The Cost Of Love Update Monday 12 April 2021

The Cost Of Love 12 April 2021: starts with Pankti scolding Anita for killing the mother in her. She says just greed is left in you. Anita says this house is made by my greed, all your comforts is by my greed, if you refuse to sell yourself, you can’t stay here, get out of here. Pankti says fine, I came to take your blessings, its good you didn’t bless me, it would have been a curse for me. Anita gets angry and scolds her. Pankti asks her to let her go. Ahaan comes and holds Pankti. She cries and hugs him.
Pankti asks him to take her away, else she will die here. Ahaan stares at Anita and says don’t dare to come in our way again.

He takes Pankti’s bag and takes her. Anita stops Pankti. Pankti says no, my decisions are just mine. Anita asks her to stay back for Purva’s sake. Purva asks Pankti to go from here. She scolds Anita for using their love to stop Pankti. Anita begs Pankti not to go and takes her. JD comes and says Pankti will leave, I will take her home, I will see who stops me. Ahaan comes in front. JD stops him. JD says I know what you two are thinking about me, I have said everything by my heart, my words are true as my intentions, you will not believe me, why will you believe me, I have done many crimes, don’t know when did I become such, why did my soul and humanity die. Pankti recalls JD’s words.

JD turns good for Ahaan and Pankti and gets emotional. He says I have done much wrong with Ahaan, maybe I was upset with myself, I had big ego which had blind me, I wanted to become Lord, I was so poor and had gone through lot of tortures, I started torturing people and took revenge, but Ahaan’s love has opened my eyes, the sacrifices and patience you have shown, this has changed me. JD apologizes to them. He tells Pankti that he will change everything for the good, he has come to make her bahu of his house. Ahaan gets shocked. JD says Pankti will become Ahaan’s wife, my house’s Laxmi, this will happen, can you two forgive me for my doings. Pankti cries and says no, I can’t trust you, I have seen you changing colors like a chameleon, I don’t know how much you may change. JD says don’t trust me, but every tormentor has right to apologize, every devil has right to become human, every enemy has right to become a friend, give me one chance, once you both get married, I will leave that house forever.

Ahaan says suddenly so much change, I can’t digest this. JD says you have changed me Ahaan, your love, your goodness, I lost to it. JD deeply regrets his doings and asks Ahaan for one chance. Ahaan says no, I can never forgive you, I have seen your scaring avatar. JD says fine, I m still your Bade Papa, who loved you more than Manav, come home atleast. Pankti refuses and says this is my decision, I won’t come to your house. Ahaan says this is our decision. JD says I have failed to get your forgiveness, I think I have no way now. He gets a gun and aims at Pankti. Ahaan comes in front. JD points gun at himself and threatens to shoot himself. Ahaan gets shocked and asks him to stop, they can talk it out. JD says my death will prove my repentance, I will get off your way, so that you both can stay happy, good bye Ahaan and Pankti.

Ahaan moves off his hand. JD shoots. The mirror gets shot. Ahaan takes the gun from JD’s hand. JD asks Ahaan why did he stop him. Ahaan hugs him and cries. JD says just think our worst time of life has passed, today its an auspicious day, we will go home now, come. Anita says but Pankti… JD says Pankti will go with me, you will happily do her bidaai, this is Lord’s wish, Pankti is going to start a new life. He asks Pankti to take her mum’s blessings.JD and Purva asking Anita to bid farewell to Pankti happily. Pankti hurts Purva and cries. JD unites Pankti and Ahaan and acts good. Ahaan holds Pankti’s hand. Pankti sees JD. She gets leaving and stops to call out Anita. Anita says I m dead for you. Ahaan asks Pankti to come. They leave. Anita gets worried. Ahaan tells JD that they will come in his car. JD says fine, I will meet you at home. He leaves. Ahaan finds Pankti tensed. He asks what happened. She says if I shift to your house, what can change, just place can change, not me.

He says future may get changed, you are worried that JD will be there, you trust me right. She says more than myself. He says drop all tension, remember I will be there too, I want to give a chance to JD, will you give me a chance. She
nods. They think of each other. Tere liye….plays…. She smiles seeing him. They drive home. Aparna says sweets are for Pankti. Kaira teases her. Aparna says I m doing all this for my bahu so that she feels good. She goes to welcome Ahaan and sees JD at the door. He says I know what you are thinking, but its nothing like that, see what’s behind me, your son and bahu. Ahaan and Pankti come ahead. Aparna smiles. She sees JD and worries. Aparna does Pankti’s aarti and hugs her. They all welcome Pankti. Richa hugs Pankti. Sheetal says they can stay in same house as Devrani-Jethani. Ahaan gets Pankti to Kaira’s room. He says adjust here for some days then we will stay in our room. She says I understood. He makes space for her and asks her to write poetry, and make Kaira away. He jokes about Kaira. She smiles.

He says we are officially starting a new chapter of our life, shall we make memories. He asks her to smile and come closer to get in frame. Music plays….. He says more closer….. they have an eyelock. Kaira comes and jokes. She goes. Ahaan also leaves. Manav asks pandit about the mahurat. Pandit says mahurat is not so close. Sheetal says JD wants the engagement to happen soon. Aparna asks why is JD in hurry, how can anyone change overnight. Ahaan says relax, I have believed this on seeing him at Pankti’s house. He tells everything and defends JD. He says maybe he has realized his mistake. Vikram says you did good to give that girl to Ahaan, once they get married, everything will get covered forever. JD says yes, I also hope that my decision brings happiness and peace in this house.

Ahaan says Pankti can live peacefully with us. Kaira comes and says pandit is getting mahurat, come, don’t start crying now. Aparna asks Ahaan to freshen up and come. Richa asks Pankti to feel like home, she won’t force her to share her past, but she will always be there. Pankti hugs her and thanks. She gets ready. Pankti checks the clothes. She gets tensed seeing a wind chime. She looks out. Ahaan comes and hugs her. She screams. He says its me, what happened. He pacifies her. He asks her to keep smiling, all her fears will end soon. He tells her that he has much courage to protect her.

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