The Cost Of Love Update Tuesday 9 March 2021

The starts with Pankti seeing Ahaan leaving. She recalls his words. She asks him to stop. He asks are you stopping me from finding that man or leaving you. She says don’t leave me and walks to him. He asks why. She says you know why. He smiles and says I know, but I want to hear it from you. She says don’t go because….. she hugs him and says because I love you. He holds her and smiles. Tu aashiqui ….plays…..Pankti says leave don’t leave me. Ahaan says I will never go. She opens eyes and sees JD. She gets shocked. JD looks on. She recalls his words and faints. Ahaan holds her in arms. JD gets shocked seeing Ahaan. Ahaan turns back. JD goes away. Ahaan takes Pankti to the ward. JD recalls Sheetal and Aparna’s words. Ahaan goes out. JD pulls Anita. The tea falls at the door. Ahaan says how did the tea fall here. He looks around.

Anita says you have seen everything. JD says yes. She says talk in low tone. He says I have seen Pankti confessing love to him, Pankti has also seen me. She says what shall I tell you, Ahaan is troubling us, I couldn’t do anything as he is your relative, else I would have got someone else killed, he didn’t let me meet my daughter, I called you as there is no option now. He raises hand on her. He asks since when is this going on. She says Pankti was in hospital when she had fever, Ahaan was also there, he used to follow her, they met in Mahabaleshwar, then Richa’s engagement, he came home on Diwali. JD gets shocked. He asks and today in hospital. Anita says no, he met on the way, he got her to hospital today, I don’t know how to keep Pankti away from him, you are smart, you find some way. Ahaan looks around. JD says its your mistake, I will kill you first. He holds her neck. Ahaan says who was he, because of whom Pankti fainted. He comes there. JD turns and sees a ward boy. The man asks them to vacate the ward. Anita goes. She sees Ahaan out and tells JD. JD says make him leave from there, else next time maybe ward boy doesn’t come. She holds her neck in fear and goes. Ahaan sees the CCTV camera. Anita goes to him and asks what are you finding. He says Pankti fainted here, I m finding the reason, I think you know this, you would have called that man here right, that devil who caged Pankti. Anita says he is a storm, not devil, none can stand in front of that storm, move off his way.

Ahaan says I won’t sit back till I move him off my way. Anita says when society knows Pankti’s truth, what will happen. Ahaan says the society where there are such mums who sell daughters, where there are men who buy girls, I don’t care for such a society. She shouts Ahaan. Nurse says Pankti got conscious. Anita asks him to leave, she knows taking care of Pankti. He says I can see the proof on her body, you can try, I won’t go anywhere. He goes to Pankti. Anita tells JD that Ahaan is not going. JD calls her useless. Anita says I m giving you advice, do something of Ahaan, else he will become your biggest problem. JD says shut up, if I knew this before, this would have not happened, see how I end this. JD sees Ahaan going. Ahaan comes to Pankti. She thinks of JD and worries. Ahaan asks who was he, I don’t want to give tension, I will find out, what’s the use to hide. Anita says it was me, she fainted seeing me. JD comes home and thinks of Ahaan. He says what did you do Ahaan, you did a big mistake, you have eyed my thing, I will not leave you and that thing, I will ruin you.

Anita and Ahaan arguing. She says I took money for Pankti, I didn’t forget my responsibilities. Ahaan says if you didn’t forget your responsibilities, Pankti would have not been here, I will show Pankti her real place. JD shouts Sheetal. She asks what happened. He says I m worried for Ahaan, he didn’t reach airport. Aparna gets worried. Sheetal says don’t worry, I will call Ahaan. Aparna comes downstairs. JD sees Sheetal. Sheetal says his phone is ringing. JD thinks Ahaan didn’t wish to move away from Pankti, see what I do now. He asks Sheetal to put call on loudspeaker. Ahaan answers the call. Sheetal asks where are you. Ahaan says Pankti was in problem, so I couldn’t go. Aparna says give me phone, I will talk, ask him to come home. Ahaan says I can’t come, Pankti needs me. Sheetal asks him to come soon. JD breaks Sheetal’s pearl necklace. Aparna falls down by the pearls. JD takes the phone and asks Ahaan to come fast, Aparna fell down the stairs, she is much hurt. Ahaan agrees.

JD starts drama. He asks Kaira to call emergency. Sheetal helps Aparna. Kaira makes a call. JD thinks now Ahaan has to leave Pankti for some time. Pankti asks what happened. Ahaan says mum fell down the stairs. Pankti asks him to go. He asks and you… She smiles and says mum is with me to take care. He says that’s why I m afraid. Purva says don’t worry, I m with her. He says thanks, I will come back soon. Anita opens the door for him. He leaves. Pankti gets sad. Anita says he won’t come back, his mum fell today and tomorrow dad will come under any car. Pankti asks her to stop it. Anita tells Pankti that JD has made Aparna fall down to move off Ahaan from here, now you are next. Purva asks Pankti not to worry, Ahaan will surely come. Pankti cries. Nurse says discharge papers have come. Purva asks what, doctor said treatment will continue. The man says treatment will continue at home now, we arranged the injection and medicines.
Sheetal says sorry, its because of stupid pearls. Ahaan comes home. He asks Aparna how did this happen, sorry, its my mistake. Aparna says relax, stop blaming yourself. Sheetal says we know the real culprit, its JD, his hand touched my pearl necklace and broke it. Aparna says it means real culprit has escaped. Manav says he went office for work, I will make a leave, take care. Ahaan says its good I didn’t leave from city. Aparna asks him what happened. Kaira says Pankti would have realized she did big mistake by refusing to my brother. Ahaan says she said I love you directly. They get glad.

Aparna asks what’s the problem. Ahaan thinks what will I explain them. He says she met with a small accident. Aparna says you should have bee there. He asks how. Sheetal says she is also related to us now. Aparna says go to her now. He thanks her. He rushes to Pankti. Pankti, Anita and Purva come home. JD welcomes them. He says Pankti is coming here for the first time after saying I love you, this will be like small pagphera, so I have to do aarti. He keeps her book and pours oil on it. He burns her home decor book and smiles. Pankti cries.

Ahaan comes to hospital. He asks nurse where did Pankti go. Nurse says her discharge order came, what could we do, she left. JD blows the ashes on Pankti and says Swaha….. He smiles. Purva says please stop it, doctor asked Pankti to rest. JD says I know, so I have done all the arrangements. Purva takes Pankti. They get seated. JD says we will prepare to make Pankti sleep now, I will sing a lullaby. He shows an injection and says here is the lullaby. She gets shocked. He says this is so powerful, this will put you to sleep in a jiffy, you will sleep for days by the dose, if I give you much dose, you will sleep for 20 years, we call this coma in common language. They get shocked. He asks Pankti to decide. He goes to inject her. He asks her to relax.

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