The Cost of Love Update Friday 23 July 2021

The Cost of Love 23 July 2021: The Episode starts with Vikram announcing Rangoli as the new face of JMD. She goes on the stage. He hands over the golden mic to her. She thanks him. Everyone looks on shocked. Anita thinks its good I spoke about the deal. Vikram says put your hands together for Rangoli’s lovely performance. Rangoli performs. She sings mehboob mere…..Ahaan and Pankti look on. Everyone claps for her. Ahaan and Manav stop Vikram. Vikram says come with me.

Rangoli acts sweet in front of the media. Ahaan says so it was your plan, you wanted to hurt me, you insulted me. Manav asks Vikram how can you do this with Ahaan. Aparna asks how could you decide this without asking us. Vikram says its a company matter, its my responsibility to decide, I did this to save JMD and Ahaan’s name, you think I m always against Ahaan.Heshows them the video of Ahaan’s fight at the pub.

He says before the launch, a journalist came to me and showed this video, asking are we going to make Ahaan the new face of JMD, I kept Ahaan away from this to save JMD’s reputation, I paid the media to hide this news, its good Rangoli agreed on short notice and managed everything, did I do anything wrong. Manav scolds Ahaan for losing opportunities. Anita stops Manav and asks him to seal the deal soon. Manav says its not the right time. Anita says you may lose the relation. The guests look on and think why is Anita asking Manav to meet privately. Aparna hears them.

Ahaan gets angry on himself. Pankti says I don’t think Vikram is saying the truth, you have the talent, you can get another chance. Rangoli comes to them and says just talent and chance aren’t needed to become stars, madness is also needed. Pankti says you are talking about spark, but hardwork and patience is also needed to become a star, I know Ahaan is a star, not a spark. They hold hands and go.Manav thinks of Anita’s words and gets the chequebook to sign. Aparna stops him and asks what did Anita say.

Vikram thanks Rangoli. She boasts of himself. The reporters praise Vikram’s decision. Vikram thanks them for covering the party well. Poorva gets a pic clicked with Vikram. Vikram asks what are you doing here. Poorva says I m getting pic clicked, as you like to get pics clicked with me. She stops him and asks why are you going away from me. He asks what nonsense. She says you changed now, don’t worry, I have also changed now, and maybe your and Richa’s relation changed too, did love end. He asks what nonsense. She says call me if you want a fire feel.

She goes. The guests compliment Vikram for throwing a great party of JD’s level. The lady asks Anita to stop dealing in the party. Aparna comes and slaps Anita. She scolds her for striking a deal for children’s happiness. Ahaan asks what are you saying. Aparna shows the deal papers and says Anita wants to do this deal before your marriage. Ahaan and Pankti get shocked seeing the papers. Aparna says she wants 10 lakhs per month after your marriage. Pankti cries.

Aparna scolding Anita for having a cheap thinking. Anita says its practical thinking, you won’t understand this, I don’t act great like you, I just do what’s right for me and my daughters, you control your son first, he just ruins himself everytime, I just want my daughter’s security, relations are made between two families, if you are not accepting me, how will you accept my daughter, I was a heroine before, I didn’t do wrong, like you all behaved with me, I got to know your good thoughts for me, relations can’t be made on such thoughts, just deals can be cracked, we all know this, I m not dual faced like you all, since JD left, you all are taking me light, you stay in someone else’s house, you are living on someone else’s money, you are showing me my status.

Aparna says enough now, if you want Ahaan and Pankti’s marriage to happen, you won’t come in this house again, you will never change, you will be the same woman, who sells daughters.Anita tears the papers and throws. She says now there won’t be any agreement, Ahaan and Pankti’s relation won’t be formed. They all get shocked. Pankti asks what are you saying. Anita says shut up. She tells Aparna that she won’t change her decision. She shows the ghungroos.

She says yes, I m such a woman, who sells daughters, Ahaan and Pankti’s relation is cancelled now. They get shocked. Anita says I will sell Pankti or get her married in a richer house. She throws ghungroos. She asks Pankti to come. Manav says Pankti won’t go, we can sit and talk. Ahaan says you can’t go anywhere. Pankti says don’t do this. Anita scolds Ahaan. Anita takes Pankti with her.Pankti and Ahaan cry. Anita gets Pankti and Poorva home. She angrily drinks wine.

Pankti says I will just marry Ahaan, I sacrificed a lot for your greed, my dreams, childhood, self-respect…. Anita says all the love ended. The lights flicker. Ahaan goes upstairs and thinks of Anita’s words. He stumbles. Aparna rushes to him. Anita says love doesn’t exist, world runs on status, they are rich people, we are poor, Aparna told this, she will not forget that you are a mistress, can you tolerate this, I tried to become good, but I got insulted. Pankti cries and says world is not such as you think, you are greedy, you can just see money, relations and love also exist, you don’t get hurt in breaking relations, you did mistake, you will rectify it, you will talk to Ahaan’s family.

Aparna asks are you fine. Ahaan says I always fight with hope, I wanted to get Pankti, JD came in between, I stayed strong, nothing got fine, I earned ten crores, we got engaged and it finished too, the big villain of our love story JD died, then he came back as Reyansh, I fought with him, I sent JD to jail and thought everything will get fine, I felt all problems ended, but our love story stops before beginning, there are just problems. Aparna consoles him.

He says I m tired. Everyone feels bad. Manav says we crossed limit this time, you should have not slapped Anita, till we accept her, she will consider herself an outsider. Aparna cries. Ahaan says enough, I m going to talk to Anita. He goes. Anita says I didn’t go wrong, I won’t talk to them, you won’t get married now, you will just be sold, remember you are not my daughter, but my asset. Pankti cries.

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