The Evil Eye Starlife update Monday 22 April 2024

The evil eye 22 April 2024: Scene 1Ansh says to family that mermaid is in water. Chitali says how she will survive in tub? Ansh says its just for tonight.Mohana is in tub and thinks I have to do something fast. All family members come there but see a girl. Piya says we are here to help you.

Saanvi puts some woods in chemical. Fire starts. Nishant says it will go to creature. Fire comes infront of Mayank. Mayank thinks what to do? it will follow me. Mayank makes chemical owl fall on Saanvi. Saanvi screams that I cant see anything. Nishant takes her from there. Mayank puts out fire.

Family see mermaid swimming in water. Piya says Ansh’s plan worked.Nishant puts eye drops in Saanvi’s eyes. He says how that bowl fell?Mayank thinks that I have to find solution before Nishant doubts me. Mayank says Nishant told me that its possible to hide something in body but how to take it out? Naman says I know books, I will tell you. He reads that book to Mayank.

Nishant says to Saanvi that why did Mayank know about creature’s location and fire went towards him too.. it means.. he is creature only.Naman reads book which says that person who has something inside their body can bring it out or person who took pheras with them. Nishant comes there and asks Naman to stop. Mayank snatches book from him. Nishant says so you are creature?

Mohana looks at family eating together and says they will free from mermaid’s body. She uses her tear as a pearl and throws it towards family. It goes to Ansh. Mohana says wow it chose my son only, he will take my mermaid’s body and I will be free.Mayank says so you know? He uses his powers to erase their memory. He leaves from there. Saanvi looks around. Nishant asks what happened? Saanvi says he removed your memory but he couldnt do it to me as I am blind.

Scene 2Mayank comes to his room but sees Tara missing. She comes from behind and puts fork on his neck. She says what you know about my father?Nishant says to Saanvi that creature came to us but why? Priest says he has one part of eagle locket but other part is in Tara’s body. Nishant says so he must know who Tara is and must have married her. He sees page missing from book and says Mayank must be trying to bring that eagle locket out of Tara’s body.

Mayank grabs fork from Tara. He moves her to pillar. She cries and says what do you want? why you forced to marry me? Mayank says soon all your answers will be clearned. He turns away and leaves fromt there.Nishant asks Saanvi if she is fine? She says I can see now so I will go with you. Priest says if he gets other part of eagle locket then it will be destruction of us. Nishant says we have to do it today.

Mohana says soon mermaid pearl will start working and he will become mermaid and I will be free. Flashback shows how Adi took pearl and ate, he became mermaid. Mohana sees Ansh fine and thinks why pearl didnt work on him?Evil woman asks Mayank what he got to know? Mayank recalls how he read book page which said that only husband can take things from body but they need to have an intimate relation. Evil woman says we need that eagle locket at any cost.

Piya says to Ansh that I will check up on Adi. Ansh says we can put microphone in Adi’s room. They come in his room but there is blanket on him. Ansh puts microphone on his shirt and leaves with Piya.Tara is looking cupboard and says I have to find some clue. She finds her father’s watch in Mayank’s drawer.

She cries and sees her name on it. She turns to see Mayank there. He asks what she was doing? She says trying to find answers, she hides watch. Mayank recalls woman’s words and pulls Tara close.Ansh shows receivers to Piya and says we can hear Adi anywhere now. Vedsheree is taking blankers. Ansh takes it from her.Mohana hears mermaid splashes from Adi’s room and says he became mermaid? thats great.Mayank caresses Tara’s face. She close her eyes and dances. Mayank holds her and is in tears.

Naman, Nishant and Saanvi are following fireball. They see it going in a house. Naman says we cant go in his house like that. Saanvi says they must know us as priest said we went there a lot. Naman says if we bugged them earlier then we cant go inside but we can bring that creature out of house.

Mohana sees Ansh and Piya coming in lounge. She says why cant I take mermaid avatar? Piya comes there but sees mermaid sleeping in water. Ansh says dont disturb her. Piya says okay I will go to Maa, you check on Adi, they leave. Mohana says I couldnt breath in water so it means I am leaving mermaid body but I have to put Adi in water.Naman throws his crystal balls in creature’s house. They burn.Woman says to her son that we have to get rid of that mermaid, if we get her powers then we will be powerful.Smoke fills house. Naman comes there as fire-fighter, all fmaily members run out but creature doesnt come out. Saanvi and Naman looks around but doenst see him. Nishant sees car driving and calls Saanvi. He says to Saanvi that creature ranaway.

Scene 2Mohana is crawling on floor and says I cant walk or swim now.Piya says to Vedsheree that when will Shekhar comeback? Vedsheree says he has work in some other city, I miss him. Piya asks her to not worry and leaves.

Piya comes in lounge and sees black cloth on aquarium. She sees water on floor and follows it.Mohana comes to Adi’s room buts hides on roof when Piya comes there. Piya sees water and goes to check on water.

Woman says to her son Karan and says all are going crazy over mermaid, we can sell her.

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