The Cost of Love Update Tuesday 15 June 2021

The Cost of Love 15 June 2021: JD drinking and getting angry recalling Pankti. He gets a gun and loads bullet. Pankti cries out and shares her pain with Sheetal. Sheetal cries hearing her. Pankti says I didn’t learn the meaning of love, before I could know anything, people have changed my existence, please forgive me, else I will always repent, say something, even if you don’t want to forgive me.

Ahaan comes and asks how many times will you take your blessings, she has blessed us once, you are here again, this is cheating. JD pours wine in the fire. Ahaan asks Sheetal to promise to bless them equally, else he will get annoyed. They hear a gun shot sound and get shocked. Everyone rushes to see. Ahaan asks Sheetal not to worry, he will see. JD shouts to Ahaan. He calls him downstairs.

Everyone see JD with the gun. Aparna asks Ahaan not to come down. Ahaan shouts to JD and says don’t dare. JD aims at him. Ahaan and Pankti come downstairs.JD says you have dared to fall in love with Pankti, you have come in my way, I will kill you to end your adamancy. Vikram asks what are you doing, problem is not with Ahaan, but with Pankti. Manav asks JD to give the gun to him. JD asks them not to come in between.

Aparna asks him to put gun down. He asks her to shut up.JD asks Ahaan to come in front of him. Ahaan comes in front and asks JD to shoot him. Pankti says no, Ahaan move back. Manav comes in front and says I will call police. JD says you think I m scared of police. He calls police and says a murder happened here, come fast. He ends call and says I have accepted the crime, now I have to commit the crime, Ahaan has to die.

They all get shocked when JD loads the gun.Sheetal comes and says you have to accept a lot still JD. They all see her and get shocked.Vikram runs to Sheetal and holds her. He gets her downstairs. She asks JD to accept all his crimes. She says you accept what you did with me, Pankti and all of us, you tricked me into signing the property papers. JD gets tensed. Sheetal says accept that you tried to kill me.

Everyone gets shocked.Sheetal says accept that when I didn’t die, you tried to kill me in coma state by getting doctor on your side, by giving me wrong medicines, accept that you have clicked Pankti’s bad pics.They all get shocked.Sheetal says you did this to defame Pankti, by giving her an injection to faint, you are so…

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