The Cost Of Love Update Tuesday 13 April 2021

The Cost Of Love 13 April 2021: starts with Ahaan and Pankti dining with everyone. Sheetal says I have called international designers to get Pankti’s engagement dress designed. She asks Pankti not to take any stress. Pankti sees JD. Ahaan touches her foot. She recalls JD’s words and gets angry. She throws the plate angrily. She shouts no and runs upstairs. Ahaan goes after her. Sheetal thinks maybe Pankti recalled Anita’s doings. Aparna sees JD. Pankti recalls JD’s tortures. Ahaan comes to her. She hugs him and cries. She says my fear was not wrong, JD can never change. He asks what did he do. She says he has touched my feet under the dining table. He smiles and touches her feet. She asks how do you know this. He says I have done that, sorry. She says sorry. He says JD can’t do anything. He asks her to come. They go downstairs.

Aparna asks Pankti is she fine. Pankti says yes, sorry, I recalled something and left. Sheetal says we will love you so much that you forget the past. Servant gets halwa and says Aparna made this for Choti dulhan. Sheetal says Pankti will become Ahaan’s bride. They all smile. Aparna says I will serve the halwa. Pankti says no, I will serve it. Richa says you can serve Ahaan first and feed him by hands, we have no problem. Sheetal says you have served Aparna first, very good. Pankti then serves Ahaan. She goes to JD and gets tensed. Ahaan asks Pankti to sit and taste the halwa. He serves JD.

Anita throws things and says its good, Pankti’s ex and would be are under the same roof, there won’t be less drama. She throws Pankti’s clothes. Purva asks her to think positive. Anita says my future has become negative, how did JD change. Purva says maybe he has changed, love changes many. Anita says no, JD can never change, is he planning to use Pankti for free and take away my commission, I will not leave him. Purva asks Anita to stop her drama. Anita sees the ghungroos. She says drama will happen in JD’s house. Richa makes a bricks model. She tells everyone that they will play a new game today. JD asks them to play, he has some work. Ahaan says please stay back, our family won’t complete without you. JD sits back. Sheetal says JD and Ahaan have special bond. Richa explains the Jenga game. She starts the game.

JD acts good. Ahaan signs Pankti to see. JD says for a happy married life, wife’s blessing is more imp than Lord’s blessing. Kaira makes the bricks fall. Richa asks her to get the punishment. She makes Kaira dance. Kaira dances. Richa asks Pankti to fix the blocks again. Ahaan helps Pankti. Kaira says you can’t help. JD says everything is fair in love and war. Tere liye…plays… Ahaan helps Pankti. JD picks a block and says truth, your greatest fear. Sheetal asks him did he hide anything from her. JD says yes, its good I got a chance, else I had a burden on my heart. She asks what. He asks her to think, he can’t hide it, he feels if he tells this to her, then their relation won’t be same. Ahaan and Pankti look on.

JD telling Sheetal about a truth he has hidden from her. They all get tensed. JD smiles and says I color my hair. Sheetal smiles. Door bell ringsd. A girl comes for Pankti. She says your mum had sent a gift for you. Aparna says she doesn’t need anything, take it back. The girl says no, Pankti can’t live without this. Aparna says please leave. Sheetal says we will just see what’s inside. They all get shocked seeing the ghungroos in the gift box. Pankti cries. Sheetal asks why is Anita sending ghungroos for her daughter. Aparna says Pankti is a great dancer, right. Ahaan smiles. Aparna says Pankti is a kathak dancer, Ahaan and Pankti can perform together. She asks the girl to take ghungroos back. Aparna sees Pankti and Ahaan.

Anita sees Pankti’s pic. She recalls her bad times and JD’s words. She gets angry. Ahaan comes to Pankti. She says I m lying that I m like a normal girl. She cries. He says Aparna has accepted you. She says but after knowing my truth, if her decision changes, I m ashamed. He says I can do anything for you, let me decide when to tell the family about your past, let them know you first, you are ready to put everything at stake for the sake of honesty. She says mum didn’t let me breath by my wish, I feel I can breath freely, but mum has a problem, why does she hate me. He hugs her and says you left your mum behind, just leave your past, just some days more and we will move on. She says I want to know myself more. He says okay, so you don’t want to do engagement now. She says I want engagement, but not marriage, I love you. He says you want to love yourself too, I m not in hurry for marriage, we will marry when you want, anything else. She hugs him. She says don’t let this change, this moment, I feel at peace and secure with you. He says I won’t let this change. He sings a lullaby. They laugh.

Pankti lies to sleep. She thinks of Ahaan. Tere liye…..plays….. She gets shocked hearing JD calling her. She shouts Ahaan and runs to him. She cries and looks around. Aparna asks what happened. Everyone comes there. Ahaan asks what happened, why are you scared. Aparna asks did you see a bad dream. Pankti says no, I didn’t sleep, that voice…. Sheetal asks whose voice. Pankti sees JD.
Aparna says this house is new for her, maybe she is having a problem to adjust. She jokes on Ahaan and says we too worry for Pankti. She asks Manav to stay with Ahaan, she will be with Pankti. Manav says if Ahaan and I fight, you have to come and solve it. They all smile. JD asks Aparna to take care of Pankti, she is their responsibility now.


Aparna asks Pankti what did she hear. Pankti says I heard JD’s voice, he was calling me Babu. Sheetal says I m tensed about Pankti. JD says she was scared like kids, how she ran out from her room. Aparna says but JD was in Sheetal’s room, is this your fear, don’t worry, we will end this fear. Sheetal says we should know what Anita did with her. JD asks will you research on Anita’s upbringing. She says then you have to suffer, think I will be so irritated. Aparna asks Pankti to stop thinking and start living. JD says Pankti’s wounds will heal slowly. Aparna goes to get green tea. Pankti recalls JD’s words.

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