Curse of the sands update Tuesday 15 June 2021

Curse of the sands 15 June 2021: Mallika pleads Mohini to spare her and her son. Mohini points her towards Vivian. Mallika checks him and says he is an 80-year-old grandfather and not her 26-year-old young and handsome son. Mohini says she snatched his youth. Mallika cries holding Vivian. Mohini says he will die slowly writhing in pain. Mallika pleads to spare her son as he is trapped by Siya, she will do whatever Mohini says. Mohini orders to kill Siya then.

On the other side, Ram tries to extract shivling from its place. Sadhu stops him and warning how dare he is to spoil shivling orders other sadhus to catch him and punish. Ram says Nandi’s face will always points towards shivling, but it is on opposite side, that means shivling is reestablished wrongly. Sadhu says even he had same questions from years and god sent

Rana Bhanupratap’s reincarnation to reestgablish shivling at a right place. Ram lifts shivling and walks, but stops unable to bear weight. Sadhu says he cannot stop, else shivling will spoil forever and gives an example. Ram gets up again chanting Har Har Mahadev and establishes Shivling at its right place. He then looks at shivling via Nandi’s horns and prays Shivji to accept his prayers.

Mohini pleads Mallika not to obey Mohini. Mallika says she is helpless and has to save her bunny Vivian. Mohini throws sword towards her. Ram holds lamps in his palms and prays Shivji. Water fountain emerges in opposite direction and vajra/weapon emerges out of it. Ram picks it. Sadhu says this must be same vajra which Rana Bhanupratap left for him. Ram says he will leave now as Siya need him. Mallika injures Siya. Mohini orders to kill Siya if she wants her son back.

Mallika walks towards Siya saying she hates her, but does not want to kill her, she is helpless. Mallika provokes her again to kill Siya. Siya escapes and holding shield pushes Mallika away. Mohini provokes Mallika again torturing Vivian. Mallika overpowers Siya and throws her shield away. Dayimaa on the other side watching them asks Siya to lift sword for Dharma like Arjun did. Siya lifts sword and bearing Mallika’s attacks pleads her to stop. Mallika tortures Vivan again and orders Mallika to kill Siya soon. Siya asks her not to listen to Mohini, she will save Vivian. She overpowers Mallika and throwing her sword away confronts Mohini to fight with her instead of misusing a mother’s helplessness. Mallika stabs her from behind. Her blood falls down.

Siya challenges Mohini to fight with her instead of misleading innocent Mallika. Mallika picks sword and pokes it towards Siya. Blood falls on floor. Raam enters and holds sword with his hand and throws it away.

He then hugs Siya and takes her aside. Mohini emotionally says she waited for him for 500 years for his reincarnation and now he wants to be Sautan’s, she will kill him and get him forever as evil soul. She attacks him, but he destroys it via vajra/equipment. She disappears. Mallika walks to Vivian. Mallika emerges behind and throws black magic on them. Mallika shouts no no.. Siya hears that and bears black magical attack. It hits Siya and then hits back Mohini. Mallika takes Vivian aside and hides behind pillar.

Siya asks Ram not to spare chudail. Mohini attacks Siya again, and Ram bears it on vajra. She continuously attacks and Ram detroys it repeatedly. Mohini tricks Ram and attacks him and he falls down. Siya provokes him to get up and attack Mohini. Mohini tries to escape. Siya holds her leg and pulls her repeatedly asking Ram to attack Mohini. Mohini kicks Siya and she falls far away writhing in pain.

Ram jumps and pins Mohini down. Mohini pleads him to spare her. Siya provokes him to kill her at once and take revenge. Ram hits her and she turns away, vajra hits her leg. She shouts in pain. Ram says he will kill her, but first she will reveal where his Dayimaa is as she is his mother. Dayimaa watching that gets emotional.

Mohini orders her Ghagra paltan team to bring Dayimaa here. Dayima emerges. Ram and Siya hug her emotoinally. Real Dayimaa on other side warns that she is here and other one is Mohini’s puppet. Siya senses something burning and sees Dayimaa burning due to Siyaram bracelet. She walks away and pulls Ram also away.

Mohini stabs Ram with Vajra. Ram bleeds profusely. Mohini reminisces Rana Bhanupratap promising 500 years ago t hat he will support her till his last breath. Out of flashback, Mohini pushes Siya away creates magical barrier around her. Ram turns into stone idol.

Mohini stabs Ram with Vajra/weapon and he turns into stone. Siya stands shocked. Mohini celebrates with her team. Dadimaa enters and is shocked to see Ram turning into stone. Mohini laughs even on her. Dadimaa says she considered her as daughter, but she betrayed them. Siya pleads Mohini to return Ram’s life. Mohini continues dancing and celrabating.

Dayimaa says chudail spoilt vajra by stabbing it into Ram. Ram trapped in stone idol pleads Siya to save him. Siya angrily beheads Mohini. Mohini’s head flies away and reunites with its body again. Mohini winks at Siya. Dayimaa on the other side says Siya cannot kill Mohini so easily. Siya continues pleading Mohini to return Ram’s life, she can do anything for her. Mohini says she has to come with her in the past to get back Ram’s life. Siya agrees.

Dayimaa pleads Siya not to go as Mohini is untrustable. Dadimaa also warns Siya, but Siya gets adamant that she can even go to hell to get back Ram’s life. Ram trapped in stone pleads her not to trust chudail Mohini. Siya walks away with Mohini. Chadariyaa Jeeli re in the background.

Mohini takes Siya outside house and via black magic shows 500-year-old Behramgarh which was very prosperous under Rana Bhanupratap’s rule, people were not afraid of their king and used to love him a lot. Siya says it is obvious. Mohini says Rana saa had enemies inside house itself and she has to travel with her 500-year-old ago to experience what she wants to say.

Siya travels with Mohini back 500-year-old ago into Behramgarh palace where she sees Rana Bhanupratap. Siya says Ram and tries to hug him, but cannot. Mohini says he is Rana Bhanupratap. His wife Rageshwari does his aarti crying and asks if it is necessary to go. He says he has to as leopard has created havoc in Behramgarh. Rageshwari continues crying. Ram makes her sit and assures he will return safely, touching her stomach and revealing she is pregnant. Siya feels sad seeing that. Mohini says even she felt jealous seeing Rana Bhanupratap’s lies.

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