Force of attraction update Saturday 22 June 2024

Force of attraction 22 June 2024: Dadi says Padma is our real culprit, she is a snake in this family, Padma is shocked. Mandira smirks at Shakti and whispers she can never expose me, she will never expose that I am the real culprit. The flashback shows how Mandira saw Dadi finding Padma and called her.

She says Shakti can never expose me, I have to keep my pawn ready. The flashback ends. Dadi tells Padma that you are this house’s daughter, we gave her shelter, raised her kids and she tried to destroy us. Shiv says Padma can’t do that. Nandu says there is a mistake, she can’t do that. Dadi consoles him and says I am not blind. Shiv says why would she do that? Dadi says only she can answer.

Shiv holds Padma’s hand and says please tell everyone that you love me like Nandu and you had nothing to do with all this. Padma sadly looks at Mandira and cries. Ragunath asks Padma if she did all that? Shakti says she needs to tell the truth. Ragunath asks Padma if she plotted all that? did she frame Shiv? Padma shouts yes and cries. Shakti says why is Padma lying? Mandira says I am always ahead of you. The flashback shows how Mandira told Padma that she has to sacrifice herself, its her time to prove her loyalty to her, after all she is her partner in this. Padma says you just need a pawn but I won’t be.. I told you to not cross the limit and you did so you should be punished. Mandira glares at her and says stay in her limits if she wants to live in the house and confess that she did everything. Padma says never, you are the culprit so bear the punishment now.

Mandira stopped her and told her if she is ready to face the world? I will stay here but you will be thrown out of the house, did you forget who you are talking to? Mandira can never lose and if I get exposed even then the family won’t accept it, they are all blinded by me and I run this house. Keertan is this house’s heir and I will make sure he gets everything but who are you? a woman without her own house, whose one son lives with his wife’s family and other son lives on this house’s money.

You live a lavish life because of me. If I take my support back then you will be on the road, if I get exposed then you won’t have anywhere to go, I will bring you and your son on the road. Padma cried and told her that she will do as she says. Mandira says good and the flashback ends. Mandira tells Shakti that I have a lot of pawns to die for me. Shiv says Padma is lying. Dadi says I heard her talking to the minister, I wished I was wrong but my motherly love failed. I didn’t want to expose her in front of everyone but I have no choice. Mandira thinks everyone was sleeping in this house but Shakti has woken up everyone, even Dadi. Shakti goes to Padma and says you don’t need to be scared and don’t need to take anyone’s blame.

Padma recalls how Mandira told her that Dadi won’t expose her as she is her daughter so don’t worry. The flashback ends. Shakti tells Padma that she can help her. She tells everyone that Padma is lying, she tells Dadi that I know I am an outsider but I can’t let an innocent be punished, we have to ask the nurse what happened that day to find the real truth. She asks the nurse to speak up and tell them who locked her in the store room? The nurse is scared and looks at Mandira. Shakti asks her to speak up. The nurse says it was Padma. All are shocked. Padma says yes, I locked Shakti in the store room. Ragunath says we gave you everything, we gave you a good life and raised your children then what else do you need from us? Padma says all of this.

Ragunath shouts at Padma that we gave you everything but what else did you need? what wrong did we do? what more do you want? Padma shouts respect.. I wanted respect but I never got it in this house. Me and my son were treated like we are burdens on this family, we all know you have kept my son in this house just to be Shiv’s servant, you told him that if he wants to stay here then he has to be Shiv’s puppy. My son’s only job is to serve Shiv, you slapped him and didn’t even think twice but today when your son is framed then you want me to feel bad? you people never praised my son helping Shiv.. he has been helping Shiv otherwise.. Mandira says enough.. Nandu helps him as a brother, we never differentiated between them. Shakti tells Shiv that this is not the whole truth..

Shiv says thank you for doing all this but its our family matter now. He asks everyone to leave now. Ragunath tells the board that its proven that my son was framed in this case and completely innocent so he won’t resign from the hospital. He was the MD and will remain MD. Mandira is angry hearing that. The board member looks at Mandira and can’t do anything. Mandira says my plan was spoiled because of Shakti. Mandira tells Shakti to leave their family matter now. Shakti says I have become part of this game now.

Mandira says you are right to be angry and we didn’t know Padma was behind this.. she will be punished for her deeds. She hugs her and whispers to her that I will not spare you and Shiv.. I promise to make my son MD and trustee of the hospital, just count till you are destroyed. Dadi says nobody will ask Shiv to resign. All guests leave from there. Shiv tells Shakti that you keep saving me, you keep proving to never lose hope and Shakti does what she says. Shakti says thank you for trusting me, you gave me strength to fight for this. Shiv says I don’t need to fight for anything when I have Shakti with me.. the dreams become bigger when Shakti is with me. I feel like God has sent you to make things right. Shakti checks time and her phone.. she gets worried.

Shiv says it was your sister’s engagement right? Shakti says I hope it didn’t happen, she rushes from there. Mandira thinks what’s the matter with her sister? Padma tries to leave but Dadi stops her and says you think you can scape without punishment? pack your bags and get lost from our house. Shiv says let it be. Dadi says no.. she has to leave the house as she can do things like these again. She goes from there. All family members go. Mandira thinks she is my pawn but wounded now. Padma cries and pleads with Mandira to save her but Mandira says what can I do? you should have thought before trying to hurt Shiv, he is your nephew so how can you spite him? I can never think of harming Shiv. If you need help in packing then let me know, she leaves. Padma cries and breakdowns. Nandu consoles her.

Shakti arrives home and looks around. Manorama comes there and slaps her hard. All are shocked. Manorama says the engagement didn’t happen because of you. Shakti says its good because Rimjhim didn’t want to but she was being helpless.. she doesn’t need to. She was doing this because of my news with Shiv but its proven now that we are innocent, you don’t need to be scared so break this engagement now. Manorama slaps her again and shouts she can’t destroy her daughter’s life, I loved you like a daughter but you want to destroy my daughter’s life. Shakti says I am standing up for my sister, she doesn’t want to get engaged to Ranjan.

Mandira thinks she needs to find out who her sister is getting engaged to. Shakti has challenged me but its time for me to enter her house. Padma comes there and says I took the blame because you said you will save me.. Dadi wants to throw me out of the house so save me. Mandira says what can I do now? I thought your mother wouldn’t throw you out but it feels like she was waiting for the time to throw you out. she just loves Shiv and I can’t go against her. Padma says you can’t play with me.. I know only you can save me. Please talk to Dadi and Ragunath otherwise.. Mandira says otherwise what? Padma says I will tell the truth to everyone. Mandira laughs and says nobody is going to believe you, you have no respect in this house. You can go to your other son’s house for some days. Padma says his wife hates me. Mandira says you have no choice.

Manorama tells Shakti that a girl’s respect is like glass which can’t be repaired. Nobody is going to know that you and Shiv were innocent. People will keep taunting us about the news only so who will marry you and Rimjhim? Shakti looks on.

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