to get ready for the engagement. Chacha comes there and says I got invitation from the Kashyp family for a pooja, I think they have some function in the evening. Manorama says you won’t go there, they insulted us so much.

Chacha says I am a priest so I can’t say no to the pooja. Manorama says fine, you can go. He leaves. Shakti hears all that and thinks what function they have? Shiv didn’t look in the mood to celebrate anything. Manorama sees that Chacha forgot his items and says I will go to give it to him but Shakti says I will go and give it to him, I will not go inside the house, I promise. Manorama says fine, you can go.

Ragunath and the family sit to have the pooja. Chacha asks why are they having pooja? Mandira says jsut for house peace. Ragunath says why do you need to know? Chacha says so I can mak prayers accordingly, also all family members need to be here so where is Shiv? Nandu sees Shakti coming outside the house and rushes to her. He asks what is she doing here? She says I came to give items to Chacha, he takes it and asks her to leave. Shakti asks what’s going on here? Nandu says you have to leave. Mandira tells Chacha that we are keeping the pooja for the hospital.

Chacha asks where is Dr. Shiv then? Shiv arrives there. Shakti smiles seeing him and says I will ask him. Nandu says he is already in trouble so please leave. Shakti says if he is in trouble then I can’t leave. She asks him to let her talk to him. Mandira tells Chacha that Keertan will do the pooja, he will manage everything related to the hospital from now on. He is going to be the managing director and main trustee of the hospital. All are shocked hearing that. Keertan comes there and sits in the pooja. Shakti is shocked seeing all that. She asks Nandu what’s going on? He says Shiv is going to resign from his position, it was decided in the board meeting. The flashback shows how the board members said that Shiv going to the jail has brought bad reputation to the hospital, and people are not trusting them anymore so they asked Shiv to resign from the main trustee position. Ragunath told them that Shiv made the hospital so you can’t do this, the board say we have a right to take decisions in favor of the hospital. Ragunath says this is not right, who is going to run the hospital like Shiv? The board member says that’s why we have decided to give the position to Keertan. Mandira says but this is not right. Shiv says no.. if its right for the hospital then I will step down, I agree with the board and ready to resign. Mandira says you don’t need to do that. Shiv says if this is needed to bring trust back for the hospital then I am ready to resign. Mandira smirked. The flashback ends. Nandu tells Shakti that this hospital is everything to Shiv, he created it with his hard work and he will lose everything today. He saved you and your family but he lost everything.. that hospital is his dream and his lifeline, he might look happy but he is burning from inside. He is going to sign his resignation in the evening, I am begging you to leave. He goes from there. Shakti sadly looks at Shiv and says only I can understand his pain, I am his partner and I wouldn’t abandon him like this. Mandira comes out and says you can’t do anything now. You did this to Shiv, he kept helping you and lost everything that he owned. You thought you could fight with me? you did wrong by challening me. You wanted to expose me but see you couldn’t do anything and now Shiv has lost everything because of you. I knew Shiv would want to see the CCTV footage because he is main trustee so I got that footage deleted and now Shiv has no power in the hospital. He will give his resignation at 7 PM today. Shakti is shocked hearing that.

Mandira tells Shakti that she deleted the CCTV footage and Shiv will have no power now, he will resign in the evening today, thank you for helping me do all this. You hugged him and I made it a news, then got him arrested.. you helped me complete all these plots. Shakti says how can you be so venomous when you call him your son? Mandira says I have only one son and that’s Keertan. You can go and console Shiv as he has nothing left. You said that you are with Shiv always, you were right as you will be destroyed now. Keertan will take the power and cancel your scholarship, you won’t become a doctor now, don’t ever try to mess with me again, she leaves. Shakti says this is not a time to dwell on my dreams, I have to be with Shiv and won’t let anyone break his

dreams, Mandira can plot as much as she can but Shiv was the MD and will always be the MD of the hospital.

Shiv is hugging Dadi and says that hospital was my dream and I lost it, I always wished to cater to people but I lost my dream, it feels like my life is sucked out of me. Gayatri hides and cries hearing that. The window opens and Shakti jumps inside. Dadi, Shiv and Gayatri are shocked seeing her there. Dadi shouts what are you doing here? how could you come inside like this? Shiv stops her.

Manorama is worried that Shakti hasn’t returned and says I just hope she is okay there.

Keertan thanks Mandira and says I am so happy. Mandira says you got all this because of me, you have my blessings. Always keep your head high so you won’t see cheap people on the road. Keertan says I know you are talking about Shakti. Mandira says she is a dirt so don’t ever think about her again.

