The Cost Of Love Update Thursday 8 April 2021

The Cost Of Love 8 April 2021: Everyone enjoys Ahaan’s singing. It was his fifth day of performing on streets. He was turning into social media sensation. He was offered contracts from various brands. The ladies at home decide to distribute some gifts to encourage the crowds around Ahaan. This will boost up his courage for the last two days. Ahaan was lost during his singing as Pankti walks to him. They share an eye lock. It was soon that Ahaan realizes this was some fan girl. Pankti’s eyes filled in tears as she looked at him from a distance and smiled.

Richa wakes Vikram and tells him to have his breakfast while she is leaving to support Ahaan. Vikram says Ahaan disrespected his mother he can’t forget, and Richa won’t go. Richa says she is his wife not a servant to abide by all his orders. The crowd was gathered around Ahaan.
Purva comes to take Pankti to support Ahaan. Anita says they must take some bowls for begging which Ahaan must have forgotten. Purva shows Pankti a message that Ahaan got some more sponsors. Media sensationalize the news across the world now. Monty appears from his car. Ahaan smiles thinking he had promised him to bring the contract to Ahaan himself soon. He comes towards Ahaan and says he finally got him, and offers to sign him on a deal higher than market. Purva reminds him a cup of coffee pending between them, but Monty tells her to enjoy his friend’s singing now.

JD instructs his lawyer to stop Ahaan, he already earned more than 6 crores. He shouldn’t gather the rest of 4 crores. By night, he had earned 8 crores. The lawyer suggests JD to stop being so stubborn, after all he is his nephew. JD throw a glass of wine over him and sends him out. He was determined to jump in the situation by himself now. Richa was shocked to see Vikram in the concert. She says she was happy and knew he would surely come. Vikram apologizes and says he came to support their brother. At home, Anita turns the television off and scolds Pankti to go to her room. JD stood behind her and holds her in his arms while she slips. Pankti straightens up and reminds that tomorrow is still left, according to their condition. Anita leaves. JD holds Pankti by arm and says a few conditions can be broken in love. A lover can never be an enemy to love; he can explain if she permits. Pankti tries to resist but JD holds her face saying I love you.

Vikram looks around and remembers he asked JD to let him create problems in lives of Ahaan and Pankti. He spots his men in the crowd.Pankti was upset to see all the candle light dinner arrangements. JD apologizes to always forget she is very delicate. He reminds her the day when only he was in her life, and they had celebrated their anniversary. Pankti recalls all the harassment. JD promises to treat her like a friend today and forwards his hand to her. He wished to spend the New Year Eve with her, and miss the times when everything went smooth. He names the evening after Jain-ti (Jain and Pankti).

Vikram signals his men during Ahaan’s performance.JD brings Pankti’s favorite strawberries. He stuffs one into her mouth forcefully. Soon, there was news about Ahaan’s singing challenge on television. Anita was watching the news. JD comes to her and says Ahaan may get 10 crores. Anita says Jain is richer than him. JD
asks what if he wasn’t richer, would she have changed her loyalty. Anita change the topic and says he must have some plan to defeat Ahaan in his challenge. Vikram asks Richa to take mom home, she must be tired but she insists upon staying.
JD comes in and apologizes Pankti for leaving her alone. He offers her a dance with him. Pankti agrees for the last time, as she is his property for this last night. From tomorrow, there won’t be any drama. JD says she is right, from tomorrow there won’t be a need for any drama.
Ahaan calls Uday and asks if Pankti called him today. Uday says she must be stuck somewhere. Ahaan names the last song to someone who loved someone in life.
JD decides to sing for Pankti and dances with her. He forgets the song in the middle, then goes to check the music system.

When it didn’t play, JD calls Anita angry over her for not getting the music system fixed. Pankti had played Ahaan singing the same song. JD says he isn’t concerned with who is the singer, until Pankti dances with her. Richa asks Vikram who were the men he stared. Vikram says he only kept an eye over them because they held hockey and some sticks. Vikram grabs them by collar and pushes the men a way. The ladies were worried and comes to Vikram. Ahaan completes the song. The firework begins. JD tells Pankti that Ahaan’s voice ended with the year, she will have to find a new voice for the next year. He gets a call from Vikram who tells him that Ahaan’s fan following is massive.

They are helpless. Pankti stood behind smiling, as the news show Ahaan had collected 9.5 crores already and only needed 50 lacs. She tells JD to realize he is losing. JD grabs her face saying she is still not free from her. He drags her into another room throwing her tab away and locks her inside.Aparna comes to Ahaan whose finger hurt badly. Ahaan discusses Pankti must be in a problem, she didn’t call him since last five to six hours. Purva assures to inform him when home. Pankti was crying in the room. Purva finds Pankti’s room locked. Anita locks her into another room. Pankti calls Anita for help.The next morning, Ahaan was worried. Aparna tells him to focus on his performance, she will go and check Pankti.There, some men were forced Pankti into a car, with her mouth stuffed. Their car passes by Aparna’s.

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