The Cost Of Love Update Wednesday 7 April 2021


The Cost Of Love 7 April 2021: Start with Uday trying to get work for Ahaan. Ahaan tries to know. JD tells the man that Ahaan shouldn’t get any work. Uday tells Ahaan that there is a celebrity offer, if organizers say yes. JD says organizers should refuse to Ahaan. Uday says you won’t fail in the challenge. The man says Ahaan can’t pass the challenge, he has ruined my show, big organizers will turn him down, why do you hate Ahaan, why do you want to ruin him.
JD recalls Pankti and Ahaan’s words. He says just think I want your precious thing and snatch it from you, then what will you do. The man says I will ruin you. JD says you got your answer. The man says work will be done. He gets down the car and leaves. Uday says its just five days, we will meet with a good news. Ahaan says I will come along.

Uday says its manager’s work. Ahaan says you are my friend, we will crack the deal together. They walk on the road and come in front of JD’s car. JD smiles seeing them. JD asks Ahaan did he accept his defeat, its so sad. Ahaan says I felt just I have misunderstanding, but you also got scared, I don’t want lose, I thought you know this.
JD says but this will happen, you will lose and die singing a sad song. They get arguing. Ahaan asks how are you sure of this, I will win, you are creating problems for me all the way. JD says you are in love, do I need to teach the rules, everything is fair in love and war. Ahaan says you don’t play fair, I want to ask you, did you hate me before, I don’t understand your reality. He thinks of JD. JD taunts him that his goals are too far. He says you are nothing, you are a nobody Ahaan, you are the one whom music industry has forgotten. He scolds Ahaan. He says you can’t even beg for work, you are finished, you can’t even sing on the road. Ahaan gets angry and looks at him.

JD gets in his car. Ahaan says it takes a second for fate to change, you just start counting your days, try to figure out, how will you accept your failure, don’t pity me, you can play any moves, you will realize your failure, you can’t fail me, Ahaan is not finished, he is here to stay, get prepared to accept this. JD leaves. Pankti sees Ahaan’s singing video and smiles. Purva comes and says very smart, you are meeting him this way, this is cheating. She sends a message to Ahaan. Pankti asks what did you do. Purva says I have liked it, Ahaan should know you are always with him, he will get cheer up by your one like. Pankti and Ahaan smile. Pal do pal ki nahi….. Ahaan thinks of JD’s words and gets worried.
Uday sees Ahaan smiling and asks him did he go mad, JD is creating troubles for him. Ahaan says I was seeking help from the small industry, I will seek help from the big world, where lovers will like my song sung by heart. He asks Uday to come and meet the public, JD has given him the solution. He recalls JD’s words and sees the people. He sees Pankti’s gifted badge. He thinks of her. He thinks of Aparna’s words. He says if my love is true and my mum’s belief has strength, then I will free Pankti.

Ahaan singing on the streets. Uday posts Ahaan’s live concert on social media. Purva shows his live show to Pankti. They smile. Uday says Ahaan will sing till you all support him. Kaira gets the message and shows the performance to everyone. They all get surprised. Manav says what’s this new drama, he is defaming us. Aparna says its nothing wrong, talent has respect on every stage. Manav says star is one for whom people buy tickets, one who comes free, people reject him. Uday asks people to listen to Ahaan. He tells Ahaan that they have flopped. Ahaan says this is the start. Ahaan sees a couple and goes to sing for them. He sings Kachi doriyon se….. Pankti smiles. She says we had read about the tag. Purva says hash tag. Pankti says but we have no account on social media, how will we make the hashtag. Purva suggests Ahaanti or har dafaa. Pankti says no. She thinks of Ahaan. She smiles and says I understood, the same song which made my mood good, today it will get our good luck, Tu Aashiqui. Uday tells Ahaan that Pankti has shared this to promote him.


Ahaan gets glad. Uday asks people to share this to support the lovers. Purva says comments are coming, reply them, I have to do something. She shares it with Monty.
Ahaan tries to get public attention. Pankti counts the days left. JD gets shocked seeing Ahaan’s street performance. He smiles. Ahaan sings Dil ko….. Pankti smiles and thinks of him. Ahaan pours water on himself. He sings Pal do pal……. Everyone watches him on social media. Much public gathers. Ahaan gets famous. Aparna and family see Ahaan live. JD says Ahaan has come on the streets, he made my work easy. Uday says you all play imp character in Ahaan’s love story. Anita comes to Pankti and asks is Ahaan buying on streets. Pankti smiles. Anita asks why are you smiling, you are going to become a slave permanently now. Pankti says there is some magic, your words are not hurting me, this magic will free me. Anita says its denial, not any magic. Ahaan feels thirsty. Aparna comes and feeds him the water. He thanks her and says I will stay here and pass more days. Aparna says yes, there are four more days, all the best. Pankti sees Ahaan.

She messages Ahaan. Ahaan smiles and thinks of him. Ahaan sings Saara jahan…JD’s staff also praise Ahaan. JD asks them to focus on their work. The man says we are talking about your nephew Ahaan, did you see the video, sorry. JD gets angry. He calls Mr. Sinha. Ahaan turns famous. He continues singing on streets and gets many fans. Ahaan sings Tu Aashiqui….. People get crazy for him. Ahaan gets the public’s love. Media reaches Ahaan and asks him did he not get tired of performing on road since two days. Ahaan says reason is just one, love. Media praises him and tags him Romeo 2018. Pankti crosses the dates and counts four days left. JD and Manav come office. The manbcongratulates them and praises Ahaan. Manav smiles. The man says JD’s nephew is very talented. The girl says Ahaan’s stardom is getting higher, sign him now, we can ask Manav to convince him. JD says I want to see where does this movement end, my decisions depend on Ahaan. The man shows the video to Manav and says your son is amazing. Manav smiles. JD asks Sinha to do something.

Sinha says I can’t do anything, Ahaan is between public. JD says there would be some way. Sinha says none can control this swag, he is becoming a star by social media’s support. JD says atleast keep sponsors away from Ahaan, so that he doesn’t earn anything. Sinha says I will just try, but everyone will salute the rising sun. People try to contact Ahaan. Uday answers the call. He gets glad and says we want payment soon, thanks. Uday gives the good news to Ahaan and says you will get 75 lakhs in 3 days. Ahaan smiles and sings. Ahaan gets more famous.

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