Promised Love Update Thursday 8 April 2021


Promised Love 8 April 2021: starts with Noor telling Adil that she knows why he came. Azaan doubts on Adil’s intentions. Razia asks why you was behaving rude with Adil. Noor asks Adil if he thinks that he can take advantage? Adil comes near her and asks advantage? Razia tells Azaan that he is jealous of Adil. Azaan asks why? Razia says Adil is becoming Noor’s friend and that’s why you are jealous. Azaan says it is not like that and tells that they shall not trust him. He says you have sent Noor with him. Shayra says they are in the house.

Khalid says we shall think about Noot’s safety. Noor tells Adil that he didn’t become hero in her view as he saved badi ammi’s life. Just then she turns and her dress gets torn. She gets embarrassed. Adil takes out his jacket and covers her. He asks her to go and says I will search bathroom by myself. Noor looks on. Later she comes back changing her clothes and keeps Adil’s jacket on the table. Noor sees the divorce papers and says it is final. He hugs Shayra and gets happy. Noor hugs him and congratulates him. Azaan says our friendship is burdened by this marriage and is freed now. Shayra sees Adil looking at Noor and Azaan’s pic in the room and tells him that washroom is at the other side. He asks about yasmeen’s pic. Shayra says she is Noor’s mum and died some months ago. Adil says so Noor knows how it feels to be lonely. Shayra says Noor is not alone and tells that they are with her. Adil asks about Azaan’s father. Razia says he don’t stay with us. Adil looks on. Azaan asks Noor to eat food and calls her moti. Adil comes there and tells Noor, you didn’t leave even your friend and taunts about divorce.

She comes out following him and returns his jacket. She says you have been nice with us since morning and now taunted me and leaving. Adil tells her that he is not leaving and gives balloons to her. He praises Noor for handling divorce with smile and tells that he came with a purpose and that is to win her heart. He leaves. Shayra hears them and smiles. Razia tells Shayra that she is worried for Noor. Shayra tells Razia that Adil likes Noor. Azaan says we can’t see any random guy as Noor’s groom. Shayra says we might not be with her for life. Azaan asks where are we going? Razia tells that they might not be alive tomorrow. Shayra says even we. She stops Noor and asks about Adil. Noor says she doesn’t like him and it is better to marry a monkey rather than marrying him. Razia says she will see an alliance which came just now. Noor says if she likes the guy, then she will go on a double date. She says she will go with the guy and badi ammi with Adil. Razia says Noor.

Next morning, Noor is sleeping on the bed. Azaan comes to her and calls her shouting. He then puts water on her. Noor gets angry on him and asks him to come down. Azaan asks her to get ready and says the guy who is coming to see you might die seeing you. Shayra comes there and scold them politely. Noor says he came and put water on me. Azaan says she wakes up like this since childhood. Shayra asks Azaan to let Noor go. Azaan says he is feeling pity on the guy marrying her. Noor says he will be happy, but you can’t live without me.
She goes. Azaan holds Shayra closer to him and says you are with me and will be near me. Dilruba calls Shayra. Shayra goes to hall. Mashuqa asks Shayra about the wallet on sofa. Shayra says it is of Adil and looks inside.

Mashuqa finding Adil’s wallet on the sofa and shows to Shayra. Shayra opens his wallet and looks at the pics inside. Razia looks at the pic and says they are his parents. Shayra calls Adil. Adil tells that he is on the way to Police station as he lost his wallet. Shayra tells him that his wallet is at their home. She says she will send the wallet to his house. He says he will come and take it. Razia asks Shayra to see if Noor is ready. Noor gets ready and rehearsals as introducing herself. Azaan comes there and proposes her for marriage. He says I can bear you, but can’t bear your weight. He says he can’t lift her weight and so marriage cancelled. Noor says marriage is cancelled from her side too. He tells her about her idea of the guy and tells that she can’t get a good guy than him. Noor says she will get. Azaan gifts her a chain and says whenever you wear it, think that I am with you. Razia calls Azaan and says groom’s family came. Noor looks out of balcony thinking to see the groom, thinks she can’t see him outside, while shying away.


She uses stairs to get down from the balcony. Adil is standing down and asks shall I help? He asks why you are coming down secretly from your house. Noor asks did you see any young guy here. Adil says here and touches his collar. Noor says you have a misunderstanding, I am looking for someone else. She slips from the stairs and he holds her in his arms. Her dupatta falls on his head. She asks don’t you see much films and leaving no chance to woo me. He asks her to thank him by making him drink coffee. She says you diverted me and made me fall. He says I will give you treat.

Shayra comes there and looks at them. Adil keeps her down. Shayra asks her to come inside and says you said that you don’t like Adil. Noor says when did I say that I like him. Razia introduces Noor to Javed’s parents. Azaan sees Adil and asks Shayra why he came again? Shayra says he came to get his wallet. Razia asks Mashuqa to bring his wallet and asks Adil to sit. Adil sits. Mashuqa gives his wallet. Azaan asks if he really forgot his wallet or acting to get inside the house. He gets a call and goes. Razia says it would have been good if Javed had come and says they will meet separately. Javed’s father tells that the alliance can’t happen. Shayra says you had called us and asked for her hand. Javed’s mother says we thought Noor is your daughter, but she is your Servant’s daughter. Razia says Noor is my daughter and 50 percent share holder in our business. Shayra says Ammi never differentiated between Noor and her daughter. Javed’s father says Yasmeen was your father. Javed’s mother says Servant will be Servant only. Adil asks who gave you right to insult Noor. Razia asks Adil to let it be.

Adil asks her to let him speak and tells Javed’s family that their thinking is narrow minded and asks them to see the girl and her qualities which is in her control and not the things which is in Allah’s hands. He says it is not in our hands, where we born and in which house. He praises Noor and tells that he is sure that Javed’s thought must be like you and don’t deserve girl like Noor. Javed’s father asks if the guest is insulted here. Adil says you insults others and don’t bear your own insult. He asks them to leave. Javed’s father asks Razia why she is watching Adil insulting them.

Razia asks them to thank her that she didn’t kick them out and asks them to leave. Javed’s parents leave. Adil apologizes to Razia and says I couldn’t stop myself from interfering. Adil says you speak much, but whatever you told is right. Razia thanks him for taking a stand for Noor. He says I would have taken stand for any other girl also and says he can’t bear any girl’s insult. Azaan says lets cheer Noori’s mood. Mashuqa asks shall I order Pizza. Adil and Azaan say popcorn with the same preference. Everyone smiles.

Razia asks Noor why she went out. Noor says she thought to see the monkey (Javed), but he rejected her before seeing her. Adil says I will leave and have popcorn some other time. He leaves. Azaan tells Razia that he don’t get good vibes with him. He gets a call and tells Razia that he has to go to Delhi as the workers went on a strike. Razia says I will go there as I had set up that factory and they respect me a lot. Azaan says I will come with you. Razia asks him to be here and take care of business and home. Azaan says ok and tells that Noor’s chance pe dance suitor comes often and tells that he pretends to be so good to be true.

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