Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 20 May 2021

Sacred Relationship 20 May 2021: Start with Meenakshi saying I have always kept my family united, but Mishti had tried to break it, she has hurt my sons, she has to pay for this, the day she comes in my house as Bahu, she will know how a Saas is. She goes. Vishwamber worries. Abir sees him walking on the road. He shouts. A man pulls Vishwamber and saves him from the speeding car. Abir buys a water bottle. He sends it to Vishwamber by a little boy. Vishwamber asks who gave it. The boy says that uncle. Abir goes. Jasmeet says I want to know what’s happening in Nannu’s life. Rajshri says he will tell us if we ask him. Nannu comes and asks what’s the gossip. They ask him the truth. Jasmeet says Mishti and you didn’t tell me anything, you called her GF in front of everyone. He says relax, Mishti is my best friend.

Jasmeet asks is she your best friend or GF. Mishti wears Jugnu’s clothes and goes. Kuhu asks did you see Kunal. Mishti signs no. She sees Kunal and goes.Nannu says Mishti is a girl and my friend, so my girlfriend. Jasmeet says its bad joke. Rajshri asks him to understand, they are his family and pray for his future, what’s the truth. Nannu says ask Mishti about it. Varsha asks him to say what’s in his heart. He thinks I don’t understand it. He says Mishti is my life’s most imp part. I can’t see her hurt. Vishwamber looks on. Jasmeet says this isn’t any answer. Nannu says this is my answer. Mishti says Abir has to answer me today. She looks for him in his room. She looks around and gets her gift. She says you don’t love me and don’t trust me, you don’t clean your room, so you have these birds with you, and that pendant also, Nannu feels you are rude, you spoke to me rudely, I love you. Rajshri calls her and asks her to come home. Mishti says I can’t come now. Rajshri says I need to talk, come fast. Mishti says fine.

She thinks Abir isn’t here, but I got my answer. Abir is outside the house. Mishti hides. Parul asks did you talk to Kunal. Abir says yes, he won’t go anywhere, I promised you, I won’t let him shatter. Jugnu shouts thief…. my clothes got stolen again. Abir recalls Mishti. Mishti leaves. Abir sees her leaving and runs after her. He thinks no, she isn’t your Mishti, why will she come back to me.Kunal recalls Mishti’s words. Kuhu says same situation, just people are different, you can join me. He asks what are you doing. She says I was recalling the day when I was told that I m not my mom’s real daughter, I m my dad’s mistake. Kunal asks what happened then. She says truth is like pimple, it always comes out and then its a disaster, my mum was in trouble. He asks which mum, I m really sorry. She says its okay and holds his hand. She says I have one mum, Varsha, I explained this to myself many nights while crying, I just wished that Varsha could be my real mum, my life would be perfect.

Kunal says your life was perfect. Bekhudi….plays…. Kunal says then you got married to me. Kuhu says life is like we make it. Kunal says so maybe my life is such, I m getting punished for things I did with you, don’t you think so. She says let it be, this would have not happened if you didn’t spike Nanchak’s drink. He says I didn’t know he is a drug addict. She says Mishti and Nanchak are best friends, she would have not told this if you didn’t spike his drink. Meenakshi scolds Jugnu. He says I just went to have bath, someone stole my clothes. She asks him to go and get new dinner set from the storeroom. She calls someone and makes an order of a gold pot.

She thinks I can’t let Mishti come in Abir’s life, I have to explain this to Vishwamber. She says I have to handle Kunal first, he needs me. Nannu thinks of Mishti and plays. Vishwamber comes to him and joins the game. Nanu says that’s why, I had hidden this matter from you all that Kunal is Parul’s son. Meenakshi sees Abir and Kunal together. Nidhi sings khushiyaan bhi baaten…. Nanu and others also sing. They get emotional. Everyone hugs Kunal. Parul comes and signs Kunal. Kunal goes. Abir calls him out. Nanu stops him and says give him some time. Parul cries. Vishwamber plays with Nannu. They play a word game. Vishwamber says love…. Nannu says Mi…. Vishwamber says complete the game and win. Nannu says this can’t complete. Vishwamber says I want to get Mishti married to Abir.

