The Cost of Love Update Friday 30 July 2021

The Cost of Love 30 July 2021: The Episode starts with Pankti thinking of Rangoli and Ahaan. Vikram says I did wrong with you, so bad is happening with me. Poorva sys its fine. He says thanks for coming, I need you, I can’t share this with anyone, except you. He falls asleep. Poorva thinks bad will happen now and unbuttons his shirt. Aparna says its true, Vikram is with Poorva. Richa says I apologizes to Poorva. Monty and Kaira come home.

Richa says Vikram is with Poorva. Monty says I have urgent work and goes. Kaira says maybe he got upset hearing Poorva’s name. Ahaan is on the way and recalls Rangoli’s words. Ahaan and Pankti get sad. Monty thinks of Poorva’s words.Poorva sees Vikram and smiles. Rangoli thinks of Pankti and gets angry. She says my fame is my strength, I felt weak when I found this getting snatched, Pankti I will make you fall weak, by snatching your love.

Ahaan calls Pankti and comes to meet her. He says you are avoiding me since yesterday. Pankti asks what, I came to Rangoli’s house as well, but you were busy.Vikram wakes up and gets shocked seeing Poorva lying beside him. Poorva wakes up and smiles. She greets him. He asks her what happened between them.She says you spent the night with me, you were taking Richa’s name, do you love Richa so much, does Richa love you the same way, is she taking advantage of you, maybe she can’t conceive and she is putting blame on you. He gets thinking.

Vikram gets dressed and goes. Poorva comes. Anita asks Poorva how much payment she got. Poorva asks her to wait for sometime, I want revenge from Vikram. She goes.Anita says maybe Poorva’s broken heart does what JD and I couldn’t do, this may separate Ahaan and Pankti. Ahaan asks when did you come. Pankti says when you both were you kitchen and… She thinks why didn’t Rangoli tell him when she has seen me.

She says our love is biggest truth for me, nothing else. He tells her everything. He asks Pankti to clarify now, where is her engagement ring. Poorva asks Pankti to clarify if she isn’t wrong. Pankti shows money and says your bail amount, don’t feel bad, I would have reacted the same way being in your place. Anita and Poorva go. Ahaan says sorry, I forgot that association banned you for 6 months. She says its fine, forget it.

He says you taught me to fight with fate, its time to think something bright, association didn’t stop you from singing, you can get famous on social media, remember #ahankti.She hugs him. Tere liye….plays…. She gets a call. Aparna asks her to come home. Vikram comes to hospital and bribes nurse. He asks was the reports true, why did you change reports.

Nurse says your wife paid me and asked me to change reports, as she can’t conceive, she asked me to put blame on you. He gets angry and goes. She calls Poorva and says I have done as you said. Ahaan and Pankti come home and ask the matter. Richa says Vikram didn’t come home. Ahaan says what can Pankti do in this. Kaira says Vikram is with Poorva. They get shocked. Vikram meets Poorva and says Richa changed the reports, I won’t forgive her. Pankti says Poorva can’t do this. Ahaan says yes, she was at her home.

Richa says she was with Vikram at night. Pankti recalls Poorva’s words. Vikram comes home. They all look on.Vikram coming home. Richa starts yelling at him. He shouts enough and slaps him. Everyone asks Vikram what is he doing. Vikram says what will I do, Richa is not capable to conceive and she has put the blame on me, I have the real reports now, have a look. Aparna and Richa check reports.

Richa says I want to have a child, why will I change reports, maybe this report is also wrong, tell me where were you all night, you were with Poorva right. Pankti says don’t get Poorva in this matter. Richa asks Vikram to tell them. Vikram says yes, I was with Poorva all night, I was feeling lonely and called her to get rid of my loneliness, she isn’t like you, she doesn’t lie. Richa cries.

Aparna asks what happened between you and Poorva. Vikram says Poorva has become my good friend, I needed a friend yesterday, no one will tell me whom to befriend, I will do what I want, its my life. He goes. Richa asks Aparna to see, Vikram has called Poorva. Kaira says Poorva trapped Monty first and now Vikram. Pankti says enough, Poorva didn’t trap Monty, they both were in love, they were going to marry, Monty proposed Poorva. Aparna asks what. Kaira says yes, its true, but why did their relation break, why did Monty agree to marry me, do you have an answer for Poorva’s doings, you are Ahaan’s GF, we all like you, but all this dirty doings….

Ahaan says Pankti talk to Poorva once, maybe she is disturbed, she was drunk that day, maybe she did a mistake.Pankti says you too… He says please talk to her, Vikram accepted this in front of you. She says fine, I will find out the truth, this can’t be true. She leaves. Pankti comes home and asks Poorva did she meet Vikram. She tells everything. She asks is Vikram saying true. Anita says no, you aren’t married in that house yet, Poorva met Vikram, but left soon to meet a client, Vikram is JD’s son, he is lying. She asks Pankti to believe Poorva, how can she listen to those people. Poorva goes.

Anita gets a call and says yes, I will just come. She goes. Pankti gets thinking. Ahaan says why will Poorva do this with Vikram. Kaira says to make Monty jealous by using Vikram. Manav asks why didn’t you tell this to us, who will solve this problem. Aparna says Pankti.Ahaan says I m sure she will solve all problems, she will talk to Poorva. Ahaan gets Uday’s message that he is going away for work, but Ahaan and Pankti’s promo is ready, good luck.

Rangoli reads the bad comments on her song and laughs. Secretary says Ahaan and Pankti made a promo for their concert, Ahaan has organized a concert for her, this is called love, this video got viral, maybe we make Pankti profit. Rangoli burns her hand and asks her to go to do some work. Rangoli calls Ahaan and asks her to meet. She says Pankti’s voice shouldn’t reach people, else it will be bad.

Anita comes to the restaurant and meets Rangoli. She asks why did you call me here, I don’t have a son to offer you. Rangoli says its fine, I want to separate Pankti and Ahaan, its about your daughter. Anita says its impossible. Rangoli says you don’t know me, take care of Pankti, I will take care of Ahaan. Pankti comes to Poorva’s room and checks her purse. She gets an envelope. Poorva comes. Pankti hides the paper. Poorva asks do you want to say something.

Pankti says yes, but… She gets her phone and goes. Ahaan asks are you fine. Ahaan asks her not to worry. Pankti checks the hotel receipt and gets shocked. He says I m sorry. She says I m fine. He says the promo got viral, Rangoli called me, maybe she has seen the promo. She says its tough to differentiate between surprise and shock, meet Rangoli and come, then we shall talk.

Rangoli says I wanted to watch a movie with a friend, have popcorn. Ahaan says thanks, I thought you got to know about #ahankti, I tried to boost Pankti’s career, have a look at its promo. She says its fab. He says whenever we had problems in life, concerts solved it. She praises him to be a great boyfriend and offers him help. Ahaan praises her to have a star heart. She gets all details about venue and sponsors from Ahaan.

She says this concert will be superhit, then Pankti will get the membership. He says I have to go and prepare for concert, thanks. He goes. She calls Chadda and says I want to meet you. She says its not wrong if I pose problems for strugglers, this time Ahaan and Pankti’s problem won’t get solved.

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