The Cost Of Love Update Wednesday 31 March 2021


Complicated Love 31 March 2021: starts with Ahaan telling Aparna about the deal, he has to earn ten crores in ten days and get Pankti’s freedom from JD. She says Pankti can feel you are also buying her. He says I had no other way, I will do anything to free her. She asks how will you arrange so much money. He says I will manage. She asks him to take care and goes. He says another day got over, I feel scared, I want Pankti’s support.

Pankti tells Purva that she got problems for Ahaan, even when he wants to get her rights, she should have not fallen weak. Anita hears them. Purva says love is a pure feeling, I thank Lord that Ahaan came in your life. Anita scolds her. She asks Pankti to forget that she will have love in her fate, as she is just a thing. She taunts them. Sheetal recalls Ahaan and Aparna’s words. She takes her medicines. She calls Kaira and asks her who pays to the jewelers. Kaira says JD pays jewelers by his personal account. Sheetal asks her to get account statement of last year.

Ahaan recalls Pankti. Pal do pal….plays…. Pankti cries and says I have no right to love Ahaan. Ahaan says I will get all your rights, I will return your freedom and self respect, even when you support me in this fight or not. She says till when will you fight. He says I wish I could tell you that we are not different now. She says don’t sacrifice your happiness for me. He says I can’t be free if you are someone’s slave. Aparna sees Manav sleeping and goes to the cupboard. She takes something. Its morning, Anita says I may get dark circles by these lovers’ dark love story. She gets Jasmine’s call. She says Monty wants to meet Purva. Anita says fine, I will make her ready and send her. Jasmine says Monty wants to take her to marriage, it can be big profit. Anita gets glad.

Kaira gets the bank statement and gives to Sheetal. Sheetal checks it. JD looks on and smiles, thinking he heard Sheetal. He asks her why is she worried seeing him. He takes the bank statement from her. He confronts her. She says I didn’t go office since many days, so I wanted to check. He asks office or my life? Maybe I did some mistake that you are doing this. She says no, I m sorry. He starts his drama. She asks him to just stay as he is. He hugs her and smiles.Aparna sees Ahaan struggling. She gives her jewelry and asks him to use it to get money. He says I can’t take anyone’s help. She says I m your mum. He says I want your trust and encouragement. She says you have become so mature, but I feel sad that I m not able to help you. He says don’t be scared, you taught me to have conviction, I will succeed. She says I m always with you, just be strong and go ahead. Ahaan gets a call and says I m ready to perform. JD says I m worried for you, one day got over and second day is passing by, you will not earn anything.

JD asks Ahaan to think how will he say goodbye to Pankti, he can’t get back now, as he has signed the contract. Ahaan says I will not move back now. JD says this is confidence of love, where are you going to fail today. Ahaan asks why, will you send Adarsh there. JD threatens him. He asks Ahaan to go and sing, all the best, Bade Papa loves you. Ahaan angrily leaves.Anita making Purva ready. She asks Purva to show some style and get Monty. Pankti asks why are you making her ready. Anita asks why, are you jealous. Purva says Monty is taking me to a party, he is not such bad. Anita says I have to make a party contract too. She scolds Pankti. Purva asks Pankti not to worry, everyone is not like JD. Monty comes to pick Purva. Anita talks cheap. Pankti goes. Monty greets her. He says no fights today, I have to go in a party, is Purva ready. She says yes. He sees the temple and prays. She looks on and says is he really good or trying to become good. Anita gets Purva. Monty gets stunned seeing her and compliments her beauty. Anita says you are so naughty. She compliments him. He says its money effect that you are praising me, I know your type.


He gives her money. Anita gets glad.
Uday gets Ahaan to the marriage for performance. Ahaan recalls JD’s words. The man asks will this guy song. The man says I will pay double. Monty and Purva come to the marriage function. Purva talks to Pankti on call. Someone clicks Purva and Monty’s pic. Monty takes Purva with him. He dances. Purva smiles. Pankti hears Ahaan singing and asks Purva. Purva sees Ahaan there and gets shocked. Pankti asks her to say, its Ahaan. Monty sees Ahaan. He goes to Purva.

Purva lies to Pankti. Pankti says I know its Ahaan, swear on me and tell me. Purva says I can’t hear you and ends call. Pankti cries. She calls Ahaan and doesn’t reach him. Sheetal asks JD is his PS managing everything, that he is spending more time at home. JD plays cards with her. She wins. He asks her to make a wish. He says you always fulfilled my wishes, we will play truth or dare. She asks him to call PS. He gets tensed. She says put phone on speaker and ask her is everything going on fine, its game rules, you can’t break it. He calls Pankti and puts on speaker.Purva gets sad. Monty introduces Purva to guests. Ahaan sings Ainvayi….. Purva says I m feeling unwell. Pankti comes there and sees Ahaan singing. Some girl Unnati answers the call and says everything is going perfect in office. JD says thanks, I just called to check. He ends call and says I think nothing is perfect in my house, I hope Sheetal got to know the truth. He gets Purva and Monty’s pics. He leaves and calls Jagdish.

Jagdish says Purva is with your biggest competition Monty. JD says Anita got much greedy, I will teach her the losses now. Anita tries some jewelry and says maybe I raised Pankti in a wrong way, who feels suffocated by jewelry. JD comes home. She goes out to check. She shuts the door. She says maybe thief has run away. She gets shocked seeing JD. She says you have scared me. He says not yet, where is she. She says Pankti would be at home, I will call her. He asks about Purva.She asks him to focus on Pankti. He asks her to answer what he is asking. She says she went with her friend. He asks is her friend’s name Monty. Ahaan dances. Pankti recalls his words. He starts coughing and asks for water. Pankti goes to get water. She throws water bottle towards Ahaan. Ahaan picks the bottle. Pankti hides from him. She goes. He drinks the water.

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