Jhanak starlife update Saturday 22 June 2024

Jhanak 22 June 2024: The Episode starts with Shubh and everyone coming home. Shubh and Tanuja scold Anjana and Chotan a lot and insult Jhanak. Bipasha says you should have come with us and saw Arshi’s performance.

She says Jhanak wants to compete with Arshi, does she want a trophy here. Anirudh asks Arshi to finalize the clothes. Arshi selects it. He says my account will get empty today. She says we are done. He says you are left, you have to buy a saree. He asks her to buy a red Banarasi saree. Arshi smiles and says its too expensive. He says not more than your happiness. He asks the man to show the best saree. She checks the price. He says I will make it final. The man says it will suit madam a lot. Arshi says let me check if anyone got missed. He says yes, we didn’t buy the saree for Appu. She says I got a dress for

Appu. He recalls Jhanak. He asks is it done. She says of course. He thinks Arshi can feel bad, she knows about Jhanak but didn’t buy anything, what shall I do, I got Jhanak here, she should wear new clothes in puja. Jhanak says I didn’t know about Arshi’s performance. Chotan says yes, don’t scold her, we forced her to dance. Appu argues.

Shubh and Tanuja scold Appu. Anjana asks Appu not to say anything and go to her room. Shubh says you and Chotan can do anything, you are family, but this girl is an outsider. Anirudh goes and buys a saree for Jhanak. He asks him to do billing and packing separate. Arshi calls him out. She asks him to wear red kurta, they should twin in the puja. He says anything you say. He says I have to check mails, shall I go and get my work phone. She says yes. He goes and makes payment for Jhanak’s saree.

Shubh says this shouldn’t repeat. Jhanak cries. Appu says she will dance, she dances better than Arshi. He shouts and goes. Jhanak hugs Appu. Anirudh thinks am I doing anything wrong. He goes back to pay the bill. Arshi gets the bill. Anirudh says send the bags to the car. Arshi asks where is your work phone. He says I forgot, sorry. He makes the payment and they leave.

He comes home and says I dropped Arshi home, check the clothes and say if you liked it. He sees Jhanak doing her work. Appu asks where is my gift. Bipasha likes the gift. He says its Arshi’s choice. Chotan says I will get you shopping next year. Tanuja and everyone thank Anirudh.

He says I got a saree for Arshi, she liked it. Tanuja says we have to maintain a standard. Appu says my gift isn’t here. Rumi gives her dress. Appu says I will not show it to anyone. Tanuja praises Anirudh. Anjana says I loved the saree. Dadi asks did you spend for the servants, I have already given them clothes. Anirudh says mum told me. Tanuja asks about the bill. Anirudh says 1,40000. They are shocked. Jhanak looks on. Tanuja says his salary is much, he can spend on us, else will your son Lal spend on us, teacher’s salary can just get a box of sweets. Anirudh stops her. Lal says I can contribute if you say. Anirudh says no, I got these gifts for my family, you all are talking about money. Appu asks didn’t you buy anything for Jhanak.

Anirudh sees Jhanak. Tanuja says you started again. Appu says Jhanak will feel bad. Jhanak says table is set. Anjana asks them to have food. Tanuja says ask her to leave. Bipasha says Jhanak is here for a few days. Dadi says there is puja in the house, clean the house on time. Jhanak says sure. She goes. Appu’s dad says I will get a beautiful dress for Jhanak. Appu says yes. Tanuja says don’t get emotional, handle your family responsibility first. She argues with Anirudh. Anirudh sees Jhanak at the staircase. Its morning, everyone gets busy. Anirudh goes to Jhanak and says I got this for you, I didn’t want to give this in front of everyone, you know why, its new clothes for puja.

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