Promised Love Update Monday 12 April 2021

Promised Love 12 April 2021: starts with Noor tearing Azaan’s pic stick to the canvas and walks away. Adil smiles. Mashuqa and Dilruba see Noor going angry and get worried. Shayra comes to Adil and asks why did you call me. Adil holds her hand and makes her sit on chair, says something has happened? Mashuqa collides with Dilruba. Dilruba tells that he is going to give clothes to Adil. Adil tells Shayra that he loves her so much. Mashuqa and Dilruba hear shockingly. Shayra keeps hand on his mouth and tells that if Noor or Azaan hear you, then will kick you out. Adil looks at them and smiles. He asks her to tell what to do, so that Noor accepts him. Shayra asks him not to tell Noor. He says ok. Shayra gets up and her dress on the shoulder get torn. He recalls fixing nail on the sofa to tear her dress. He then comes out and asks Mashuqa and Dilruba if they hear anything and asks them not to go inside. He comes to Azaan’s room and hears Azaan taking shower. He takes Azaan’s mobile and keeps it in his pocket. He thinks marriage or love, whenever it breaks, it feels pain.

He comes near the pool side and puts something near the pool. He then cuts the wire and puts open wire in the pool. Azaan comes out of his bathroom and hears his phone ringing from outside. He sees it near the pool side and comes there. Adil hides.
Azaan comes near the pool side and sees phone afar. He walks near there and slips in the pool due to the liquid which Adil had put in the water. Azaan gets electrocuted. Adil comes to Noor and says sorry. Noor says I don’t want to talk to you. Adil says someone’s phone is ringing near the pool. He himself is calling Azaan from the unknown number. Noor thinks this is Azaan’s ringtone and thinks why he is not picking the call. Noor comes there and takes wood stick in her hand. Azaan collapses and faints. Noor removes the wire from the water and jumps in the pool.

She hits on his chest and says if something happens to you then I will die. Azaan gains consciousness. Noor hugs him and recalls Shayra and Adil’s words. She realizes her love for him and hugs him again. She thinks Adil was right, I love Azaan. She then breaks the hug. Azaan thanks him for saving his life. Shayra comes running there. Azaan runs towards her and hugs her. Noor sees them hugging and gets upset. Bolna mahi bolna….plays…Noor thinks Azaan was my true love and I couldn’t understand. Mashuqa asks how did this wire fell in the pool. Shayra says I shall ask you both and asks if Noor haven’t saved Azaan then? Azaan asks how did your kurta get torn? Shayra says she had went to Adil’s room. Adil comes there and says he heard her shout. Azaan asks how dare you, what did you do with Shayra.

Shayra asks him to leave Adil and tells that nail pierced in her kurta. Azaan asks why did you go to his room. Shayra asks if you are doubting on me? Azaan says I didn’t mean that. Shayra asks Noor to come out of pool and gives her hand. Noor holds her hand. Shayra thanks her and says if something had happened to Azaan then I would have died. Noor says even me. Shayra asks Dilruba and Mashuqa to bring towel and takes Noor with her. Noor looks at Azaan while going. Adil smiles.

Noor saying she is late to realize this feeling of love, thought this feeling as friendship and asks why? She then sees Shayra and Azaan’s photoframe on her wall and tells herself that she can’t come inbetween Azaan and Shayra, and can’t repeat this mistake again. He is just of Shayra. She talks to Yasmeen’s pic and tells that she deserves her chappals. She thinks she will not come inbetween Azaan and shayra and he is just of Shayra. Adil hears her and says he is your friend, Shayra’s husband and my hunt. He says you will not go near Azaan till Shayra is with him, if she comes to me then…it is complicated. Mashuqa is cooking in the kitchen and thinks of what she heard. Dilruba says dal is burning. Mashuqa says she is thinking about what they saw. Dilruba says Shayra is not like that and asks her to concentrate on cooking.

Shayra is sleeping in the room while Azaan is sitting at her side. He recalls her words that she brought Adil home due to the blast in his house. He thinks Shayra is very innocent and thinks others as her. Shayra hugs him while she is sleeping. Noor sees that and runs from there. She collides with Adil. Adil asks why is she crying? Noor says I don’t want to answer you. Adil says I will tell about your feelings to Shayra and Azaan. Noor requests him not to tell anyone. Adil smiles. Azaan is sitting on the dining table and asks when food will come. Shayra asks him to wait and have patience. Azaan asks what, she is getting cooked? Shayra tells that she got bori biryani made. Noor says Azaan don’t like it. Azaan says neither Noor nor I like it. Adil comes and says I asked her to get it made. Azaan gets upset and goes. Shayra asks Noor to make him understand. Adil tells Shayra that seems like Azaan don’t like me, I will go.

Shayra stops him and says she will get his gobi paratha made. Adil asks her to smile and asks her to keep smiling. Shayra smiles. Mashuqa and Dilruba are shocked.
Noor comes behind Azaan. Azaan thinks Shayra must have come, he turns and looks at Noor. Noor tells that Shayra is talking to Adil. Azaan gets angry and pushes all the decoration night lamps. Noor stops him. He tells that Shayra forgot to read bismillah and asks her to read it for him today. Noor gets touched as he keeps her hand on his heart and asks her to read. She reads bismillah and waves him bye. Mahi Bolna plays….Noor goes inside the house. Later Adil shows decoration in his room and dresses asks if Noor like it. Shayra says this is all tacky, Noor will run away seeing this. Adil says my experience is zero and asks her to help him, says please. He bends down on his knees.

Shayra says ok and touches his cheeks. He asks her to help him select his clothes. Everything is recorded in the camera. Shayra selects clothes for him. He holds her hand and thanks her, asking her to say elephant juice Adil. She says the same. Adil looks at the camera. He looks at the video later and says it is a college old joke, if muted it seems like I Love you…He copies her I love you when she told Azaan and paste it on his recording which makes as I love you Adil. Shayra asks Noor to meet Adil once and takes her out. Noor asks if you want me to go away from you and Azaan. She hugs Shayra. Shayra tells that Adil is using many efforts and asks him to give him a chance. She says when heart breaks then it pains a lot. Noor goes near the glass house and recalls Adil’s words. She goes to the glass house and sees welcome Noor, and Azaan standing there.

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