Shiv holds Dadi’s face and asks her to not scream. She nods so he leaves. Dadi scolds him and asks who is this girl? Shiv says this is Shakti. Dadi says so its this girl.. the one who was in the news with you. She blames Shakti and says Shiv is going through all this because of you, he went to jail because of you and he.. Shakti falls down to her knees and touches her feet. She says I know I am to be blamed for this, you can punish me. She greets Gayatri and looks around for a broom, she says you can hit me. She finds a slipper and says Chachi beat us with this when we do something wrong. She gives her the slipper and asks her to beat her with it. Dadi asks her to shut up. Shakti says I have hurt Shiv a lot, I know he is your BFF and he was in trouble because of me.

You are like his mother and I can understand that you are hurt because of me so you can hit me if you want. Dadi says who is this girl.. she came like a storm and.. Shiv says and she won everyone’s heart. Gayatri and Dadi are surprised hearing that. Shakti says I won hearts but we still have to win the war, Nandu Bhaiya told me everything. Dadi says he is already your brother? Shakti says from before, I met him at the hospital with Shiv before. She tells Shiv that you are paying the price for the crime that you didn’t commit, I won’t let you resign. Shiv says but.. Shakti says I won’t hear you, you have to fight for your happiness.

Mandira heard some noises and tells Keertan that she will check on Shiv. Koyal comes there and says I saw something online. Keertan says she must be shopping again, she doesn’t even care about budget. Mandira says really? Keertan your thinking is getting small that you are thinking about budget. Koyal gifts him cuffs and says these are real diamonds for my brother. Mandira takes it and says these will be for Shiv. Shiv will resign and we will own that hospital now.

Shiv tells Shakti no.. he is fine. Shakti says I can see that you are lying, you are sad, you didn’t do anything so why are you punishing yourself? If you do this then you are doing wrong with people who love you. You made this dream hospital for people and if you back down without a fight then you are doing injustice with yourself, with Dadi and with all people that love you. Dadi says but nothing can happen as the board wants to resign him in the evening. Shakti says he won’t sign those papers. Dadi says how will you stop it, we have only 3 hours left. Shakti says when Shiv and Shakti are together then anything is possible, I won’t let him resign.

Shakti tells Shiv that she won’t let him resign. Shiv says you don’t know that I have a lot of work, I don’t need the hospital work. I will have time to study and go to the mandir now.. Shakti says that’s it? you can’t convince me when you are not convinced yourself. Dadi smiles at her and thinks she read him like no one in the family did.

Mandira tells Keertan and Koyal that I have to pretend in front of Dadi that I love Shiv more than you both. I have to make today special, Shiv is still in the house so I have to pretend that I am sad he lost the position. She says I will go to Dadi and shed crocodile tears.

Shakti tells Shiv that he will lose everything if he leaves the hospital and that hospital needs him too. She holds his hand and

they both stare at each other. Dadi and Gayatri see them. Gayatri whispers that Shiv is incomplete without Shakti. Shakti tells Shiv that he can’t lie to her, she can see that he is hurting. Shiv says its okay, my brother is going to be MD and I am sure he will work hard too.

Chacha greets Mandira after the pooja and starts leaving. Ragunath comes there and tells Mandira why did she call him when the city is filled with priests? Mandira says let it be, he is our prayer and must have come for some money. Ragunath says you have good intentions but people like him are snakes. Chacha is hurt hearing that. A servant asks him to have dinner but he says my daughter is getting engaged so I have to leave. Ragunath says I don’t think your niece will ever get married seeing her antics, he tells him to keep her away from his family. Chacha says I promise to keep her away, he goes from there. Mandira smirks.

Shakti tells Shiv that he is doing a mistake by leaving his rights, you think you are doing the right thing but letting wrong happen with you is wrong too. You can’t leave your right like this. You can’t back down from a war and let evil win. Dadi says what rubbish are you saying? This is not a war, Keertan is our family too. Shakti says I am not saying he is evil, an evil can be a woman too. Shiv says what? Shakti says rememeber I wanted to tell you something that day? I think its time. Dadi asks what is she saying? Shakti recalls how Shiv trusts Mandira blindly. Shakti says I mean a war can be against a thought process too. People deserve a hospital where they are treated without worrying about money. I am sure Keertan and Mandira can run the hospital but nobody can run it like you.

Rememeber how Keertan couldn’t treat that boy so do you think he can be a better MD than you? please don’t do this injustice with people. Dadi says she has twisted words but she is right, nobody can run the hospital like Shiv does. Shakti gives her a high-five.

Mandira shows the diamond cuffs to Ragunath and says I bought this for Shiv to give on a good occasion, I feel bad for him. Ragunath says you treat him like a son, anyone in your place would have abandoned him. Mandira cries and says don’t belittle my motherly love for him, I love him like a son. Ragunath says I don’t doubt it.

