The Evil Eye Starlife update Friday 21 June 2024

The evil eye 21 June 2024: Nishant locks Mohana in patal box, he asks her to tell truth before dying. Mohana says I didnt do anything. Vedsheree asks what she wants? Saanvi attacks her. Mohana says I am not breaking so easily. Nishant says if you want to live then tell us. Mohana says I am not telling anything, I am not that weak. Ansh says you attacked my son? You have no shame.

Avi says you attacked him so many times. Nishant says I know she created Bhasmika but why? Avi asks what she wants? Mohana says I wont tell anything. Nishant says I am witch hunter. He attacks her and takes her hair, he says now your hair will answer. Urvashi is tensed.Dilruba comes to Naman’s house and asks where is my jewelry. Naman says come to our room. Dilruba says I have to get ready for my love Saanvi. Naman is angry and shows her their room and asks her to go and find her jewelry.

Nishant creates a circle in house and says Mohana might try sometime so I have created this circle to stop evil powers. Urvashi comes there and stops before entering circle. Nishant says we need to call witch tree to find out what Mohana is hiding. Ansh says I dont have powers to call witch tree. Nishant says we need your blood. Urvashi thinks I have to stop them. She says I am scared of all this. Shekhar asks her to go to her room, she is scared. Vedsheree asks her to go and take rest. Urvashi leaves.Urvashi comes to Mohana. Mohana says they will find truth once they tie my hair to witch tree.

Ansh cuts his hand and pours his blood on floor so witch tree shows up.Urvashi says to Mohana that I cant go to witch tree as they have created circle around it. Mohana says but you can call it here. Urvashi takes her avatar and starts calling witch tree. Ansh ties Mohana’s hair to tree and asks why Mohana is doing all this? Urvashi uses her powers to takes witch tree and burns it. Ansh sees tree burning. All are shocked as it vanishes from there. Adi enters Urvashi’s room and is shocked to see her like that. Family comes there. Urvashi becomes fine and says did you find out what Mohana wants? Vedsheree asks if something happened here? URvashi says no. Vedsheree says Mohana must have done something to witch tree.

Scene 2All come to Mohana. Vedsheree says to Mohana that her end is here, you might hide your secret but your sins wont be forgiven.

Function starts in house, Ansh brings Bappa’s idol. Pari enters their house. They all do pooja. Adi gives aarti to Urvashi. She takes it and does it. Adi leaves from there. Urvashi thinks that I have to do something about Adi. She leaves from there too.

Piya knocks on Pari’s door and sees it locked, she says I wont scold you, open the door. She breaks the door and sees Pari missing.

Pari asks Adi why Urvashi is here? Adi says she changed her game and made everyone believe that some fake attacked them. Pari says we have to make her go away. Adi says she is dangerous. Urvashi comes there so Pari and Adi hides under bed. Urvashi says you are playing hide and seek? She grabs a kid from under bed and leaves. Adi sees Pari gone and cries. Piya calls Pari and Adi takes it, he tells her monster aunty took Pari.

Vedsheree talks to Ansh and asks him to do engagement with Urvashi. She calls her and says lets do engagement. Ansh is about to make her wear engagement ring when Piya enters there and says one minute. All are surprised. Vedsheree smiles seeing her. All are happy. Ansh is shocked. Vedsheree says Piya.. Piya says I had to come, Pari is kidnapped. Ansh says what? Piya says kidnapper is here. Chitali asks who is Pari? Piya says Pari is my daughter and Mohana kidnapped her. Piya goes to Mohana’s box and shouts where is my daughter, tell me where she is?

Dilruba finds her jewelry and says they are beautiful. She finds hunter’s weapon.

Piya takes lamp and is about to attack Mohana. Ansh says we have caught her, she will become of stone, she didnt leave from here. Piya says I know she did something, Pari came here and now she is kidnapped. Ansh says we are lying? Mohana was here all the time and why would she kidnap Pari? Piya shouts because Pari is your daughter. Ansh is shocked and recalls his moments with Pari. Vedsheree cries. Ansh says Pari.. my daughter. Piya says yes, she is, she was behind Adi and now she is behind Pari. Shekhar says but Mohana was here since morning, Piya says then who kidnapped her? Adi comes there and says I know who did it. He points at Urvashi and says she did it.

Dilruba shows weapon to Naman and says I made this, you stole it? Naman says you remember that you made it but nothing else? Dilruba says it has my mark, I must have made it for my Saanvi. Naman says you made it for me, I am not lying. She points arrow at him and says dont lie. Naman says you will become a widow, you wont like white dress. Dilruba says if I made it for you then you wont die. He says okay attack, she attacks but it doesnt hit him. Naman says see you made it for me, we were married. Dilruba says so you are my husband? Naman says yes, you are my wife. She smiles.

Piya tells Ansh that Pari is your daughter, she must have kidnapped her. Shekhar says if Mohana didnt kidnap her then who? Adi says Urvashi must have done it. He throws a metal bangle at her and she takes her monster avatar. Urvashi glares at everyone and says you destroyed my plan so I will finish you first. She grabs Adi and tells Piya that she cant do anything. She takes Adi away.

Naman shows gifts and dresses to Dilruba, he says these are our wedding items, we were married, I loved you for years. Dilruba says I am sorry for not recognizing you earlier, I want that from you.. Naman blushes. She says I want divorce from you. Naman says what? Dilruba says then I will become one with Saanvi.

Piya cries and says dont know where she took Adi and Pari. Ansh says we will find them. Piya says what if anything happens to them? Vedsheree says we missed you everyday, I didnt know we would meet you like this, why did you hide that Pari is Ansh’s daughter? Ansh says we dont have a right to ask her that now. Avi says we dont have powers to fight Urvashi.

Nishant sees ashes jar flying up in air. He gets call and tells Saanvi that we have to follow these ashes.

Piya comes to her room and cries looking at her, Ansh and Adi’s picture. Ansh comes there. Piya says we lost everything, we gave up our powers but now what does Mohana want? Ansh says we will find them, I wont let them hurt kids. Piya says there is a way.

Ashes bring Nishant to a weapons wall.

Piya looks at bangle and says Adi took of his bracelet which was restricting his powers. Vedsheree says he never used his powers so he doesnt know how to use them. Piya says he will find a way.

Scene 2Naman says to Dilruba that I will divorce you but you have to find someone that can read this page. Dilruba says your mother as she is blind.

Piya tells family that Pari has powers like Adi. All are stunned. Vedsheree says that means you were pregnant with Pari thats why you were showing powers. Ansh says why didnt you tell us? Piya says I tried a lot but you kept doubting me, I tried telling you about Pari, Ansh says you could have told us, I will do what I have to, I dont trust you anymore, if you can hide such a big truth then I dont trust her anymore, I am going alone. He leaves. Piya is hurt.

Guru Maa asks Naman you want to divorce her now? Naman says she is behind Saanvi now, I cant do anything now, please read this. Guru Maa touches book and says what is name of evil power? Naman says bhasmika. Guru Maa says this book is about her.

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