The Cost of Love Update Thursday 22 July 2021

The Cost of Love 22 July 2021: The Episode starts with Pankti asking the matter. Ahaan says I spoke to Vikram. He tells everything. She says you should have not talked to him. He says I can talk to Monty. She says I m not interested in such work, I want to sing so that people remember me as Pankti and forget that I was a mistress, I don’t want to sing for becoming a star. He shows her some dress designs. They smile. Tere liye….plays… Vikram looks on and smiles.

Anita recalls Pankti’s words. Vikram signs the papers. Manav asks him to personally invite some important people. Vikram tells manager that he wants all the music company heads in the party. Sharma says just Ahaan’s talent can save this company. Manav says I trust Vikram’s capabilities. He says I will go now, I have to invite some people personally. Rangoli reads the fans comments and smiles. Her secretary says congrats, you got many followers. Rangoli says its okay, how many work calls.

Secretary says just three, that too for regional songs. Rangoli throws a bottle near her and gets angry. She scolds the girl. She gets a call. The man says we want to meet you for the song recording, its a duet. She asks who is the male singer. The man says its a female singer, the song is based on two friends.Rangoli asks will I sing with a female singer, you called on a wrong number. She says I will sign some big banner in 24 hours. Anita gets some file. She smiles. She gets a call. Jasmin asks how did you like the surprise.

Anita says mindblowing. Jasmin says this will set your life, control your life again. Anita says my day is good, one daughter got sense on own, and I have a way to set the other one. She says Dhanrajgir have thrown the party but I will have the celebration. Aparna talks to Sheetal on call and praises Vikram’s work. She says Vikram is launching Ahaan today, we miss you, come back. Manav says call Sheetal again and give triple good news, Ahaan’s launch, Kaira and Monty’s marriage announcement, I m thinking to talk to Anita and make Ahaan and Pankti’s marriage news official. Aparna thinks of Anita.

She says I wish Anita’s habits doesn’t ruin Ahaan and Pankti’s happiness.Everyone comes in the party. The guests praise the party arrangements. Vikram gets ready. Richa says I know the party is imp for you, but I don’t feel well. Vikram gets angry. She says I think I should go to doctor right now. He calms down and says you can take some rest, its a big event for me, if you aren’t with me, everyone will ask. He gives her medicine. He sees JD and Sheetal’s pic.

He says mom and dad used to get many compliments, everyone wanted to become like them, I want everyone to say the same for us. She smiles. Vikram and Richa come downstairs.Ahaan comes next. Media goes to Ahaan. Vikram hears the guests talking about Ahaan and him. Pankti asks Anita to meet everyone, she will meet Ahaan. Aparna says so you have come. Anita says yes, it was a big chance. Aparna says we want to make this bigger by fixing Ahaan and Pankti’s marriage.

Anita says yes, why not, I wanted the same. Aparna asks where are Ahaan and Pankti. Ahaan compliments Pankti. She says you always like me, you look so good today, you sing so well, you are going to represent JMD today. He shows the golden mic to her and says it was my childhood dream to get that mic. She says today your dream will be fulfilled. He says I wanted both of us to get launched. She says its fine, you go ahead and I will follow you. He says I have an idea to speed this up.

Anita says I should finalize my deal, where is Manav. She goes to Manav. Reporter asks for a picture. Manav says we will talk later. He goes. Reporter clicks her pics. She scolds him. Ahaan asks why don’t I and Pankti perform in this party. Vikram says why are you involving Pankti, just focus on your performance, leave everything on me. Ahaan says you take all the decisions, I really want Pankti to sing with me.Aparna announcing Monty and Kaira’s marriage fixing. Everyone claps.

Monty says I m lucky to get a life partner like Kaira. The light goes. Poorva walks in. Everyone gets shocked seeing Poorva’s shocking makeover. Poorva says we are relatives right, congrats. Anita smiles. Vikram looks on. Pankti looks on shocked. Poorva goes to Pankti. Pankti takes her aside and asks what’s all this. Anita says its a sign that Poorva finally got senses. Anita recalls seeing Poorva getting decked up. She asks Poorva what is she doing.

Poorva says you were right, love is nonsense, I wish I heard you, now I will do what you want, I will become your daughter. Anita says I will faint hearing this. FB ends. Anita says I didn’t force her. Pankti asks what do you mean. Anita says let her do her work. Pankti says I know your heart broke, it doesn’t mean you change yourself. Poorva says its late now, it looks easy to give lecture on love. She goes.Anita asks why are you ruling today, you don’t care for us. She sees Manav.

Pankti asks what’s going on in your mind. Anita says nothing, when will you stop doubting on me. Manav goes with someone to talk. Anita says these guests are such, what shall I do now. Anita hears some people taunting her. Richa feels uneasy. Vikram calls someone and asks where did you reach. Kaira asks Richa to come with her, and rest in the room. Richa waits for Vikram. Ahaan asks Pankti to perform with him, Vikram didn’t refuse.

Pankti says its your day today, so I have to agree. He asks her to kiss him and gift him. She says this will be your reward, you will get this when you get the golden mic in your hand. Vikram hears them. Anita looks for Manav. Monty sees Poorva with some men and pulls her back. He asks what’s this shamelessness.She says who asked you to decide, you said I m such, don’t you like this new Poorva, when you got a good family girl’s alliance, you rejected me.

He says I loved you too, I had to step back because of your doings. She says you didn’t care for me, my background came between our love. He says do anything, I seriously don’t care. He sees Kaira. Poorva says Kaira has seen us, it will be a problem now. He turns away. She taunts him and gets glad that their relation broke. She goes.Anita calls out Manav. He goes. Kaira says I made Richa sleep in her room, what happened.

Monty says Poorva…. Anita pulls Manav. He stumbles and asks what’s this misbehavior. She says calm down, trust me, I wasn’t thinking wrong, I came to talk to you about Ahaan and Pankti, really sorry. He asks what’s the matter. She says you want to make Pankti your bahu, but what’s my benefit. He asks what. She gives him a file. She asks him for money and says I m trying to save my future. He gets shocked hearing her. She threatens to cancel the marriage announcement of Ahaan and Pankti.

She goes Vikram describes the star, who is becoming the face of JMD. He welcomes Rangoli. Ahaan, Pankti and everyone get shocked.

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