Vishwamber saying I just met Meenakshi, she is ready for this alliance, I think Mishti likes Abir. Nannu says but Meenakshi hates Mishti, why did Abir hurt Mishti. Vishwamber says Abir loves her. Nannu says that’s not enough, even I…. I didn’t know this, but Mishti doesn’t feel this for me. Vishwamber says I know, so I m talking what to do. Mishti recalls Abir and Nannu. Meenakshi comes to Vishwamber. She asks why are you worried now when the marriage is happening, I got a gift for Mishti, I m waiting for Mishti to become my Bahu, I knew Mishti will break my family, my sons’ bond, I will also break Mishti, tit for tat, I will break her courage and then dreams, so shall I think you accept this alliance. He asks her to just leave. She says fine. Rajshri comes and asks why did you shout. He says nothing, call Mishti, I need to talk to her. He calls Nannu.

He recalls Akshara on seeing Mishti. He says I never felt that I did any mistake to make you my daughter, I don’t want to see this fear in your eyes. Mishti says I m afraid to ashame you. He says you all just listen to me and think about it. Vishwamber says Mishti is my pride and happiness, I want her to stay happy, Nishant will you marry Mishti. Mishti asks what, its about me. He asks everyone to think well. Kunal says I know you are ashamed of me. Nanu says yes, will you let me talk now. Nanu and Abir tell old time stories. Abir says I got a brother that day. Nanu says we made a bro code, when you get worried for some matter, we will tease you. Kunal says you both are similar and I m different, I guess I got to know why. Nanu says you don’t know anything, you are my grandson, Kunal Rajvansh, when I die after 200 years, my soul will come and tell that idiot, you are my grandson. Abir says take some time, you have to accept that you are one among us, we are always with you.

Vishwamber says Mishti and Nannu are friends. Rajshri says they are only friends. They argue. Mishti comes to talk. She says you are telling your decision, you always fought for my choice and supported me. He says I want you to support me today. She asks do youy really think I should marry Nannu. Jasmeet asks won’t anyone ask me about Nannu. Rajshri says Vishwamber has a right to keep his word. Jasmeet says I have the most rights on my son, no one asked me what I want, I don’t want a girl like Mishti for Nannu, he is the best, they are friends, but Mishti isn’t right for him, she still loves Abir. Nannu says you couldn’t understand her, I know her well, don’t judge her. He shouts and goes. Rajshri says I understood what he thinks for Mishti. Vishwamber says its my duty to show you the right path, I feel Nishant is the right life partner for you, he always supported you, what can be better courtship than this, can’t you spend your life with him. Mishti says I don’t love Nannu.

He says you have a relation of friendship with him, you have given chance to love once, give a chance to friendship once. He goes. Yeh rishte….plays….She holds the pendant and hurts her hand. Abir also gets hurt. Kunal asks Ketki to get first aid. Abir gets a call and turns the phone down. Abir jokes on Ketki. Kunal smiles. Nidhi says I m happy to see you smiling, I thought you will be in shock on seeing Parul. Ketki takes her. Kunal gets sad. Abir says thanks for helping me in NGO work. Kunal says I should thank you. Abir says for all the things I did for you since childhood. Kunal says you would be thinking how I m avoiding the person…

Abir says she is your mum. Kunal says you would be thinking I m rude. Abir says no, Parul and I understand that this wound will need time to heal. Abir gets a call again. Meenakshi asks Parul to be careful. Parul says I can’t see Kunal’s pain. Mishti says Abir isn’t answering. She goes to Abir’s house. She hears Meenakshi and Parul’s conversation. Parul says Kunal knows the truth now, will you make us out of the house now. Meenakshi hugs her and says no, I m scared that Mishti will break the brothers’ bond, she can’t become our bahu, she is from broken family, she got Mehul without thinking anything, she has told the truth to Kunal. She sees Mishti at the gate.


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