Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 22 July 2021


Sacred Relationship 22 July 2021:The Episode starts with Parul consoling Mishti. Mishti says I should have understood Kuhu, give the maternity clothes to NGO. Abir takes the clothes. Mishti goes and sees Kuhu. Kuhu is sleeping. Mishti cries. Parul says we shall prepare for dinner, you just tell me, I will make the food, come. They go. Kuhu opens eyes. Meenakshi looks at Kuhu. Parul and Mishti make food. Kunal comes and says whatever happened, it wasn’t easy for anyone, not for Kuhu, lets avoid the fights, please.

Mishti says he is right, no more fights. Nidhi says food is ready, Kuhu has come. Mishti says I have made chinese food for you, come Kuhu. Kuhu sits and recalls. Five months before, Doctor asks Kuhu to take the medicine, call some family member. Kuhu says there is no one with me, I will manage alone. Meenakshi sees someone and thinks its Kuhu. She says sorry, I thought its someone I know. Kuhu signs on the papers. Meenakshi sees the driver. Driver says I got Kuhu here.

Doctor says once you take this medicine, we can’t do anything, do you want to think again. Kuhu gets director’s message. She says I won’t delay more. She sees the pill. Meenakshi comes and takes the pill from her hand. Doctor goes.Kuhu says you didn’t wish to give me property, I won’t give you the heir. Meenakshi says you have seen a big dream, you never lost courage like Mishti, you came here seeing a small problem.

Kuhu says you told me that there is no surety that you keep your promise, why shall I torture myself. Meenakshi says I also feel so, sit, your own family thinks you are immature, Mishti is sensible, Varsha is still upset, she thinks you don’t understand your good, you know Mishti came to Maheshwari Sadan after you, but you are on second number, I thought you are hurt, you are happy to be on second number, just think, you got a chance to become better than Mishti, the world will say Kuhu has given the big happiness to Mishti, I gave a good life to Parul’s child, you will give life to Mishti, your status will be higher than me, Mishti’s place will be lower than Parul, tell your decision now. FB holds.

Kuhu holds her stomach. She asks about maternity clothes. Mishti says Abir took it to Ngo. Kuhu jokes on her. Mishti says I made diet chart for you. Kuhu says its happening because of your baby, you are blaming me. Abir and Kunal come. Mishti says Kuhu, you give me 15 mins to make noodles. Kuhu says you don’t know food cravings happen in pregnancy, if you can’t become a mum, so what, you would have seen films. Mishti signs to stop Abir.

She goes to make food. Kuhu says noodles aren’t ready for me, baby is hungry.Kunal says don’t feel bad, we should hire a cook for Kuhu, Mishti isn’t able to take care of Kuhu, its lunch time and food isn’t ready. Abir feels bad and says I will make the noodles.Rajshri says I want to pray for my daughters, always keep them happy. Vishwamber comes and says happy birthday. She says thanks.He asks did Varsha talk to you.

She says its the first time that she didn’t feed me sweets on my birthday, she thinks I didn’t support her, I worry for baby, not Kuhu. He says Mishti will come today. She smiles. Jasmeet wishes her. Varsha comes with aarti plate and goes. Rajshri looks on. Mishti recalls Kuhu’s words. Abir and Parul joke to make her smile. Mishti smiles.Abir says I made noodles for Mishti with love, Mishti came and then her Bade Papa came. Parul says he loves her a lot.

Abir says if our daughter makes a boyfriend… Parul says then I will help her, I will ask her not to call me Maasi, but aunty. Mishti says you will be Dadi. Parul says so Dadi aunty. They laugh. Abir asks Mishti to go and rest, he will make noodles. He asks Parul to scold Mishti. Parul asks Mishti to go and chill. Mishti laughs. Kuhu says this pregnancy is tough, I left my modelling assignment.

Kunal says I know you will be best, do anything you want once baby comes. She says you take care of me, Mishti doesn’t do anything, she knows she is getting baby because of me, she has Abir with her, because of me, she is insecure. Kunal says she can’t be pregnant, she would feel strange.Mishti hears them. Kuhu says its happening, I m on centre stage and she will see me. Mishti recalls her words. She goes.

Abir brings noodles for Kuhu. Kuhu says sorry bro, I feel hungry sometimes and then not, I stay happy and then feel like crying,I m not staying normal, I swear, I m trying. He says we all are trying, Mishti knows its difficult for you, I hope you can understand its difficult for her, enjoy your noodles, thanks for the sacrifice for the family. Kuhu says anything for you bro. Parul holds Mishti. Mishti cries and shares her pain.Abir looks on. Meenakshi asks did you have food. Kunal asks her to sit. He goes.

Meenakshi feeds Kuhu and asks are you fine. Kuhu says I will take care of the heir, so that you take care of me, right. Meenakshi says absolutely right, you are going right, if this goes on, you will get a lot. Kuhu says I know, else you won’t get the real heir. Meenakshi gets angry.Abir saying we can see you are caring for Kuhu well, our baby will be lucky to get a good mumma. Mishti jokes on him.

