The Cost Of Love Update Wednesday 10 March 2021

The Cost Of Love 10 March 2021: starts with JD threatening Pankti. She says I love you. He says no, it doesn’t have passion, I want to say it by same passion and tone like you told him in hospital. She says no, I can’t do this. Anita asks did you go mad, say once. JD says its my mistake, I didn’t know even I can get punished, my heart can also get hurt. He threatens her by calling the goon, asking him to beat Ahaan. He asks the man to keep phone on, maybe Pankti will understand and get sense on hearing the sound on loudspeaker. Ahaan reaches there. Ahaan asks goons to move away. The goons beat him. Pankti gets shocked hearing Ahaan.

Ahaan fights with them. They beat him more. Pankti cries and asks JD not to do this. JD pushes her away. Pankti hears Ahaan and cries. Ahaan falls down. The men kick him. Pankti shouts I love you. JD smiles. The goon holds Ahaan’s head. Ahaan falls down. Pankti takes the phone and shouts I love you Ahaan. JD and Anita get shocked. Ahaan hears Pankti and sees the goon’s phone. Ahaan shouts Pankti.
Ahaan starts fighting again. JD takes the injection. Pankti asks what will you do, you will inject, give me, I will inject myself. Anita stops her and asks did you go mad.

Anita asks Purva to take Pankti inside. Pankti stares at JD angrily and goes. Ahaan beats the goons. JD tells Anita that he should get Ahaan dead, else he can get everyone dead. He talks to his goon. Ahaan beats the goon. Ahaan sees the call. The man thinks if Ahaan reads number, he will know JD is behind all this. Ahaan is about to pick the phone. JD comes there. Ahaan gets shocked seeing him. JD holds him and asks what’s all this. He kicks the phone away and slaps his goon. He scolds him. Ahaan says I m going inside. JD asks Anita Sharma’s house, its defamed house. Ahaan says ordinary people also live in some defamed houses, Pankti…. I really love her, but she has no freedom to live, that animal… I will not leave him. JD asks who. Ahaan asks how did you come here.

JD says police informed me. Ahaan sees police. He says thanks, I will get that animal arrested today. JD says no, come with me, a fight happened here, police can arrest you. He signs goon to take phone and smiles. Uday asks the man to give him CCTV footage, its matter of love. The man asks him to leave. Uday leaves. He sees the alarms ringing and everyone running around. Uday goes to the security room and checks the CCTV footage. He misses to see JD. He takes the footage CD and leaves.

Purva says I have seen courage in you for the first time. Pankti says I got awakened by Ahaan’s coming. Anita comes to threaten her. Pankti argues with her. Anita says leave hope to see Ahaan alive. Pankti says nothing will happen to Ahaan, if his love can teach me talking, that love can save him too.JD doing the aid to Ahaan and telling him about Pankti. Ahaan says I don’t care for Pankti’s truth. JD says but this will affect Aparna, Manav and Sheetal, they won’t like Pankti becoming bahu. Ahaan says you have always understood me, be it about career, music or love. JD says you know Pankti is in some relation. Ahaan says its helplessness, I have seen her, she hates that person a lot.

JD says try to understand, if anything happens to you, what will happen of us, think that man will be so powerful. Ahaan says you are powerful, just use your contacts and find out who is that animal.JD says relax, I want some time to think, change, if you go home like this, Aparna will worry. He gives clothes to Ahaan. Ahaan keeps his phone and goes to change. JD sees Uday’s call on Ahaan’s home. JD answers the call. Uday asks JD to tell Ahaan that he has found the man. JD asks how. Uday says hospital CCTV footage has everything. JD says you mean, Pankti’s? Uday asks do you know this. JD asks did you see footage. Uday says no. JD says just keep the CD, I will tell Ahaan. He gets worried. JD deletes the call log. Ahaan comes back. He says I will leave now, I have to meet Uday, he is finding that devil, this was my tension that how will I tell this to you, now when you know this, my confidence got boosted up, thanks, you are the best. He hugs JD and leaves. JD says how to stop Ahaan from meeting Uday.

Aarohi runs away from Prithvi. She talks to Deep on call. He asks her to go Mumbai, he will come there, she has to stay there till things get fine. He says I love you Aarohi. She says I love you too and ends call. Deep calls JD and says I want a favor from our old friendship. JD says I can do anything for you, tell me which businessman do I need to manage. Deep says my wife is reaching Aarohi, Prithvi is after her life, just you can save her, don’t let her reach police, till I come there to take her. JD says its done. Deep says I will send you Aarohi’s pic. JD says now I will make Ahaan busy in this work. JD calls Ahaan. JD tells him about Deep’s wife Aarohi, her life is in danger. He asks Ahaan to take care of her. Ahaan says I m busy in finding that man. JD says you maybe angry with me, I didn’t imagine you will refuse to me. Ahaan says no, I will just go to her, what’s her name. JD says Aarohi, I m sending her picture, thanks, check her picture and switch off phone, maybe they can reach you too.

Ahaan agrees. JD smiles and says thanks Deep, your problem made my problem easy, now Ahaan will be after Aarohi and won’t see CCTV footage. Ahaan calls Uday and couldn’t connect. He leaves a message to Uday.
Aarohi reaches the hotel. Prithvi follows her. Ahaan collides with her and apologizes. Prithvi thinks I can know Deep’s next move even being away. Ahaan sees the pic and thinks I just collided with her just now. Prithvi looks for Aarohi. Ahaan comes in between. Ahaan greets her. He says I was finding you. JD comes to meet Anita. He says I have managed Ahaan. Anita says he is stubborn, see Pankti now. JD gets a call and asks the goon not to let Ahaan reach that CD. Pankti hears JD. She tells Purva that JD will kill Ahaan.

JD says not Ahaan, his idiot friend Uday, who has the CD, be careful, Pankti shouldn’t leave from the house. He leaves. Pankti calls Ahaan. She says his phone is switch off. She manages to go out from the window. Anita comes and asks where is Pankti. Purva says she went to bathroom. Ahaan asks Aarohi why is she tensed. He says JD has sent me to look after you. She asks who has sent you, tell me, else I will go to police. He says relax, I m your friend, not enemy. He says if you know I have left an imp thing to come here, you would have not doubted on me. She says if you knew about my situation, you will feel my doubt is justified, my Sasur wants to kill me. She recalls everything. She says none can understand me. Ahaan says I understand this, some parents don’t have emotions of parents. Guard catches Pankti and gets her to Anita. Anita scolds Purva for lying. She takes their phones and locks them in room.

Pankti asks what shall I do now, how will I reach Ahaan now. Guard says she can’t run now. Aarohi asks Ahaan why is he worried. Ahaan says I want to end Pankti’s problems. She says so its love. He says no, its Aashiqui, my life changed when I saw her for the first time. He recalls Pankti. She says when problems increase, courage also increases, when there is love in life, reason to live is understood, Deep loves me a lot, else I would have died. He says yes, such people are lucky. She says yes, I feel I have seen you before. She gets shocked seeing Prithvi’s reflection. Ahaan too sees him.

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