Shiv tells Shakti that he trusts Mandira and Keertan to run the hospital. Shakti whispers to herself that he won’t go against Mandira, she has to convince him with a proof. Shakti tells Shiv that if I prove that this is a deliberate attempt to trap you then you wouldn’t resign right? Shiv says I know that minister is behind all this. Shakti says I mean if I bring the criminal to you and prove that this is wrong happening with you then you would take my side right? Shiv says why are you worrying so much about this? your sister is getting married so focus on that. Shakti thinks that I am trying to save Shiv and Rimjhim both.

She says I am not the one to leave my people when they are in trouble. I fight for people that I care about. She asks him to promise to not sign the resignation papers. Gayatri whispers to agree with her. Dadi says if she is ready to bring proof then at least promise to wait. Shiv promise to wait for her return and not sign the papers. Shakti gets happy and says I will come back before the time. She starts going from the window. Dadi asks her to go from the main gate but Shakti says I will come back from there. She jumps from the window just as Mandira and Ragunath come there. Mandira says Shakti? All are shocked.

Shakti starts leaving Shiv’s room, she jumps from the window while Dadi, Gayatri and Shiv look on. Dadi says what is this girl.. came like a storm and went like a bolt. I just hope she will stop Shiv from signing the papers. Gayatri says she is a ray of hope, Dadi says you are right. Mandira comes there and is shocked to see Gayatri in Shiv’s room, she whispers she isn’t allowed here and why is Dadi talking to her nicely? Ragunath comes there too. Mandira asks what are they looking at? Shakti is trying to start her bike. Mandira asks what is outside the window? Shiv says its nothing. Ragunath pushes Gayatri away and looks down the window but Shakti is gone. He says there is no one there, what were you all looking at? Dadi says there was a mouse in his room and he got scared so we were just helping him.

Ragunath asks Gayatri what is she doing in Shiv’s room? Dadi says I was just throwing her out, Gayatri leaves from there. Mandira thinks I am sure they are trying to stop my plan. She gives diamond cufflinks to Shiv and says you are a diamond and you will always shine wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you remain MD but no one can replace you my son. Shiv smiles and thanks her.

Shakti comes back home and Manorama scolds her for being late. She asks her to get ready for the engagement function. She brings her to the room and asks if she went to meet with Shiv? Is he more important than your family? just forget about him. Shakti says I can’t forget him.. he is in trouble because of me and now Rimjhim is paying the price too. Manorama asks what? Shakti says Rimjhim is compromising on this marriage because she thinks she won’t get any proposal after that news. That’s why she agreed to it. Manorama asks Rimjhim if she is happy with this proposal? Rimjhim looks away. Manorama asks if there is another guy? Shakti asks Rimjhim to not lie anymore.. I know you since childhood and I can see your silence is about helplessness. Rimjhim says I am just sad that I am going to leave the family but I am doing this engagement on my own will. Manorama asks Shkati to stop putting things in her mind, she is happy.

Scene 2Ragunath tells Dadi that Mandira is more of a mother to Shiv than this Gayatri. Dadi asks him to stop being bitter all the time, just stop it.. we all know that Gayatri is a bad mother and a killer. Gayatri is standing silently outside and not saying anything.. what do you want that she stops breathing too? Ragunath says I am telling the truth. Shiv says Dadi is right, I don’t want the mood to spoil, you all can prepare for the party. Dadi smiles at Gayatri and leaves with Ragunath. Mandira notices that and thinks this is new, Dadi and Shiv both taking Gayatri’s side. She leaves. Gayatri calls out to Shiv but he looks at her and leaves. Gayatri says after many years, Dadi took my side and Shiv looked at me. Whenever Shakti comes here, the day becomes a blessing for us.

Manorama tells Shakti that I know why you are doing all this.. you keep chanting Shiv’s name and dreaming big but don’t put the same thing in Rimjhim’s mind. She will get engaged today and that’s final. She asks her to start getting ready and takes her from there.

Mandira says I just have to focus on Shiv signing the resignation papers today.

Dadi asks Nandu if he thinks Shakti can stop the resignation? Nandu says there is only 1 hour left, I don’t think she can do much now. Shiv comes there and says there are 60 minutes in an hour and so many things can happen in that time. I have learned from Shakti that if she says something the she follows through. Dadi says you got to know her well in a short time. Shiv says who would know Shakti better than Shiv? Dadi and Nandu tease him. Mandira sees them laughing and says I thought they would be sad but why are they happy? what is going on?

Shakti says I have to expose Mandira to stop all this injustice.

Mandira comes to Shiv, Dadi and Nandu.. she says I know this isn’t good but we have to get ready and get Shiv’s resignation exactly at 7:30pm. Dadi says even I am anticipating that time, she goes to get ready. Padma asks Mandira what is she thinking? Mandira says they don’t look sad, they seem hopeful about something.

Shakti starts working on her laptop and recalls how Mandira said she deleted the CCTV footage. She says I knew Mandira would do something like that that’s why.. she recalls how she had copied the footage in her phone when shiv was arguing with the manager. Shakti says I will expose Mandira now.

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