She says I m waiting for the day when we get the baby. He says we will have sweets. He asks shall we go and meet Rajshri. Parul says I will be with Kuhu. Abir says perfect, we will go. Kuhu talks to her friend. She asks Parul for dry fruits. Parul says I will get it, Mishti has gone to meet Rajshri, she will be come back. Kuhu says I want to have macadamia nuts. Parul says Mishti already got it in the morning. Kuhu says I don’t want it. Parul says fine. Abir and Mishti come to wish Rajshri. Rajshri thanks them. Jasmeet gets the cake.

She hugs Mishti. She says Varsha has a headache, she will come later. Abir cheers up Rajshri. Rajshri cuts the cake and feeds them. Jasmeet says I will pack some cake for Kuhu. Mishti says no, icing has colour, its not good for her. Jasmeet asks why did you order it.Vishwamber says we will order another one for her. Jasmeet taunts. Varsha looks on and cries. Abir says Kuhu gets much love in our family.

Vishwamber says first child is coming in your family. Jasmeet says yes, but Kuhu will be second. Varsha says Kuhu will get love because of baby, everyone will forget her after baby comes, I didn’t know Vishwamber will say this. She goes. Parul takes care of Kuhu. She massages her feet. Kuhu asks her not to do. Parul goes to get some oil. Kuhu sees her friend’s baby shower pics. Her friend says Mishti’s godhbharai will happen right. Mishti says Kuhu’s godhbharai should happen.

Rajshri says its your child, so you both will sit in the function. Vishwamber says Rajshri got gifts already. Abir says Kuhu doesn’t like to share attention, we will manage it. Rajshri says we won’t let their happiness get down. Abir thinks right, Mishti always kept her happiness behind, this time I won’t let this happen.Kuhu says I told Mishti that I want to have milkshake, she was excited for Rajshri’s birthday, she went. Kunal says its fine, I will make it.

Abir and Mishti come home. Abir says wow, Kunal in kitchen, am I dreaming. Kunal says very funny, I know Mishti isn’t trying well to look after Kuhu. Abir asks are you spending time with Meenakshi. Kunal says Kuhu told Mishti about it, Mishti didn’t make it. Abir says Kuhu could have told anyone. Mishti says I made it in the morning. Abir says not bad Mishti, how will Kuhu insult you now. Kuhu drinks it. Mishti says I have to tell you something, Rajshri wants us to keep godhbharai. Kuhu says no way, its old rasam, you can have it.

Mishti says everyone will bless the baby, you have the baby. Kuhu says who cares for me. Abir asks what do you want to go. Kuhu says I want baby shower, a good party, where I get gifts.Mishti says but Rajshri and Vishwamber want this. Kuhu asks why are you asking me then. Abir says we just want to see you happy, we will have godhbharai and then baby shower. Kuhu says I won’t do it. Mishti says its matter of few hours, just for Rajshri’s sake.

Kuhu says its for you, right, my pregnancy isn’t normal. Kuhu cries and says Mishti leave the chance to insult me, you didn’t ask me before agreeing, I m nobody, baby is imp but I have the baby. Kunal says stop crying, please. Kunal says just look at her state after you came. Abir asks Kunal, what did Mishti say. Kuhu says its my mistake, Mishti doesn’t have my value and respect. Mishti says very sorry, we will have baby shower, not godhbharai, I will talk to Rajshri, okay. Kunal says not okay, why did you do this drama if you had to say okay, doctor asked Kuhu to relax, its not possible with you. Kunal stops Mishti. Abir looks on.

Mishti reads about mood swings in pregnancy. Abir says I think you were acting to read it for me. Mishti says hormones fight, baby kicks, action film goes on, when baby comes, everyone will love him. She hugs him. He laughs and asks how did you make this scientific rhyme. He says you were right about Kuhu, she does everything for attention. Mishti says it happens during pregnancy. He says we didn’t ask her to become surrogate, she blackmailed us to make us agree, now she is counting her favor. She says you look cute in anger. He says I know.

She says when baby comes, everyone will forget the stress and fights. He says you will become a good mom, I will become a good dad. She says time will show it. They cutely argue. She says we will combine our names and think of baby names. He says I want to have water. He goes away. Mishti smiles. She says I will tell Rajshri about baby shower. Meenakshi thanks Kedia for coming at night. He asks why did you make papers in a hurry, there is much time.

She sees Abir and asks do you want something. She says I don’t want to take any risk. She thinks I don’t trust Kuhu. Abir thinks why did mum call lawyer at night, maybe office work. He goes. Kunal takes care of Kuhu.Kuhu asks will you always support me. He says always. She asks can I hire a party planner for my baby shower, you are thinking that baby isn’t ours, why to spend then. He says I m thinking why didn’t I get this good idea, you can hire second best party planner, because you are the best. She thanks him.

She says baby just kicked. He feels it. He says I will call Abir and Mishti. Kuhu asks Parul to come fast, baby just kicked. Parul feels it and calls Nidhi. Nidhi says he is naughty. Abir and Mishti come. Abir says let Mishti come. Nidhi asks Mishti to feel it. Mishti holds Kuhu’s tummy. Abir asks did you feel anything. Mishti signs no. Kuhu says maybe baby likes me more than mumma, if mumma scares baby, then I will save him, and take him away, relax Mishti I m joking, its the best feeling, I m so lucky to experience this. Parul says yes. Mishti cries and holds her stomach. Abir sees her.

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