The Cost of Love Update Monday 14 June 2021

The Cost of Love 11 June 2021: Ahaan working on Pankti’s AV response. Kaira says very soon, you will succeed. Ahaan continues the AV. He gets more support from public. JD sees the breaking news of we love Ahankti campaign. Reporter tells about the open debate step by Ahaan. Aparna asks Sheetal to talk to her. Kaira comes and says Ahaan is doing an open debate today, he will clear Pankti’s name. Richa wishes Pankti is safe.

Kaira says Pankti should have been there. Aparna says we don’t know if she is kidnapped, or she is hiding by JD’s fear.Vikram says maybe she is hiding by her guilt, maybe she did this scandal, why didn’t she lodge a complaint, she has to answer JD if she has to question him. Aparna says Pankti couldn’t go to police, as police is with JD, culprit will be exposed soon, have some patience. Sheetal hears them.

Ahaan asks Uday is everything ready. Pankti asks him to think if this is right. Ahaan says just believe me. She says I trust you, but not the way to use lies. He says we are not hurting anyone, don’t be sad. He hugs her and says Pankti, rising star, best singer in the world, everyone will remember you by this name. Uday comes back and says ready…. Ahaan asks him to take care of Pankti. She asks Ahaan not to get angry when people speak against her.

Ahaan promises that everything will be fine.Everyone comes for the discussion. Monty and Poorva sit and hear the reporter. Reporter says every girl is free to prove herself right, Ahaan is coming to prove this. Everyone claps for Ahaan. Reporter says his GF was stained to be characterless, can Ahaan clean this stain, we will welcome our panelist, a social activist, Meera Tyagi.

She says we want to take opinion from public, we have a common man Dheeraj Gupta to be public’s voice between us. She then calls JD, who has seen music industry from close. Ahaan gets shocked. Everyone watches the news at home. JD comes and gets seated. Reporter says Ahaan wants to prove that Pankti’s pics were leaked to defame her. She asks him to present his case. Ahaan shows the pics.

He says I want to show something to you all. He distributes the morphed pics. He gets angry and hands over a pic to JD. He asks what’s this. People say its a morphed pic, people do this often. Ahaan shows Pankti’s real pics, while she looks properly clothed in it. Ahaan says someone has morphed the pics with dirty pics and made it viral. Anita says love has made truth a lie, he is JD’s nephew after all. Ahaan asks everyone to see the pics and then tell him if he isn’t right.

Anita smiles watching the news. Reporter asks Meera about Ahaan’s words. Meera says Ahaan is right, Pankti is wrong to hide behind her BF, she proved women are weak, she should have come here. People agree with her. Dheeraj says film industry is such, everyone does so. JD says I feel today’s generation is in hurry, they want success, they can do anything to get success. He gives Ahaan’s example to them.

He says I feel the same about Pankti, she got some fame and tasted success. She says if person doesn’t do hardwork, such things are left to do. Pankti asks Ahaan not to get angry. Reporter asks do you think Ahaan will defend Pankti….

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