The Evil Eye Starlife update Saturday 22 June 2024

The evil eye 22 June 2024: Ansh finds trishul in his cupboard and his archery kit. Piya prays to Bappa, all pray with her. Piya cries for Pari. Bappa gives hint to Piya. Ansh comes there and says I am going to find my kids, I dont know how but I will. Piya says I know from where.. mandir.

Family comes near river and sees cave burning. Ansh says Bhasmika must be there, we have to stop her. Nishant says we need powers.

Nishant brings family to patal waterfall, he says we will meet Dukayan here. Dukayan throws her braid and says why are you here? Nishant says how can we defeat Bhasmika? Dukayan says you need someone more powerful than her. Vedsheree says who can be that? Ansh recalls Shalaka and says she can do it, she will bring powers here. Nishant gives them a dagger and says you have to use it to go back in past. Piya asks Ansh to stab her, he has already given her enough pain, she stabs him and herself. all are shocked. Ansh and Piya leaves to past.

Ansh and Piya comes to past where they are giving up their powers. Piya looks at earring and recalls future. She gives him earring and tells him to not give up his powers. Ansh says yes, we need powers to save our kids. We have to get out of here. Suddenly Ansh’s feather falls in fire and they are both returned to future. Ansh tells that they couldnt get their powers. Dukayan says you cant beat that evil power so easily. Piya says God will help us.

Guru Maa reads about Bhasmika which says that she is powerful and cant be beaten, she cant dance like a witch. She reads that before fighting her.. Dilruba mistakenly throws imli on book.

Saanvi shows Bhasmika’s nail and says I found it when she kidnapped Adi. Nishant says now we can find out about her. He puts it in ashes and goes.

Guru Maa wipes imli from book with lemon. She tries to read again but its blurred. She says I have to go.

Saanvi sees Bhasmika’s nail burning and calls Nishant. Nishant says she is powerful to burn her own things. He throws a liquid at it but blast happens and fire is gone. Guru Maa comes there and Bhasmika is ready for a war so we should be ready as well.

Vedsheree says who can fight Bhasmika? We have to find someone powerful. Piya says most powerful is God, no evil power can stay intact infront of him, God will bring our powers back.

Pari and Adi are in jungle. Pari tries to look around but fire circle is created about them. Pari gets an idea. She jumps out to circle but whole place is catching fire.

Urvashi is freeing Mohana and says we are going to be successful in our plan now, Ansh is finding his kids which I have kidnapped.

Pari throws water at fire and sees Adi unconscious, she says lets go brother.

Urvashi tells Mohana that they can fight me, they dont have powers like that. She feels something wrong and leaves Mohana. Mohana becomes of stone again.

Family brings Bappa’s idol to river. Chitali

says dont know where our kids are, they are alone. Vedsheree says God is with them, I trust him, he wont let anything happen to them. Piya and Ansh goes to river. Nishant says its not easy to fight her, she is biggest power. Piya says not bigger than God.

Pari flies with Adi attached to her braid. Urvashi comes there and says you are not scared of me? Pari says no you dont scare me, you are just evil, we are leaving. Urvashi says you cant.

Ansh and Piya goes in river, river starts breaking in two but fire starts inbetween.

Urvashi creates fire circle around Pari and Adi, she says you cant leave from here. Pari laughs and says let our parents come, they wont spare you. Urvashi says those humans cant reach here.

Scene 2Piya and Ansh goes more in river, water falls on them. Piya’s devika mark burns and she gets her knife back. She holds Ansh. They both look at each other and Ansh flies out of river. All are elated to see them have their powers back. Vedsheree says God brought their powers back.

Adi is scared of Urvashi. Ansh and Piya arrives there. Ansh says we have to stop this fire. Urvashi glares at them and says you have to do my work if you want your kids. She shows him mandap and says you have to marry me. Piya glares at her.

Guru Maa says Bhasmika is preparing for war, Piya will need us. Nishant, Saanvi and Naman tries to leave but Dilruba comes there and says you have to attack her weakness if you want to win. She finds her nail and says its important. She circles around with nail. Naman says she is wasting time. Suddenly Dilruba starts spitting fire.

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